The Walking Dead — Sick (S3E02)

(My review of the last episode of The Walking Dead, Seed)

The people that were seen at the end of the last episode, are in fact alive and well. These prisoners had been locked in the cafeteria for around 10 months. A guard sent them in, gave them a gun, and never came back. They had no idea that there was an outbreak, and it takes quite a bit of effort for Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog to convince them that nearly everyone they know is dead. When faced with this harsh reality, they decide that it is their prison and that Rick’s crew needs to get out. Obviously, Rick isn’t going to give up the first safe place they have found in months, so he threatens to kill them. They fought their way through all of the walkers and saved the prisoners, therefore it’s his prison. They manage to come to an agreement without bloodshed, half of the food for each group and Rick will help the prisoners clear out another cell block.

Rick admits to Lori that killing them would probably be the best option, they wouldn’t be taking any risks that way. Rick from last season wouldn’t dare shoot a human without cause. And he hasn’t changed too much, because he agrees to help them out rather than remove the threat. Rick, T, and Daryl explain to the prisoners that they need to be organized, only aim for the head, and not to use their guns. The prisoners break all of these rules. As soon as they see walkers, they break off and start stabbing and hacking at the zombies, mainly at their torsos. Once Rick manages to regroup them, they follow his formation, all of them besides Tiny. A large inmate, Tiny wanders off by himself and is ambushed by a horde of walkers and gets bitten. When the men explain that there is nothing that can be done to save him, the head prisoner takes his axe to Tiny’s head. Repeatedly. Even after he is long dead, he continues to crack his weapon across his “friend’s” head, clearly enjoying himself.

The leader of the prisoners swings open double doors when he was only told to open one, to which he says, “Shit happens.” While they are taking on two dozen walkers, the leader swipes at Rick and throws a zombie onto him. Rick, his face covered in zombie blood, and a scowl across his face looks at the leader and responds with, “Shit happens,” and drops his machete down onto his head. One of the other prisoners tries to take a swing at Rick, causing him to be chased down and locked out into the pen of zombies. The old Rick would have understood where he was coming from, but the new Rick mocks him. The other two prisoners had nothing to do with the plot against Rick and his crew, so they let them live. But if they get anywhere near any of Rick’s people, they are as good as dead. T and Daryl show a little remorse in leaving them, Daryl lets them know that they really are lucky, and T imparts a little advice.

The rest of the crew are left trying to deal with Hershel. His leg was bleeding profusely and he was unconscious. Carol managed to stop the bleeding and keep him from getting a fever, but there wasn’t much she could do, she isn’t actually a doctor. And they are running on practically no medical supplies. That is until Carl treks off on his own to procure the supplies. He found the infirmary himself, took out a couple of walkers, and filled an entire bag with medical supplies. Rather than being praised for his success, Lori freaks out. It’s completely understandable for her to be upset, he could have gotten himself killed, but she should at least give him a little credit for managing to do this himself. He has matured so much from last season, it’s actually hard to tell that he’s the same sweet, innocent little kid. He’s starting to grow into himself and turn into a teenager.

Carol knows that Hershel won’t be around to deliver Lori’s baby. Even if he wakes up, he probably won’t be able to help, so she takes matters into her own hand. She decides that she needs to practice performing a c-section, in case it’s necessary. To ensure that she knows what she’s doing, she decides to practice on a cadaver. She kills a walker and practices the surgery. Though this is a rather logical decision, it is absolutely gruesome. Cutting into a zombie doesn’t seem anywhere near ideal and it’s horrifyingly gross. But maybe Carol won’t be around to deliver the baby, because there was someone watching her from the bushes.

Maggie blames herself for Hershel’s death, she shouldn’t have let him clear the prison with them. She doesn’t believe Glenn when he tells her that everything will be fine, which is the first time his comfort hasn’t been enough for her. She is sure that his death is imminent and she is trying to brace herself for it.  I believe that to some extent Maggie actually hoped that her father wouldn’t make it. Living isn’t so great during the zombie apocalypse, and with only one leg, Hershel can’t run. And a lot of what they’re doing is running. When she is given a moment alone with him, she tells him that he can stop fighting, she and Beth can take care of each other. He can leave them and be peaceful for a change. I think that a part of her wishes that she could give up, too. Beth doesn’t take Maggie’s negativity well, she believes that their dad is strong and can make it through it. She knows he can.

In what seems like the end of Hershel, he stops breathing. Maggie is completely calm and silent, while Beth is screaming for help. Lori tries to give Hershel CPR. When it looks like all is lost, Hershel’s head raises and it appears that he is about to bite Lori (which really wouldn’t be so bad). But he is still a human and has been revived. After a little while he opens his eyes. Though he doesn’t say a word, he grabs Rick’s hand, which brings about tears of joy and laughter from his daughters and the rest of the crew.

Lori knows that she’s been a terrible wife and mother and she finally confronts Rick about it to apologize. All he can muster to tell her is that she isn’t a terrible mother. But he says absolutely nothing about her position as a wife. He doesn’t look her in the eyes, but he holds onto her shoulder when he thanks her for bringing back Hershel. When he steps away, Lori rubs her face against her shoulder. This is probably the closest she’s been to Rick in months, and it’s killing her. She still loves him, but she will never get to be with him again.

(My review of the next episode of The Walking Dead, Walk With Me)


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