How I Met Your Mother — Farhampton (S8E01 Premiere)

This episode of How I Met Your Mother focused more on the drama rather than the comedy. I know many people are fond of this, but I mainly watch for the comedy… And Barney. Though there are definitely comedic elements, many very typical for HIMYM, the episode was pushed by Ted and Barney’s terrible, and for the most part unfunny, decisions in regards to women

Both Barney and Robin are freaking out about their pending nuptials. Robin tells that she can’t go through with it. Since I’m a huge opponent of Barney and Robin’s relationship, I grew giddy with joy at this. But, when it comes to How I Met Your Mother, my hopes are not high that they will actually call off the wedding. The writers like to toy with us, especially when it comes to those two. Robin throws out the idea of climbing out the window, which prompts Ted to tell another story. We are thrown back to May of 2012, a few weeks after the end of season 6. After Marvin’s birth, Lily and Marshall have  turned into complete zombies due to their lack of sleep, but they won’t admit it (Well, Marshall swore that they would not turn into babies after having a zombie, so I guess he didn’t lie). Due to this delirium, they constantly misunderstand what is said, repeat thing multiple times, and completely zone out. This was funny at first, but their confusion turned into my boredom.

So when Quinn asks Robin and Lily to be her bridesmaids (her stripper friends would do a terrible job), Marshall agrees as well. Robin pulls Barney aside to ask him why it isn’t awkward for Quinn that she and Barney had dated before. Barney responds that every trace of their having dating is gone. Robin, though she says she has no feelings left for him, is deeply hurt. It was a great time of her life and she wouldn’t want to forget it. Near the end of the episode, Barney gives her a key to a storage unit that is filled with these memories and objects that connected them. Though he may not like to show it, he’s actually a really sweet guy. And this gives me even more reason to crave more Barney screen time. Why doesn’t Neil Patrick Harris have his own show? He really should.

In the absolutely best scene of the episode, one of the best ones in the show, in my opinion, Barney explains practically his whole life story. When Quinn finds out about his and Robin’s old relationship, she gives him exactly one minute to tell her everything. He takes a deep breath then spews out the gist of everything that happened in the entire series run. If only he were the one telling Ted’s kids the story, they would be much happier. I still can’t believe they are still listening to Ted’s stories. Anyway, Quinn decides that she can’t trust Barney and walks out the door. When Quinn approaches Robin about it, she insists that there is nothing left between them. Which we all know is crap. But when she sees Robin’s incredibly attractive new boyfriend, Nick (Michael Trucco), she starts to believe her.

Now that I’ve recapped the much more interesting stories, I’ll talk about Ted. When he finds out that Victoria didn’t leave a note to the fiancee that she left at the alter, he turns back. Somehow, the only thing he learned when he was left at the altar was that leaving a note was important. You’d think it would have made him more sensitive to the topic, but not really. Ted offers to leave the note for Klaus, but he’s too scared to climb the pipe. After an elaborate plot to get into the room, he ended up locking the car keys there. Seriously? When he returns to the drain pipe to climb up it, he sees Klaus escaping from the wedding as well. Ted decides to climb the drain pipe anyway to hide Victoria’s note. That way it would make Klaus look like the bad guy and Victoria the victim. Somehow this made him get over his fear, but leaving the note for Klaus wasn’t a big enough deal.

After tracking Klaus down at the train station, he asks him why he left Victoria, she is the “greatest girl in the world” after all. After wasting two minutes on a terrible shtick about Ted speaking/not speaking German, Klaus explains something that Ted should understand very wel. Loosely translated from German, he says that Victoria wasn’t “the one.” And that if you don’t feel it right away, someone won’t end up turning into the one. And now Ted realizes (again) that Victoria isn’t the one for him. I can’t believe how annoying he is. It’s like his situation with Natalie all over again (he broke up with her on her birthday and three years later he broke up with her on her birthday again).

The story goes back to the day of Robin and Barney’s wedding, where he is sitting at the same train station. The camera pans away from him, and we see the woman with the yellow umbrella. The mother. Because there is a chance that this will be the last season, we should be getting much closer to discovering who this mysterious woman is.

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