Modern Family — Snip (S4E03)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Schooled)

Mitch knows that Cam needs to get back to work because he’s starting to get restless at home without Lily. But he’s too scared to broach the subject of Cam returning to work, because last time he tried Cam threatened to move out. But Mitch can’t stand Cam’s constant interruptions of his work–playing Paper Toss on his iPad–so he enlists Longinus’s help. Longinus offers to hire Cam at his boutique of brightly colored clothes, but Jeoux (Pronounced Joe) spoils that. When Cam finds out, he is furious, he doesn’t need Mitch to find him a job. Especially because he was working on a super secret master project that he loves. He was sewing a mermaid costume for the cat… Then he realizes that his life really is unfulfilling at the moment and he thinks about working for Longinus again. But instead decides to become a music teacher at Manny’s school, which is what he really wanted to do.

Gloria is really struggling with being pregnant, because she isn’t as gorgeous. She is wearing all of the same clothes, insisting that they are just belly shirts and she still looks great. Manny has to break the news to her that she is in fact pregnant and she looks the part. When she becomes furious, she turns into the Hulk and her clothes rip apart. She realizes that if her shirt pops open and her pants rip at once, it’s a sign that she really is getting bigger and she needs to switch into maternity clothes.

Phil is getting a vasectomy, he and Claire are worried that they will have an accident like Jay and Gloria did and want to eliminate any possibility of that happening. They only have five years left of child rearing before Luke goes off to college (err, they already had one miracle. Maybe the army?). And this leads to actual storylines for the children, my wishes have been granted!

Luke has a surprisingly well thought out revenge plane for Durkas, who has been breaking into his locker. He sets up a yogurt bomb that will cover the next person to open the locker with yogurt. Claire doesn’t know this, so when she opens his locker to bring him his science project which he forgot at home (I agree, working on the revenge plan is more important!), she get covered in the goo. To make it worse, Luke yells at her that she’s always embarrassing and storms off. Alex has “gone goth” to impress her new friend Skylar. She cuts her last period to sneak back into the house so the two of them can shave the backs of their necks. In a moment of Phil-like child raising, Claire offers to do it herself when she catches them. Instead she ruins Skylar’s face, and she runs off. And if two of her children upsetting her isn’t enough, Haley screams at Claire for messing up her delivery.

When Jay comes to pick Phil up for his vasectomy, he uses the words “chop chop” to urge him to speed up, which causes Phil to cringe and already start to feel uncomfortable with the procedure. But when they arrive at the hospital, he is freaking out, thinking that it be excruciating pain. And when another patient walks out of the operating room barely able to walk and squealing, he bolts.  When Jay manages to catch up with him, they have a serious talk, which is a very rare occasion for them. Jay promises him that he won’t be any less of a man if he gets the surgery, since this hadn’t even occurred to Phil, this just makes him more uncomfortable. If that’s not the issue, Jay decides to open up about his own problems. He really wanted to know the gender of the baby because he has no idea how to raise a girl and he’s scared. He only knew how to raise boys, he even raised Claire like a boy for a long time. When Phil puts his life into perspective, he agrees to return to the hospital.

But before the surgery, Claire meets him at the hospital and tells him to reconsider. The kids made up for all of the terrible things that they did that day. Luke gave her a rose to apologize for his yells and the yogurt bomb. And Alex and Haley were video chatting and actually being friendly with one another, Alex said that it wasn’t a big deal that she messed up Skylar’s hair because she never really liked her. And Haley admits that she really does miss Claire, and they have a nice chat about their loving mother. This is why they had kids in the first place. Do they really need to ensure that they don’t have any more?

And then the cruelty begins. There are three pictures circulating among the family, all incredibly embarrassing. Cam is holding the cat with the mermaid costume on. Gloria is trying to cover herself up after her shirt popped open. And Phil is sitting on his realtor’s bench covering all of the words besides “not a real man” right before the surgery.

(My review of the next episode of Modern Family, The Butler’s Escape)


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