How I Met Your Mother — The Pre-Nup (S8E02)

(My review of the last episode of HIMYM, Farhampton)

Because the summer of 2012 has been dubbed “The Summer of Love,” Ted has no interesting stories to tell his kids. So he jumps forward a few months to the “Autumn of Breakups.” When Barney is discussing his upcoming wedding at work, his boss, Arthur goes on a rant about how important prenuptial agreements are. His wife took everything from him, including his dog Tugboat and one of his kidneys in the divorce. Barney thinks that this is a great idea, he doesn’t want to lose out on any of his money. Quinn is annoyed that he wanted a prenup in the first place, but the requests he puts in there pushes her over the top. For every pound she gains, she has to pay him $2,000, she has to get her breasts enhanced every five years, and many other things along similar lines.

Ted and Marshall think that Barney was being completely unfair. Nick, who is new to this, thinks that he should be agreeing. But Barney brings up a point that they can’t help but think about, if they could make any rules or change anything about their girlfriends, would they do it? That night, each of the men go home to their girlfriends and discuss what they would have changed. In Ted’s voice-over, he announces that one of the three couples (Marshall and Lily aren’t included) will separate by the end of the following day.

Marshall would make a rule that said that Lily couldn’t be so overprotective with Marvin. He will never be able to grow up if he is coddled and Marshall wants to play with his kid like his dad played with him, rough. Nick wants Robin to stop watching television while they are in bed together. Ted, who originally invited Klaus to stay with him and Victoria when his life collapsed, wants to kick him out. Victoria is not pleased that Ted kicked him out of “his” apartment and not “their” apartment, which is how he referred to it just a few days earlier.

To get back at their men, Quinn, Lily, Robin, and Victoria make their own pre-nup. If they break up, Quinn gets custody of all of Barney’s suits. When he asks her why she wants them she says something so painful for Barney to hear, “Nothing, I’d just watch them go out of style.” And while they are still together, Barney has to wear a shock ring, so if he looks at once of Quinn’s hot friends, she can give him a terse reminder of who he’s married to.

Arthur stops them, they all have someone that loves them and they are all about to screw it up. They need to get out their feelings and talk about it. Though this is clearly an oversimplified cure, he’s right. Marshall thought that Lily had tried to say that she was a better parent than him, but Lily had actually just been overprotective because she never had a father figure and didn’t really know how he should act. Nick finds Robin super sexy and just wanted her to feel the same way, Robin tells him that watching herself on TV turns her on, which is completely fine with Nick. Ted didn’t want to be held back by the past, which was impossible with Klaus living with them, Victoria just felt bad for Klaus because she was so happy with Ted and he was so alone. These three couples all made up, so who does that leave?

When Quinn and Barney go to throw out their pre-nups, neither of them will throw it out first. They realize that this is because of their lack of trust. And if they don’t trust each other, they shouldn’t get married. Barney is surprisingly okay with the way that they parted. He’s cool with knowing that he will never be able to trust a woman enough to get married. But then, a little ways down the road we see Barney gloating to his fellow GNB employees about how great his wedding with Robin is going to be. Well, we know that they don’t end up getting married (at least not yet).

Though Nick hasn’t done much in How I Met Your Mother yet, I’m glad he and Robin didn’t break up. Just from his line  “I didn’t realize it takes 42 inches to satisfy you,” I think he deserves another few episodes. From the other works I have seen Michael Trucco in, he’s a truly fantastic actor and I’ll be thrilled if he stays on for another few episodes; the longer the better!

This episode was really simple for HIMYM standards. There are typically many story lines that jump back and forth with one taking center stage. But this episode followed a much less complicated format. Though there was a different story for every pair of characters, they were all based on the exact same formula. I think that this was a nice change of pace from the usual hectic episodes. And it definitely didn’t hurt that Ted didn’t have too much screen time. This was not one of the top episodes, but it was definitely solid.

(My review of the next episode of HIMYM, Nannies)


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  1. I actually really liked this episode of How I Met Your Mother! I was incredibly glad to know that Quinn is gone, and they are moving closer and closer to the end of the story. I have been watching this since season 1 and I’m always recommending it to my coworkers at DISH. There are a few things on at the same time, however, so it’s good that my Hopper will record it with the PrimeTime Anytime feature so I don’t have to worry about missing it. I can’t wait to see what happens in tonight’s episode, especially with the fallout of losing Quinn for Barney!

    • I actually like Quinn, and it seems like I’m one of the only ones who does. So I was sad to see her go. I am definitely interested in what their breakup will do to Barney. He seemed completely okay after last week’s episode, so maybe he will continue down that path. Or maybe he’ll start seeing what he loved in Robin and get jealous of Nick. We do now that soon enough they will be together again!

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