Revenge — Destiny (S2E01)

The season opens just as it did last year with a glimpse at the future, which we will arrive to by the end of the season: three months later The Amanda has sunk and there is a body within. To find out who is in the ship and why she sunk we will have to wait a few months.

This season takes place two months after the first season finale. In the present, we see Emily underwater tied to a pole, it appears that she isn’t going to make it out alive. It turns out that she asked Takeda (who is played by a new actor) to have her tied up so that she could try to unlock memories of her mother. When she is untied and dragged to shore, she is frustrated that she didn’t manage to remember everything she wanted. When she returns home she pays a visit to Nolan at the boxing gym, where he goes by Southpaw and is equipped with a new haircut. When she invites him to go for a drive, he thinks it sounds quite “revenge-y” and wouldn’t miss it. Together they discover that the psychiatric hospital that her mother was staying at was shut down by a dummy investment corporation two days after David was sentenced to prison.

They discover that Victoria signed into the visitor’s log under an alias about a week before it was shut down. And she didn’t bother to hide it well. The audience finally get the chance to see the video that Nolan last season. It announced David’s intentions of divorcing Emily’s mom, supposedly so that he could marry Victoria. I doubt that this is the case, however, because he knew that he had to keep his affair with Victoria quiet, she was still married and even though she loved David, didn’t seem too intent on leaving Conrad.

Daniel is the only person who seems to be taking Victoria’s death harshly. He is brooding and constantly mourning. Conrad is celebrating the fact that he no longer has to deal with the witch and that he just unlocked a great deal of money. However Daniel refuses to put his inheritance into the company. Ashley is thrilled that she gets to manage Grayson Manor and is now somewhat respected. And Charlotte knows the truth about her mother’s “death.” She is putting up quite a front, though, she has managed to stay 60 days sober and looks like she really cleaned up her act.

Jack hasn’t had a great couple months either. He has been hiding out on his boat rather than sleeping in bed with Amanda. He promises that things will change when the baby comes, but both he and Amanda know that’s not true. I’m not sure if Jack has been spiraling into his depression because he misses Emily or because he doesn’t want to be with Amanda anymore, but it’s really messing with him. When we reach the point where Declan is the one giving Jack advice, he’s very close to hitting rock bottom. Instead of taking Declan’s (surprisingly good) advice to tell Amanda that he doesn’t actually love her, Jack sends him to live in the boat while he goes back to living in the house.

To reestablish herself, Emily visits Charlotte at the rehab center, apparently they’ve gotten close over the hiatus, they’ve been sending each other postcards. And this is the perfect way for Emily to involve herself in the Grayson’s lives once more. She follows this visit with one to Amanda. Amanda threatens to tell Jack the whole truth, which clearly doesn’t go well with Emily. So when Jack walks in, Emily announces that she will be the baby’s godmother. Well, if she can’t be with Jack, at least she’ll be closer to him.

Jack stops by Emily’s to check in with her, they haven’t talked since the night Sammy died, the night they kissed. He promises that he wouldn’t have made any advances if he knew that Amanda was coming home, especially if he knew she was pregnant. Emily, the sweetheart that she is, tells him that she understands, but doesn’t want to see him get hurt. Jack takes her advice and questions Amanda about her disappearance. She consents to a paternity test, and if we’re lucky (which there is a good chance we will be), the baby won’t be Jack’s. After this Jack returns to bed with Amanda, but they can’t even look at each other. With any luck, he’s still thinking about Emily.

When Emily walks into the memorial, gorgeous as ever, she just smiles and waves at Danny. Conrad has to remind him that he’s with Ashley so he won’t lose focus. When she sees him she says, “Don’t worry Daniel, I promise not to spill [my drink] on you this year.” I was really hoping they’d reference their meeting a year earlier. When Ashley catches sight of her ex-best friend, she does just about the worst job possible of faking her happiness.

After Ashley gives a terrible eulogy, Charlotte steps up to the microphone and shares her two cents. It was surprisingly genuine, about how she realizes how much she needed and loved her mother now that she doesn’t have her. Before she gets taken away for having hydrocodone in her system, she manages to tell Emily that Victoria is still alive. Emily shows up at her door and explains that Charlotte sent her and that Conrad is in on some major conspiracy to keep her in rehab. Victoria had to fake her death in order to protect herself from Conrad. When they manage to compile enough evidence against him, she will come out of hiding.

Finally Emily realizes that Nolan is trustworthy and a very useful resource, so she tells him everything. Something that would have saved both of them so much trouble if she had done so previously. Emily returns to Victoria with research on Dr. Thomas, unsurprisingly, he has many lawsuits filed against him and has changed his name frequently. The real reason that Emily visited, though, was to leave a camera. When Victoria asks why Emily is being so kind, Emily responds with the absolutely perfect mischievous grin, “I’m just so happy you’re alive.” Through the clam cam, Emily sees Victoria order the white-haired man to kill her, she’s a liability. It’s not enough that she ordered hits on both of her parents, but Victoria is gunning for Emily next.

I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t think that Victoria was dead for a second. Victoria is way too smart to get on that plane. The only place that could get her caught was trusting her daughter with the information of her immortality. And Emily’s discovery is going to be her undoing. Well, it looks like we have another intense, action-packed season to come. And that’s the best way to end the weekend. Dexter and Revenge back-to-back will give me the boost I need to start off the week well!

(My review of the next episode of Revenge, Resurrection)


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