The Inbetweeners — First Day (S1E01 Series Premiere)

I have to start off this post acknowledging the fact that I have never watched the original, British version of this show.

The show opens with Will’s first day at public school. The vice principal orders Simon to show him around and make sure he is included. The VP stresses the fact that Will was bullied at his old private school, so he needs to be treated with care. Simon, Neil, and Jay are not pleased to be handed this task, so they take it out on Will’s dorky messenger bag and his blazer. Will thinks that the transition from private to public school will be an easy one, so he doesn’t pay much attention to the insults; he can just find some other friends. He soon realizes, after hitting a kid on crutches with a football, that this wouldn’t be as easy as he thought it would.

The story revolves around these four boys who aren’t the absolute lowest on the food chain at the school, but are damn near close to it. There is Will, the new kid, who embarrasses himself with his manners at the lunch table and his fancy dress. He doesn’t seem to have anything that really distinguishes him (besides the blazer). Then there is Jay, who makes up ridiculous stories about his “experiences” with girls, which are, of course, not even slightly believable. Next is Simon, he has been in love with his friend Carly since they were eight years old, he will do anything to have her fall for him, but instead makes a fool out of himself. And last is Neil, a complete airhead; the only time he seems aware of what is going on is when the other boys are insisting (tastelessly) that his dad is gay.

As soon as the other three find out that Will’s mom is hot, they decide to give him a chance and they let him cut class with them. When Will comes to “drive them to school,” he insists that his car is the paneled van one that looks “molestery”. This was a pretty good joke, but after being repeated half a dozen times it killed it. The first stop is the liquor store, where Will buys the group vodka. Once they are drunk enough, they convince Simon to confess his love for Carly by spray painting it on her driveway. She is, of course, annoyed, but then invites him back to her place later that night while she babysits her brother. With Will in tow to babysit the kid, Simon heads over (completely drunk) to see Carly. After acting like a complete pig, the alcohol finally hit Simon and he spewed his guts all over Carly’s kitchen and even got some on her little brother.

The only scene that I found genuinely amusing was when the parents confronted the kids about skipping school. Will decides to take the blame to help out his friends and maybe get himself some cred, so he begins to cry and blurts out that it was all his idea, he was acting out because he was being bullied again.

The show seems to think the only way that they can wrangle in the teenage audience is through crude language and swear words (that are bleeped out anyway). The only real jokes that were thrown around were either on the basis of sex or Neil’s dad being gay. And none of them really seemed to flow very well. I only laughed once or twice throughout the entire episode. And another thing that adds on to the tacky show is the terrible voice over.

I think this will be the only episode of The Inbetweeners that I will catch (of the American version at least). Sorry, MTV, but I’ll stick with Awkward.


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