Revenge — Confidence (S2E03)

(My review of the last episode of Revenge, Resurrection)

The bodyguard that Takeda sent to watch Emily finally gets some background information. Aiden got involved with Takeda when his sister disappeared. After training with Emily for awhile, the two got together (Who could resist her?), but he was quick to leave her when he discovered a lead on his sister. He promises her that she can go with him to help him out, but he leaves her in the dust. Even after four years Emily hasn’t forgiven him and definitely doesn’t trust him. When they search the white haired man’s body they find ID that says Gordon Murphy. Though this probably isn’t his name, it’s easier than calling him WHM. Aiden still cares for her and says that he’s just there to help restore her faith. Faith in what, though? Humanity or revenge? He steals WHM’s motel key while Emily’s back is turned, but she, in kind, secretly nabs his pocket watch.

Emily, clearly not willing to play nice, knocked Aiden out and tossed him into the dumpster on trash day with a ticket back to Japan. He’s not that easy to get rid of, though. When he’s at WHM’s motel room, he finds the flight recorder from the flight that nearly killed Victoria. But when the motel manager asks him about it, he explains that he’s a detective and that WHM is very dangerous. The woman found Aiden to be very suspicious, so she checked in on his false story. The reason she didn’t trust Aiden: she knows WHM. The shocking twist: she got to know him after he kidnapped her. This is Emily’s mother. She has been so close to her mother, but had no idea.

The Grayson family quickly blows up when Charlotte and Daniel receive special gifts. Charlotte receives one of David’s (altered) journals that he kept when he was in prison. She learns that her mother was in a real relationship with her biological father and had him killed. Daniel receives Victoria’s fake ID with a note that says that her death won’t be faked the next time. Not only does Daniel learn that his mother is the conniving witch that he thought she was, but he is appalled that he was the only Grayson not to know that his mother was alive. Emily had Amanda and Aiden’s assistance on this, Amanda delivered the diary to Charlotte under the guise of full discretion among sisters. And Aiden, without Emily’s knowledge or permission, sent Daniel the letter to make it appear that WHM is still alive and well.

In the press conference that was meant to show that Victoria is alive and well, she shows much more than she was supposed to. She announces the truth about Charlotte: she is the daughter of an affair that she had with David Clarke, but she loves her nonetheless. She then invites Conrad up to join her, the supportive ex-husband. Daniel hesitates when she calls him up, unsure of where his allegiances lie. He decides that he is willing to put everything behind him and start anew with the family. Or maybe he took Emily’s advice and has finally decided to play Victoria and Conrad’s game. And here comes the startling part: she then requests that Amanda comes to join them on stage. Though Emily forced Amanda to stay for the press conference, even she looks shocked and confused about this. And to top it off, Conrad returns himself into the fold by announcing that he and Victoria will be remarried soon. Ashley puts it perfectly when she says “Oh my god, they’re stronger than ever.”

Emily just might have pushed Amanda too far this time. Jack nearly condemned Amanda from seeing the Graysons, he doesn’t want to be involved in their games and doesn’t want to see any of their money. Even if Charlotte is her half-sister, that’s not enough reason to let her enter their lives so easily. When Jack sees her at the press conference, he can’t stand it anymore. He breaks it off with her, though he will still be there for his child. Now Amanda has nothing to lose by spreading Emily’s secret. This isn’t over for her, and Emily will pay. If this isn’t enough to ruin Jack’s day, he learns that his kid brother is a robber. Declan and his “friend” Trey had been robbing houses to try to work up enough money for Declan to move into his own place. But when they robbed Mr. Ryan’s house, Declan seemed to have dropped his ID. The kid might be stupid, but I don’t think he is quite dumb enough to do this. Trey must have tossed the ID there just to get him caught.

Padma and Nolan have the opportunity to grow closer as they meet to discuss her plans as CFO. When he brings up the topic of dinner, she gets nervous and shy, she clearly has a little thing for Nolan. If Nolan will spend any time away from helping Emily with her plans, he might actually have a chance at love–and no, Tyler didn’t count. Nolan, even after almost being killed by Aiden, is there for Emily when she needs him. Emily believes that the antipsychotics WHM had on him were her mother’s. When Nolan offers to help her out in any way he can, Emily shuts him down. He’s already done so much for her and she can’t repay him as it is. This actually seemed quite genuine. Emily might try to tell herself that she wants to distance herself from Nolan, but I think that she really cares about him and doesn’t want him to get any further involved; she wouldn’t want to see him get hurt. I’ve had a suspicion that Emily and Nolan might be siblings, which would explain why David trusted him and asked him to look out for her. And this exchange furthers that suspicion.

(My review of the next episode of Revenge, Intuition)


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