Awkward. — Homewrecker Hamilton (S2E09)

Though a lot happened in this episode, I can’t say that it is one of my favorites. Awkward. is usually great about fitting an hour’s worth of comedy and storyline into half of an hour. But this time I think they tried to cram a little bit too much in, it felt a little bit choppy. I loved the crisp dialogue throughout the episode, which is what the show has always done an incredible job with.

I’ll try to recap the episode quickly: Jenna realizes that her dad has a new girlfriend and is probably looking for a divorce when she overhears a message from a woman named Hannah and he buys her a car. Jenna receives a text from Jake explaining why he broke up with her, it’s a picture of her and Matty and says “You are a cheater”. Jenna wants to prove to Jake that she never cheated on him and set the timeline straight, but Jake refuses to talk to her (or Matty). When Jake tells her that he knows “everything” she understands why he broke up with her, but still wants to set the record straight, he can’t know the REAL everything, can he? Even Sadie knows that Matty was a jerk for not telling Jake the truth about him and Jenna (and you know that if Sadie will admit it, it has to be true).

Jenna volunteers for Jake’s pep rally’s pep challenge. To make things infinitely worse, Jake invites Matty to join them up on stage. Jake cheats, making the wheel land on “come clean or play dirty,” he is trying to force Matty to admit that he betrayed him. When he refuses, Jake tells Jenna to kiss him and practically calls her a slut. Matty steps up to protect her honor, which results in Jake punching him. The two get into a physical fight, this ends with Matty yelling “I fucked your girlfriend!” in front of a large audience. They are taken into Val’s office, but neither are actually punished. While this is going on, Jenna sees that her car was vandalized with the word “slut!” on it.

Lacey, of course, takes Jenna’s acting out to be because of her and Kevin. She refuses to understand that Jenna has her own problems unrelated to her. Jenna takes out her anger on her mom, telling her that her dad is going to ask for a divorce. When she goes back to blogging, Anonymous tells her that she should tell everyone the whole truth, and suggests that she posts her blog for the world to see. Then the blog completely blows up and everyone can see it and everyone is talking about it. Then Jenna steps in front of a car, (we can only assume) trying to kill herself for real this time.

And on the Ming front: she has been disavowed by the Asian Mafia because Becca (the leader) used to date Fred Wu. She is continuously burned by them. Her glasses prescription being changed, getting a false cheat sheet, etc.

Sorry guys, it’s hard to be concise when so much happens! If you’ve stuck with me (my one or two readers), here’s the non-recap stuff.

I think that the introduction of Clark the (not openly) gay kid in the class has added some extra flair that I really appreciate. His and Sadie’s interactions are fantastic. When looking for a male volunteer, Sadie says “Now we need a dude” When Clark raises his hand, she responds, “Not you Clark, we need a real dude.” His quick wit is perfectly matched for Sadie’s, “How about you!?” The fact that he waved at the audience after this was just priceless, and I’m pretty sure he was proud of being flipped off for it.

Sadie and Clark aren’t the only ones with near-perfect lines. When Val is talking to Jake and Matty, not only does she admit that she would throw down for Jenna for being a “remarkable friend,” but she uses one of the cheesiest lines I have ever heard: “Everyone can see the damages to your faces, but no one can see the damage to your hearts.” So classic!

When it comes to the actual relationship problems between Jake, Jenna and Matty, I was a little surprised how Jake responded. I think Jake is right to be pissed, but from what I’ve witnessed from him up until last week’s episode, I think that he would have given Jenna the opportunity to explain herself. I always thought that he would be incredibly pissed off at Matty, and taken a lot less of his anger and feelings of betrayal out on Jenna. Don’t get me wrong, she is totally to blame, but as Jenna pointed out, Matty took advantage of her while she was vulnerable. Matty didn’t even wait a whole day after the breakup to sleep with his best friend’s girlfriend (again). Though I thought Jake’s reaction would have been a little different, I can understand why he reacted the way he did.

I know I’m probably going to be hated for making this comparison, but Awkward. is starting to turn into Gossip Girl. I mean, seriously, her blog that has secrets about a ton of people was just published for the whole school to see. Also, Jenna sometimes goes by J. Sorry, but this comparison had to be made.

Though I didn’t love this episode, it was still enthralling and it really drove the story forward. I can’t wait until next week to see how her suicide attempt plays out. And maybe, hopefully, Jake will still take her back!

Team Jake forever!

(My review of the next episode of Awkward., Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me)


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