The Walking Dead — Cold Storage (Webisodes)

About a week ago, AMC released a four-part web series to hype The Walking Dead premiere this Sunday (YAY!). I finally had a chance to watch the 20 minute short. If you missed it, catch it here.

The story follows Chase as he and his pal Harris try to survive throughout the beginning of the apocalypse and reach his sister’s caravan. When Harris is bitten, Chase takes off to fend for himself. He ventures into a personal storage building, knowing that there will be goods for him to take and probably some shelter from the zombies. When it looks like he’s about to meet his doom, an employee of the storage area, BJ, saves him. But is he a friend, or a foe?

Even though there was only 20 minutes of content, the webisodes definitely had the same level of intensity as in the actual show. Since Greg Nicotero, the make-up artist and special effects guru, directed and produced the web series himself, he definitely maximized the amount of gore. There were easily as many bloody zombie kills (if not more). The last shot is proof of Nicotero’s initiative: a severed gurgling zombie head.

The clips were meant to be a stand-alone mini-series. The only clear reference to the Walking Dead show was Chase discovering the Grimes’ storage shed and flipping through their photo album. We can assume that the caravan that he is trying to reach is the pack from the show, but it isn’t directly stated. For a stand-alone web show, this was actually incredible. Due its use of only a few references to The Walking Dead show, anyone can watch and enjoy it (that is, if they like zombies). And for those of us that do watch the show, our excitement for the upcoming season premiere raised exponentially.


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