Made in Jersey — Pilot (S1E01 Pilot)

This review is spoiler-free! If you are unsure of whether or not to try out this new show, this review just might be for you.

The story revolves around a woman from New Jersey who is trying to make it in an incredibly competitive New York law firm. While the partners discuss their current major case, Martina Garretti speaks up, letting them know that their “murder weapon” was actually a simply fashion accessory. The fact that she knows this show us a few major things about her: she isn’t afraid to put herself out there, she knows an incredible amount about fashion (and probably spends way too long getting ready in the morning), and that she knows how to apply her skill set. Martina is just a first year, so the fact that she was such a useful asset to the firm was a big deal, she was placed as a third chair on another murder investigation. This is a huge advancement for someone who has just been working at a firm for a few months.

The rest of the episode follows Martina trying to defend a high school student accused of murdering her professor, who she was supposedly having an affair with. Martina is incredibly passionate about her work, she makes sure that no stone is left unturned and is there for Ellie like no lawyer is ever there for their clients. The case itself is actually quite interesting. What makes it interesting is its complexity, which makes it incredibly unlikely that a young, inexperienced first year would solve the case while the other lawyers can’t.

While Martina is trying to solve the case, she is also trying to keep her huge Jersey family in check. Her niece wants to get a tattoo, but her mother is firmly against it. This storyline was incredibly bland and didn’t add anything to the show. If anything, it detracted from the law. The only real purpose that I can see is that it showed that Martina had to struggle, not only with work, but with a complicated family life. The family members need to be distinguishable from one another in at least a few characteristics for this to be a positive addition to the show.

Martina is clearly much smarter than she’s given credit for. But she isn’t giving the other attorneys–or the viewers–much reason to give her credit. She is incredibly ditzy and unorganized and, as stereotypical as it may be, her drawl isn’t helping her out. If she can make herself seem as smart as she is, she might be a more realistic character.

If you want to see a show with some interesting legal cases and a lawyer who cares far too much than s/he should, go check out Suits!* But if you want another legal drama that runs during the fall season, Made in Jersey is a mediocre choice.

*The Good Wife doesn’t fall under this category because Alicia isn’t anywhere near as passionate about her clients as Mike Ross and Martina Garretti are. Great legal drama, though!


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