How I Met Your Mother — Nannies (S8E03)

(My review of the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, The Pre-Nup)

Since Lily and Marshall both work, they need to find someone to watch little Marvin. Lily’s father, Mickey has been staying with him since he burned down his house, but Lily doesn’t trust him to take care of her son. She remembered what a terrible job he did raising her and wanted better for her own son. They find the absolute perfect nanny in Mrs. Buckminster, she’s a sweet old lady and seems almost as perfect as Mary Poppins herself. When they realized that they can’t afford her, Marshall and Lily decided to use a nanny service called Hey Nanny Nanny (It’s a HIMYM site, check it out!) to find someone that they can afford.

To memorialize the fact that Barney is single once again he begins Bangtoberfest. Equipped with a t-shirt cannon and plenty of merchandise, Barney plans to pick up as many women as possible in the month of October to make up for his loss of Quinn. But he can’t use the same cheesy lines and old ways of picking up chicks. He has to come up with a legen–wait for it–dary new way. And he comes up with that way when he realizes that nannies are a whole new unexplored terrain for him. One of the nannies that he picks up happens to be a perfect (and affordable) nanny for Marvin. When she discovers that Barney doesn’t truly have a child, she is furious and won’t take care of Marvin because his parents are friends with that monster.

Just as they think that they’re screwed, on Lily’s first day back to work, Mrs. Buckminster shows up and offers to do the job, Barney paid for her services. But Lily can’t bear with parting from Marvin, she won’t see him for the entire day and he’s staying with a complete stranger. When Lily was asleep, Mickey snuck in to take Marvin for a walk. He spent the entire day with his grandson, which made Lily incredibly uneasy. But Mickey was great with Marvin, and he was apparently a great dad with Lily, too. But when she went off to preschool it broke his heart and he had to find something to occupy himself, and his life became completely absorbed in the ponies. Now that Mickey is there for her and for Marvin wholeheartedly, she asks him to be his official nanny, and there’s nothing in the world he would want more.

Nannies tend to stick together. This is a piece of knowledge that eluded Barney. As they were walking an assortment of babies in their strollers, they spotted Barney and went after him. They beat him terribly and tossed him in a dumpster. Maybe the single life isn’t as great as he thought that it was. He hires Mrs. Buckminster to nanny him and prevent him from making terrible decisions. She reminds him how inappropriate it is to seduce these young women. But she has no problem with him seducing her. Oh Barney, Quinn really messed you up, didn’t she?

Ted and Robin get into an incredibly petty fight to try to prove that they won the breakup–which was a long time ago, if you forgot. Rather than proving that they were happier in their relationships, they both proved that the other was unhappy. Robin can’t be with such a sensitive guy and Ted can’t be with such a slob. They agree that they will have to stick it out and they will grow into their new roles in the relationships. These couples won’t last long.

(My review of the next episode of How I Met Your Mother, Who Wants To Be A Godparent?)


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