Awkward. — The Other Shoe (S2E12 Finale)

(My review of the last episode of Awkward., Once Upon a Blog)

The more I watch this show, the less I like Jenna. She’s just so self-centered and neurotic. I don’t know how much of her I can handle. More on that in just a bit.

Recap: When Jenna spins the bottle, the bottle lands right in between Jake and Matty. She ends up having a seven minutes in heaven with Matty. Jake walks in and tells them they don’t have to fake it, he knows they’re going out. Jenna is scared that because she has something good going for her, something bad is right around the corner, so she wants to go on the sophomore Europe trip with Tamara and Ming to escape it. She doesn’t need to DTR with Matty (even though she obsesses over it), because he kisses her in public and calls her his girlfriend. Sadie and Tamara both think that Ricky is cheating on them with the other. When Jenna sees Jake chatting up a bunch of hot blondes, she is worried that he’s pretending because he’s still obsessing over her (see, neurotic!). So she tries to talk to him to try to return to being friends, but he’s totally okay with her decision. He promised he would be, and he is.

Val has a family meeting with the Hamiltons, she convinces Jenna’s parents to send her on the Euro trip. When Matty and J are in bed together, her parents barge in to tell her that she was going to Europe for sure. But, of course, by now she decided she didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay with Matty and go to Camp Puka. Jenna wants Lacey to tell he that she should stay with Matty, but she wants a better life for her daughter than she had, more adventure. Jenna then decides that she needs to convince Matty to go with her by throwing a Euro-party extravaganza. Jake, however, is the last person who signed up for the trip; meaning Jake and Jenna will be there without Matty. Jake is now considered the “new Matty,” every girl wants a piece of him (with good reason), especially Lissa. He hides in Tamara’s car to avoid Lissa and they end up hooking up, because T is really upset, saying that no one will ever love her. This was probably one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen on television. And I watch some gory stuff…

Jenna sees them hooking up and is furious, but Clark calms her down. She chose Matty, so she can’t be jealous or frustrated. She realizes that he’s kind of a genius and agrees. She gives T her spot on the Europe trip, so Tamara and Jake can be together and she and Matty can go to camp together. It turns out that Ricky really was cheating on Tamara and Sadie, but with Clark. Apparently he’ll hump anything that moves, so Tamara isn’t surprised. Sadie, being super drunk, was about to apologize for being a bitch to J and T, but then passes out instead. And now Jenna has everything that she wanted, a boyfriend that loves her (and is willing to show it) and now, the perfect summer. But she already regrets it, maybe it’s now what she needs.

Since the first episode Clark showed up, I have decided that he was the best character on this show. And now I think just about everyone will agree with me. So I’m going to discuss his awesomeness for an entire paragraph. You’re welcome. When he is playing spin the bottle, the bottle lands on Sadie. He quickly says, “I’m gonna take a pass.” Sadie, knowing that is gay, responds testily, “I knew you’d be out.” And without any thought, Clark comes back with, “You’re right, I’m not into bears.” When Jenna comes to him with her Matty/Jake problems, he tells her that “Everything is going your way. Trust your gut.” And that’s exactly what she needed to hear. He’s glad that they can discuss this out in the open now. And then it all clicks. Clark was Anonymous. Jenna is left just as breathless as I was when we find out. Yay Clark! He’s always been there for Jenna, even when she didn’t know it. But, since he was Team Matty, I have to drop him a few pegs.

This episode furthers my belief that Ming should be a more central character in this show. Tamara’s love life is such a mess, to the point where it’s not enjoyable, and she is incredibly annoying. She is the only character that I find less watchable than Jenna on this show. Ming, on the other hand, is absurd! And, in my opinion, absurd is exactly what this show needs more of. Ming suggests that they sell their dirty underwear to international businessmen. Ummm, what? I really think she needs to explain this instead of just shrugging it off. Plus, she has the psychotic leader of the Asian Mafia out to get her, because she stole her ex, Freddy. This situation is much more amusing than a typical love triangle. If I had any say in the matter, I’d bump Ming up to, at least, where Tamara is.

I’m not sure why Jenna is so upset with her life. No matter what happens, she’s not pleased with it. She should be thrilled that either Jake or Matty want to go out with her. I understand that it might have taken her some time to decide who she wants to be with, but she needs to stick with her decision. In her voice over, she says that she finally has what she wants, but it might not be what she needs. What Clark said was completely right: when she decided to be with Matty, she lost the right to miss and be jealous of Jake. So why is she still so unsure of her decision? If she were smart enough to realize that she was turning into her mother, that might be a good enough reason. But she doesn’t realize that her Matty is her mom’s Kevin. She’s missing out on great adventure for him, and he won’t even get out on the dance floor for her.

On the matter of Jake: I am so proud of him for being such a good sport when Jenna picked Matty over him. Jenna clearly chose wrong, and I think the way he responds is proof of this. Anyway, I don’t really care if Jenna picks him or not, I just want him to be happy. And if he thinks that going out with Jenna will make him happy, then I want him to be with her. But seeing how much action he can get without Jenna made me feel much better. I figured that he would have to find a girl that would make him as happy–if not more–as he was with Jenna. But instead, he decides to hook up with Tamara. Why he does this is completely beyond me. He could have any girl in the school, but he decides to go out with the most obnoxious one. Maybe his judgement wasn’t as good as I thought it was…

I have to say, the writers wrapped up every single loose end from the season. And they did so quite nicely, I might add. Jenna chose her new beau, the other one is happy, her parents got back together, and we finally discovered who “Anonymous” is. But how long will Jenna’s happiness last? From what we’ve seen, I’m going to assume she will be single by the end of the summer.

What do you guys think? When the show starts up next season, will Jenna still be with Matty? If so, how long do you think will it last? And, are you happy that she chose Matty over Jake? Let me know!


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