Once Upon A Time — Broken (S2E01 Premiere)

The season opens with something rather curious that doesn’t get explained away (at least not yet). A random man in New York receives a postcard from Storybrooke delivered by a dove. The message only read: “Broken.” I think the only safe assumption is that this is in reference to the curse being broken. But what else could it mean? Is the man also from the fairy tales and if so, how did he get out of Storybrooke? If not, how does he know about the spell? I have a feeling we will have to wait a good few weeks before we get any answers as to who this mysterious man is.

Now that magic has spread throughout Storybrooke and the characters realize who they truly are, they are thrilled. There are cheers, hugs, kisses, and tearful reunions. Snow White and Prince Charming are thrilled to finally know their daughter, but Emma isn’t quite as pleased. She insists that they have to meet with Rumpelstiltskin before having a family discussion. Once Snow insists that they talk, Emma lets her true feelings out, she tells her parents that abandoning her was the worst thing they could do. She would rather be trapped in the cursed land with them than have been raised without them in the real (Fake?) world. If she knew what life was like there, she probably wouldn’t agree. But what I don’t understand is why she would do the same to her own son. If being away from her real parents was the worst thing that happened to her, why would she abandon Henry? It does, however, explain why she is so protective of him now.

In the fairytale world we are introduced to Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and Phillip (I don’t know my fairy tales too well, so if Phillip is actually an important character, I missed it). Once the curse suddenly lifted and time returned to normal, Phillip and Mulan were able to return to their quest to find his love, Aurora. When he awakens her from her deep sleep, a wraith attacks the trio, which they manage to fend off. But mot without Phillip getting marked for death by the soul-sucker’s talisman. Phillip doesn’t tell the girls that he was marked to protect them (even though Mulan is a badass knight). When they discover that Phillip is missing, Mulan and Aurora (after quite a bit of insistence) hunt him down. When they find him, Mulan offers to sacrifice her life for his (she’s in love with him, too, of course), but he lets the wraith take him.

When we shift back to the now-magic-infused-real-world, there is a giant mob ready to kill the evil queen. And she has no problem returning the favor, she throws her hands into the air and screams, “You wanted to see your queen, well here she… IS!” However, magic isn’t the same in this world. She doesn’t seem to have her powers. When the mob realizes that she’s not a threat, they get even more insistent on killing her, but Snow, Charming, and Emma calm them down. In this world, they don’t condone violence or murder. To protect her and the people, they lock her up.

Rumpelstiltskin promised Belle that he wouldn’t kill Regina. She is trying to change him from the monster that he is, but he can’t change. Or at least won’t change. He finds a loophole to this agreement, as he always does. He pays the queen a little visit in the prison and shows off his talisman, marking her for the wraith. She tries to reason with him, saying that she didn’t kill Belle when she easily could have. Even if this were true, Rumpelstiltskin wouldn’t believe her, her motives are always rooted in her own self-interest and salvation. When Belle discovers this, she is furious and storms out. But she returns to check on him and notices her chipped teacup is still in his possession, and it is the only thing he cherishes. However, out of love, Rumpelstiltskin tells her that she needs to leave, “Despite what you hope, I’m still a monster.” Belle just smiles at him and responds, “That’s exactly the reason I have to stay.” Come on now Belle, stop being so naive! Unless someone else becomes the Dark One, he’ll never change. And, if I’m not mistaken, that can only happen if he is killed.

When the reunited family storms into Gold’s shop, they demand answers. Rather than give them that, he tells them that the wraith is his little gift to them and reminds Emma that she owes him a favor (Oh how he knows how to push her buttons!). When the wraith attacks, Snow manages to scare it off with a makeshift flamethrower. But once it finishes regenerating it returns to capture Regina’s soul, but they are ready for it. With the little bit of magic Regina can muster and Jefferson’s hat, they set up a trap to banish it into the world that no longer exists. Along with the wraith, Emma gets pulled into the portal. This time not planning to leave her behind, her parents jump in after, however only Snow makes it in.

When she is one-on-one with Prince Charming, she straps him to the wall with her magic (Still not sure how she got it back all of a sudden… Or did she fake not having her power before?). But when Henry shows up, she drops him, allowing him to live. For now. When Regina is “sorry” to break it to Henry that his mother and grandmother are dead, he is furious. If Regina doesn’t save Emma and Mary Margaret, he will never speak to Regina again. Regina’s one weakness was triggered, the only love she has is that for Henry. And she wouldn’t be able to live in either world without him and his love anymore, so she will be forced to oblige. Charming tells Henry that they are still alive, he has faith and he “will always find them.” Sound familiar? I thought so. And now, for the icing on the cake, Emma and Snow White land nearby to where Mulan and Aurora are mourning Phillip’s death. This should be an interesting conversation!

The episode was exciting, full of intrigue, answered many questions, and posed even more. I doubted that the appearance of magic in the real world could be both interesting and not excessive. But the different properties of magic in this world will definitely keep me guessing, which is exactly what I want in a fantasy show. The two major flaws that this episode had was the indecisiveness of magic, at one point Regina didn’t have magic, but soon after she regained it. And the other is the naming of the characters. Emma and Henry should be the only ones calling the fairytale characters by their other names (Mary Margaret, David, etc.), while Charming should be calling her Snow White, but this wasn’t the case. There was some awkward flip flopping between the names, half the time he called her Snow and the other half Mary Margaret.

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