Awkward. — Once Upon a Blog (S2E11)

(My review of the last episode of Awkward., Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me)

When this episode first started, I was thrilled to see that we were going to make a foray into everything Jenna did wrong. I, personally, don’t love Jenna as a person, and was happy to see all of her idiocies pointed out, but it didn’t really turn out as I expected it.

Recap: She spends the entire episode making up stories of what could have been. She makes an absolutely terrible Twilight fan-fic about Matty being Edward and Jake being (You guessed it) Jacob. Her followers boo her; so at least they have some sort of taste. She creates a do-over with Matty, where she doesn’t sleep with him right away. This one results in her becoming BFFs with Sadie, becoming an ultra-popular cheerleader, becoming a bitch, and having Matty dump her for Ming. Jenna then heads down a new story with Jake, if she had told him about Matty from the start. She becomes ultra clingy, Jake doesn’t think they have chemistry, she fakes a pregnancy so that Jake will stay with her rather than go off with Lissa, and then she actually becomes pregnant. And then comes my favorite story, Jenna goes to summer school instead of camp. Rather than sleeping with Matty, she doesn’t even meet him, he doesn’t even know her name now. And it turns out that Matty and Jake are actually a couple and they just come out. Awwww! I’d watch that show! She says that this trip down bullshit late didn’t give her the answer that she needed, so she needs to start-over with one of the boys. She decides who that is, but instead of telling us and the world, she marks her blog as private and calls one of the boys.

This episode was definitely not one of my favorites. It was cheesy and felt kind of forced. Plus, Sadie and Val didn’t have anywhere near as much screen time that they deserve. When Jenna was in her different stories, she kept changing how much past/fake-Jenna knew. In the first fantasy, she tells her mom not to give her the letter, as if she knew what was in it, but in the last one she doesn’t realize that she could have been with Matty. I don’t know if this is just a minor error that irks me, or if anyone would agree that this is a screw-up that the writers should have caught and dealt with.

I know Jenna isn’t the smartest tool in the shed, but her stories are a truly awful representation of what could have been. Do those few stories actually make her believe that nothing she did was a mistake? One little change in each of the stories could have ended happily every after. Jenna just doesn’t want to second-guess herself because she’s scared of what would happen if she did. Instead she decided to be super cheesy and say that if she hadn’t done what she had, then she would have missed out on some amazing opportunities, that she has no regrets. I have to say, I think this is complete bull. If she had stood up for herself when Matty invited her into the supply closet, she still could have dated him, and probably would have been happy doing so. She just can’t face the fact that she messed up, so she won’t admit it.

I may not have liked this episode  much, but I’m still dying of anticipation. Who does she pick!? And remember, I’m Team Jake all the way. What about you guys?

After writing this review, I actually went fishing around other reviews just out of curiosity. I found one that was incredibly interesting. I think that the author, Kristen, makes some really interesting points in her review. She really stresses the point of Jenna hating herself, which I didn’t really think about when I watching (I think I dislike her too much). It’s a very interesting take on her character, and I think it’s definitely worth the read.

(My review of the next episode of Awkward., The Other Shoe)


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