List of Tamaraisms (Awkward.)

This is an incomplete list of Tamarisms (obscure things that Tamara from Awkward. says). If you remember one that I missed, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it!

  • I call shenanigans (Calling someone on their BS, lies, or nonsense)
  • Adore-whore-able (Someone who is adorable, but is also a whore/overly flirtatious)
  • Lesbutante (Straight woman who makes out with other women)
  • Amazeballs (Incredibly amazing)
  • Making drama cakes (Being overly dramatic)
  • Think tanking (Thinking in a group)
  • Craptastic (Really crappy)
  • Being jacked up on Jesus (Overly religious)
  • H-2-T gorge (Head to toe gorgeous)
  • Ahm-Asian (Amazing Asian)
  • Frasians (Friends who are Asians)
  • Mournmones (Hormones that are caused by mourning)
  • Clear blue easy (A negative on a pregnancy test, when this would be an unwanted pregnancy)
  • BFGFBFF (Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend forever double date)
  • Chillaxative (Chill laxative; chill pill)
  • Twitch-sitch (Situation that causes you to twitch or be uncomfortable)
  • Spaz-hole (Incredibly spazzy; a spaz that is an a**hole)
  • Dramastic (Overly dramatic)
  • YASAP (Yesterday ASAP; incredibly urgent)

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  1. Amazeballs (extremely amazing)

  2. france trance – to be caught up in the french culture, etc. “jake was in a france trance”

  3. take it outside

  4. I oodo voodoed him- Tamara said it

  5. vagingling

  6. TIA! (This Is Awkward)

  7. major major (pronounce it like -er the first time and emphasize the “o” the second time. it means like majorly major)

  8. Fail Mary

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