The Big Bang Theory — The Higgs Boson Observation (S6E03)

(My review of the last episode of the Big Bang Theory, The Decoupling Fluctuation)

Howard’s long-time dream of traveling to space is starting to seem much less appealing now that he’s been there for a long time. He was right to be scared before he took off, because his usual level of anxiety is exponentially worse. He needs to beg Bernadette to drop a pencil because he misses the way gravity works that much. And when he finds out that his return home is delayed by at least a week, he really hits his breaking point. He’s sure that he’ll die up there and that it was a huge conspiracy. When dropping pencils can’t keep him sane anymore, he begs Bernadette to create her own rocket ship to come save him. He refuses to tell the other astronauts or NASA about his anxiety problems, but it’s not hard for them to figure it out. While he’s on a call with Bernadette, they pin him down and give him a shot to calm him down. Maybe a little too much, because he takes off his pants and starts spinning in circles and floating in his underwear. Howard’s story line was hilarious the first two episodes, but it seems to have gone down in quality. Hopefully he’ll return home soon where he has a much wider variety of antics to pull off. And hopefully he’ll return with the same look–the hat and beard suit him.

When Sheldon was five years old he created experiments that most adults wouldn’t even be able to comprehend. He had to dumb down his tests because the religious Texans began to call him a witch. That still isn’t out of the question… Because the Higgs Boson was finally accredited, 50 years after its discovery, Sheldon is sure that his best work was already done. When Leonard won’t help him read through his old material to find his Nobel Prize winning idea and Penny is too clueless to do so, he decides to hire someone else. After doing an extensive background check–including medical records–he still tests his candidates by offering them marijuana. Alex Jenson refuses the offer and clearly has the credentials needed to work for Sheldon. But what pushes her over the edge is her kind words. Sheldon tells her that “flattery won’t get you the job.” When she insists that “it’s not flattery if it’s true,” he agrees and hires her on the spot.

When Amy finds out that Alex is a woman, she becomes incredibly jealous (I mean, who wouldn’t want to date Sheldon? He’s perfect!). She heads down to his office to mark her territory by licking his items and trying to make them work. I don’t know about you, but I would like to think that this doesn’t actually work with humans. But if you want “proof” that this works, right before Amy and Penny became best friends (or so Amy thinks), Amy did this to her apartment. Amy is quickly calmed when she sees that Alex isn’t interested in Sheldon, rather, she is flirting with Leonard. Penny’s face turns red, but pretends that it doesn’t bother her. Amy manages to get her to open up and admit that she is jealous and that Leonard is actually quite desirable. I guess it’s a good thing that she didn’t break up with him again, she would have regretted it.

Even if Alex went into the job having a deep respect for Sheldon that could have grown into something more, after working with him for an hour, I’m sure that would have changed. He doesn’t let her talk to others (including his friends) and she can have no breaks. It took some convincing from Leonard to allow her to sit with them while they ate lunch. And this probably isn’t the job that she thought she was signing up for. She wasn’t just hired to help him look through his old research, but she also has to do ridiculously stupidest tasks for him, like getting his ice cream perfect. I don’t think she’ll survive his company much longer, even if she has Leonard to flirt with.

(My review of the next episode episode of the Big Bang Theory, The Re-Entry Minimization)


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