Parks and Recreation — Sex Education (S5E04)

(My review of the last episode of Parks and Recreation, How A Bill Becomes a Law)

When Pawnee discovered the incredibly high level of STDs among the senior citizens, Leslie and Ann decide to teach them about safe sex. During a demonstration, Chris barges in with Marcia and Marshall, the morality watchdogs of Pawnee, and demands that they put a stop to the presentation. Apparently all government employees of Pawnee are required to teach solely abstinence, so she can’t legally proceed. When she discovers that the majority of Pawnee-ans are pro-abstinence, Leslie decides that passing a bill to change the law would be hopeless. But when she needs to teach the elderly the pros of abstinence, she returns to her old self and demonstrates how to use a condom once again. Though she gets officially written up, it was worth it. When she sees Chris about the citation, he reminds her that he is no longer her boss (which I’m glad they finally acknowledged). So rather than being weirdly scared of him, he tells her that they are best friends (poor Chris) and that he’s proud of her. Rather than apologize for her own actions, Leslie apologizes to Pawnee for the antiquated laws and promises to lower the level of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Ann is struggling with her own identity throughout the episode. Whenever she is with a boyfriend, she copies his style and shapes herself to fit them. She became athletic when she was with Chris, lazy with Andy, and now she became a cowgirl with her new boyfriend Ricky. But now that she is aware of this, she vows to stay herself when she is in relationships and breaks up with Ricky.

After crashing into a fire hydrant while tweeting, the judge bans Tom from using all electronics for a week. Ron invites him out to his cabin to detox, and the first step is to explain everything he does with technology daily. Bad move, Ron, bad move. Tom spends literally the entire day explaining Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, and just about anything else you can find on the web. When Ron finally stops him, Tom knows just how to make himself appear like a changed man, he’s watched every episode of The Intervention and uses that knowledge to his power. And since they reached “feelings territory,” Ron lets Tom escape to go out. But Tom can’t handle the lack of technology any more, so he picks up a burner phone and crashes Ron’s car as well. Tom finally reaches the point of honesty (At least I think he did), and tells Ron that the reason he absorbs himself in technology is because his own life is such a letdown. And the only two things Tom has to do so that Ron won’t let the judge know of his slip-up is to help Ron fix his car (by reading a giant paper manual) and promise that when he’s conversing with someone, he’ll look them in the eye.

Ben and April’s storyline was quite boring this episode. Ben is working with an incredibly weird congressman who is sort of like an automaton. He can’t handle a real conversation, but he knows how to “turn it on” when he’s in front of the camera and can sign the bills into law. Though this was incredibly dull, it was nice to see Ben and April getting along by making fun of him. With each episode they become closer and act much more like siblings.

This was a pretty weak episode, in my opinion. Tom and Ron’s storyline felt pretty obvious, anyone could have figured out the result, but it was still the best part of the episode. Ann and Chris were a little extra annoying and Ben and April’s story felt completely out of place and awkward. There was nowhere near enough screen time for Donna’s smart mouth or Jerry’s confusion, which could have really lifted the mood of this episode.

(My review of the next episode of Parks and Recreation, Halloween Surprise)


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