Awkward. — Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me (S2E10)

(My review of the last episode of Awkward., Homewrecker Hamilton)

Rather than starting the episode out with Jenna blogging on her computer, you see her writing in a journal. She does this because she thinks she can’t handle, nor does she want, the spotlight; if she writes in her own journal, this will stay private. To contrast, the episode ends with Jenna blogging online once again, and reading the comments that her classmates have.

Jenna isn’t the one who is most affected by her new-found fame. I think that her mother was. Lacey finds out that everyone knows that she wrote the letter when some random student calls her a bitch and Jenna is forced to explain everything. Throughout the day, she is bombarded with calls about how she is a horrible monster. Rather than ignoring these comments, she realizes that they are true and it really hits her hard. She sheds genuine tears when she talks to Jenna when she comes home from school. She explains to Jenna that writing the letter was the worst thing that she ever did. She always wanted to be a better mother than her own mother was, but she couldn’t handle the pressure she was receiving from her mom about how she was raising Jenna. She tells Jenna that she deserves all of the insults, and she completely agrees that she was a bitch for doing it. She even tells Jenna that she doesn’t expect her to forgive or love her. I definitely didn’t think that Jenna would be cruel enough to hate her mother. She had already started to get past her mother’s indiscretion. This idea was much more than solidified by Jenna crawling into bed with her mother and singing Lacey’s song to her. This was definitely cheesy, but it was also really sweet.

Everybody around Jenna is changed because of her blog and her “second suicide attempt.” Tamara has become popular and her “Tamaraisms” are spreading like wildfire (click here for a list of Tamaraisms). These are some of the stupidest expressions I have ever heard (an example is “ador-whore-able”), but I have to give her credit for getting “amazeballs” to spread. Gotta love that! While Tamara is using her new power for her own selfish gains, Ming is just happy to be removed from the Asian Mafia’s blacklist. Oh, and she got a car from her parents, but that wasn’t really her doing.

Valerie is also pushed to mature when she finds out that her good friend (well, she thinks so at least), L-Dawg, wrote the nasty letter. She tells Lacey that she is incredibly ashamed of her for writing the letter, it was truly despicable. She explains that a mother is supposed to be there for her daughter, not to tear her down and ruin her self-esteem like Lacey did. Even though Val thinks that she and Lacey were “on the road to being bestiess,” she can’t even be friends with her after what she did. Valerie finally stuck up for Jenna in a tangible way, and I thought that was amazing development.

And now, on to the most important part, Jake or Matty!? If you thought you would find out this week who Jenna would pick (if she was even allowed to pick one), you thought wrong. Instead of getting into fist fights over Jenna, the boys admit to each other that they are both still in love with her. They ask her to pick, and when she can’t, they throw her a curveball. They each start vouching for one another, listing off their best qualities. When Jenna hears this she says, “I’ve made a decision. You should date each other.” and she walks off. This was completely priceless, especially because I was thinking exactly that when I saw the way they looked at each other. Um, I’d watch that show. Who else is in?

This is going to be the only time I ever hashtag on this blog, I SWEAR! I usually despise hashtagging when it isn’t on Twitter, but: #JENNAPICKJAKE!!! Team Jake since the start!

(My review of the next episode of Awkward., Once Upon A Blog)


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