Revenge — Resurrection (S2E02)

(My review of the last episode of Revenge, Destiny)

This is the episode where Daniel redeems himself from the low that he arrived at by succumbing to Conrad and his business last season. When Emily tips him off on Charlotte’s apprehension about Dr. Thomas, he immediately takes action by heading to the rehab facility and demanding that Dr. Thomas recants his negative evaluation of Charlotte. When he discovers he’s too late, Daniel reams his father, telling him that this is the most despicable thing he has ever done (which is really saying something!) and he wants nothing to do with him or Grayson Global. Charlotte assumed that Daniel was working with their father to screw her out of her money, but he proves that he’s the loving brother. He sets up a new trust for her that Conrad can’t touch with his entire inheritance. He doesn’t want his parents blood money. This is the kind of action that made Emily and the viewers fall for him.

Meanwhile, Conrad and Victoria stoop into even darker territory. When Victoria realizes that Charlotte’s money is gone, she stages her reappearance with Conrad’s help. With her reappearance she screws the White Haired man over, he’s now wanted for kidnapping and abuse and Conrad and Victoria gather together their insurance policy. And Conrad makes it out looking like less of a bad guy, the only reason he had to steal Charlotte’s money was to save the life of his ex-wife. Even Emily couldn’t see such a cunning and perfect plan coming. She is left with her own plan in tatters and only has one person to rely on to fix it.

The White Haired Man pays Emily a visit to get the footage from the clam cam that would exonerate him. WHM agrees to tell Emily more about her mother: she would have been able to prove David’s innocence, and that’s why she needed to be taken care of. But he didn’t follow orders and didn’t kill her. With the footage from the camera, he no longer needed Emily alive, so he pulled out a knife and tried to slit her throat. But before he had the chance, Takeda’s hired gun shoots and kills WHM. Though he saved Emily’s life, he executed the only lead that she had for information on her mother. She would have preferred to have a nice new scar and more information than be safe and clueless.

Hopefully Daniel realizes soon that Ashley isn’t with him for him. She was quick to rat him out to Conrad for looking into his financials, clearly just using him to get ahead with Conrad. But it looks like Danny-boy might not be looking at Ashley for a long term commitment. When Emily showed up at the rehab center to visit Charlotte, he looked relieved. And after he discovered that his mother was alive, he pulled her aside and thanked her for being so kind to his family, especially for looking out for Charlotte when he wasn’t there. This was not half-hearted, like Victoria’s appreciation. It was genuine, and there was definitely something still there between them.

NolCorp is being audited, which gives us the first glimpse into the workings of Nolan’s company. Padma, an accounting analyst decides to show up at Emily’s house to talk to Nolan in person. She insists that he needs a CFO to help run his company, but Nolan, being a complete control freak, refuses. No one can do the job better than he can. After some insistence, he agrees to a CFO, but only if she takes the job. She has no experience and no qualifications, but Nolan thinks that he can control her. Though this seemed out of place in the episode, if it brings a new love interest into Nolan’s life, I’m all for it. Here’s hoping that nothing goes wrong with the audit!

Amanda, worried that the paternity test will prove that it’s not Jack’s baby, goes to Emily for help. Though the baby truly is Jack’s, Emily tells Amanda that she had to fake it. When Jack realizes that the child is his, he appears relieved, but I don’t think he really is. All the love he feels for Amanda is from his memories, and he knows it, he just can’t admit it. Emily looked truly devastated when she discovered that the baby was Jack’s. If it weren’t, Amanda would might leave and she might even have another shot with the boy she lost. Is there another reason that Emily lied about faking the test, or was it just jealousy?

Declan seemed to have finally grown a brain this season. He was giving Jack some genuine advice about how he should deal with Amanda, telling her how he truly feels. And he tried to handle a real, mature conversation about what Jack would do if the baby wasn’t his. But he quickly returned to last season’s stupidity when he met with Trey Chandler. Trey promises to give Declan $500 if he holds onto an expensive diamond bracelet (which he clearly stole) for him. Declan, desperate for money because he’s trying to save up for his own place, accepted. Oh Declan, what have you gotten yourself into? Maybe we’ll at least get rid of him for part of the season while he stews in prison.

(My review of the next episode of Revenge, Confidence)


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