Modern Family — The Butler’s Escape (S4E04)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Snip)

Rather than take his magic to the next level, as Phil would prefer, Luke decides to give it up. Phil decides for him that this is not an option and he will not stand for it. Phil can’t bear the thought that his son is growing up and starting to have different opinions and hobbies than him. His excuse to prevent Luke from quitting is that he thinks that the magic is starting to get too difficult for him and he wants to give up. To prove this point, Phil sets up the Butler’s Escape, one of the most difficult magic tricks of all time. It involves a straightjacket, ropes, ties, and being dangled upside down. Within a minute of the trick being set up, Luke escapes and announces that he’s quitting. Phil tries to escape the contraption himself to see how Luke could have done it so easily, but fails miserably. After receiving the advice that he can’t give up on himself, even if other kids are teasing him, Luke tries to help Phil out of the device. Enough to give him a hug, at least.

Alex is going on a mean streak, she makes fun of her mom for messing up a crossword puzzle, hits Luke, and continuously insults the intelligence of everyone around her.  And when Claire tries to point this out, it just gets worse. After an accidental hint from Phil, she realizes that the house is out of balance. Without Haley to demean Alex, she is going on a rampage. Within 30 seconds of video chatting with her sister, Haley fires off a dozen insults. This drops Alex down a peg. Or ten.

Cam is both excited and nervous for his first day as the middle school’s music teacher. When he tries to practice with song, Lily unplugs his keyboard—just what I was thinking, little one. When he teaches the class, they are incredibly underwhelmed by him, he is singing and dancing, and they just think he looks like an idiot. They don’t give him any sort of respect and just want to know when the old music teacher will return. Manny and Luke, somewhat embarrassed, bet on how long it will take before he drops it. Even the other teachers ignore him. This is nowhere near the response that Cam was expecting, and it turns into one of his worst days.

Mitch’s day as the stereotypical housewife wasn’t so great either. He dropped Lily off late for school and he was collecting the wrong groceries. He enlists Claire’s help in secret just to impress Cam. But when Cam spills that he had a terrible day, Mitch refuses to do the same. When Mitch won’t comfort Cam, Claire comes out from hiding and takes credit for everything. Rather than be upset with his lies, Cam is just thrilled that he had a terrible day, too (He had to deal with Claire feeling superior for an entire day).

When Manny brings up Gloria’s terrible snoring habits, she gets incredibly defensive. Rather than tell her that her snoring truly is terrible, Jay decides to protect her, so she doesn’t scream at him, as well. Claire’s advice to Jay is to just ignore it; there is no way to bring it up without sounding like a terrible person. When Jay comes home from a business trip early, he decides to hide out in a nearby hotel, so that he can get a decent night’s rest. Manny, however, noticed him and told Gloria of his scheme. She gives him a call telling him that she flew to San Francisco to visit him. He freaks out and tries to get back there in time, but she catches up to him at the hotel lobby. For some ridiculous reason, Gloria assumed that Jay was having an affair, but was thrilled to find out he was just hiding from her. To keep the hotel from going to waste, Gloria decides to take it over while Jay takes care of Manny. Touché, Gloria!

(My review of the next episode of Modern Family, Open House of Horrors)


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  1. I love this show; it makes me happy. I think when dysfunctional people like this can work out their problems in 30 minutes I know I can work mine out in a lifetime. Even when the laughs aren’t boisterous, Modern Family shows the love this family has for each other, which melts my heart for mine. Since I love the show so much, I save all of the episodes now instead of buying them on DVD at the end of the season. My DISH coworker reminded me of the thousands of hours of HD recording time on my Hopper DVR so I figured it was stupid to pay that money each year. Now, I get more out of my TV service and my wife is happy she has more purse money; LOL!

    • I agree, this show can really put your own life into perspective. It has such a nice family dynamic. And even though they have their own personal struggles, they always work through them together.

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