The Big Bang Theory — The Date Night Variable (S6E01)

Even when Howard is hundreds of miles away from Earth, his mother can still reach him. She seems to call him every single day (That must cost a fortune!) over the dumbest things. She tells him how terrible a son he is, with everyone from NASA listening in. How much worse could it get for him up there? They already call him Froot Loops! He sighs as he says, “Well, space is ruined.” And when he definitely thought it couldn’t get worse, he gets a call from his new wife (Aww!) Bernadette, who complains that he didn’t tell his mother that he’s moving out when he gets back to Earth. When making a pen float in the air doesn’t work, he has to tackle the topic head-on, he says that he’ll talk to his mom. And when he does, he gets into even more trouble. He tell his mom that he won’t move out and he tells Bernadette that he will. One of other astronauts flies up to him and points this out, so Howard responds that to deal with this problem, he’ll just never return to Earth! Well, if he’s lucky, he’ll catch a computer virus and never have to return home. If he does return home, he should keep the stubble and the hat, it suits him.

Sheldon, as dictated by the Relationship Agreement, is going to take Amy out for a romantic dinner for their anniversary. Sheldon obviously doesn’t want to go on this date, so he finds a loophole in the agreement. He outsources to an Indian, Raj. Amy is not pleased when she sees the third wheel on their date. When he finds out that this is an anniversary dinner, it looks as though Raj will leave the two to be, but nope. Instead he gets them champagne! Surprisingly enough, Raj doesn’t seem like a terrible date. If you get the right amount of alcohol into him, he might not make the worst boyfriend. Better than Sheldon, that’s for sure! After kicking Raj out of the restaurant, Amy gets up to leave. Sheldon yells, “You can’t leave, I need you!” When Amy grows excited, he adds “You’re my ride!” Well, that’s a slap in the face.  She tells him that she’s done with him for good, unless he says something meaningful and heartfelt. He quotes Spider-Man, and when he tells her this, she decides it’s enough. Oh, poor, poor Amy.

To make up for proposing in bed, Leonard decides to have a day devoted completely to Penny. He has her favorite foods and puts on sports. But he can’t contain himself and within a few minutes he already asks her where they are in their relationship. The longer they wait to discuss their situation, the more awkward it will get. And when Raj shows up, Penny is thrilled to have him third-wheel. Raj gets to the point where he becomes a nasty drunk and begins to psychoanalyze Penny and Leonard’s relationship. He tells them to stop complaining, because after everything they’ve been through, they can still say “I love you” at the end of the night. Woops, he hit a sore spot: Penny has never said that she did. Penny refuses to say it, and Raj gets kicked out of a second date.

The only place he has left to turn is to the comic book shop. Stuart is sitting there by himself drinking a “Sad-tini,” and feeling sorry for himself. Finally! Raj found someone who is just as lonely and desperate as him. They bond over Latin jazz music, but when it gets awkward, Raj shows himself out. But before he does, he asks Stuart if he wants to hang out the following day. And finally, Raj is not going to be so alone. His life has been sad enough, but now with Howard gone, it seems so meaningless. And don’t even get me started on Stuart’s loneliness. They are going to be the best of friends! And, we might get to see more of Stuart, which is awesome.

The way the episode contrasted Amy and Sheldon’s and Leonard and Penny’s relationships was very well done. In each relationship there appears to only be one person involved that actually wants to be. Or at the very least is willing to show it. Leonard and Amy are stuck in what appear to be dead-end relationships, but neither are willing to admit it due to their love for the other. I think it was perfect to have Penny call Leonard a girl over his lack of alcohol tolerance, while he was acting like the stereotypical girl in the relationship. And the icing on the cake was having Amy bleach her mustache and Leonard shave his stomach for no reason. Both were looking for the same thing and neither got it.

And I still can’t get over the quality of the one-liners in this show. I wonder how long Leonard has been waiting to say, “I believe God made the world in six days and made you on the seventh to annoy me,” to Sheldon. And I can’t get over Raj comparing Howard to a Greek God, calling him “Zeusowitz.” I don’t know how he will survive losing his best friend for so long. Hopefully Stuart will at least begin to fill that gap!

(My review of the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, the Decoupling Fluctuation)


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  1. Another great one-liner was Howard telling him mom who’s yelling at him on the phone to outer space “I can hear you fine without the phone”

  2. The relationship between Howard and his mother is really strange and honestly I don’t even know how Bernadette married him without demanding that he grow a back bone and stand up to her. After all she is his wife and a husband should live with her. The idea that he wants to remain in space because he can’t stand up for himself is ridiculous and he better steel himself for the eventuality. I’ve got my Hopper timer set to record each new episode of the show because it’s just too funny to miss. Sheldon and Amy have a strange relationship and I think it’s because he doesn’t really know what it means to be in a relationship. He is perfectly content to just have Amy close by but he despises hand holding and anything that even smacks of relationship. My DISH co-workers are worried about what will happen between Leonard and Penny because she is getting cold feet again. She’s not really sure if she wants to be with him, although we all know she does. She has issues taking that next step and that’s really unfortunate. Leonard is a great guy.

    • I was under the impression that she thought that he did stand up to her. She was surprised and appalled when she discovered that his mother was unaware that they were moving out. She had thought that he had told her, and finally stood up for himself (and for Bernadette), but she was sadly mistaken.
      He knows that he’s not going to live in space forever, but the idea that he has to go back to the two furious women doesn’t seem appealing. I have no doubt that he will deal with the situation when he returns home, Howard just wants to avoid it for as long as possible.
      Howard is a completely over-exaggerated character, and I don’t think that any woman in her right mind would marry a man that is quite so reliant on his mother. Not without training him, at least! But if he wasn’t such a mama’s boy, his story wouldn’t be anywhere near as funny as it is.
      I definitely agree with you in regards to Sheldon and Amy. I think that on a subconscious level, Sheldon actually wants the close connection that he can have with Amy (not like anyone else would go out with him!). He just doesn’t know how to be in a relationship and won’t even admit to himself that it isn’t the world’s worst idea.
      Penny is really just a coward when it comes to love, in my opinion. She knows that she loves Leonard (I don’t think she did the first time he told her, though), but, just like Sheldon, she doesn’t know how to be in that kind of relationship. As she has mentioned before, she has never been in a real, committed relationship. She has just dated random, usually very stupid men, and has never grown as attached as she is currently with Leonard. I have pretty high hopes that they will work everything out eventually, though.

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