Once Upon A Time — Lady of the Lake (S2E03)

(My review of the last episode of Once Upon A Time, We Are Both)

It seems like Once Upon A Time is getting more complicated with each episode. We always had the “real world” of Storybrooke and the original fairy tale world. But now a second level of the fairy tales have been added. Emma and Snow White have been teleported into this new dimension, which contains the few characters that weren’t affected by the curse.

In the original fairy tale stories King George and the Leviathan are out to get Prince Charming and Snow White. Before Snow can escape, the Leviathan, Sir Lancelot (no longer) of the Round Table stops her and delivers her to the king. Because he lost all hope for having a family, he decides to do the same to her, cursing her to never have children. When Snow is thrown back out to the world, Lancelot stops her, he still has honor and wants to save her, Charming, and his mother. But by the time that Charming makes it home, King George is ready for him. Though Charming takes on all six of his men, his mother was struck with an arrow to the chest. They return to the lake of the siren to heal her. There is only one drop of water left from the dried up lake, and it didn’t appear to heal her. Because Lancelot has the power to marry, Charming and Snow have an impromptu wedding, so his mother can see her son in his happiest moment. The reason Charming’s mother never recovered was because she never drank the water of Lake Nostos, she had it placed in the wedding chalice. She knew that Charming having a child would mean more to him than anything, and Snow figured it out.

In the second level of the Enchanted Forest tales, Emma is much too quick to trust. Just because Cora says that she’s a friend, she believes her, and trusts her even upon Snow’s insistence otherwise. When Lancelot realizes that Snow is in his prison cell, he offers his assistance. Snow’s plan was to return to her old home and hope that the enchanted wardrobe will still be a portal back to Maine. Lancelot sends Mulan, his best warrior, to help them get there and avoid the ogres. Emma is completely out of her element, she understands very little about the strange world that she’s been sucked into. So when Aurora shows up to kill Snow, Emma shoots her gun to show that she is in charge of the situation. But ogres hunt by sound, and they are running rampant throughout the land. The ogre swats Emma’s gun out of her hand (should have taken off her entire arm) and pins her down, but Snow grabs his attention and shoots him directly in the eye with her bow and arrow. The things she’ll do for her daughter!

They find the wardrobe intact at Snow’s house. They need to bring it back to camp to try to uncover enough magic to use the portal, and just in time, Lancelot arrives to help out. Since he is far too interested in the world on Earth and his knowledge of their lives back there is too extensive, Snow realizes that this isn’t Lancelot, it’s Cora. In trying to save Snow, Emma ends up lighting the wardrobe on fire, leaving them stranded in the Enchanted Forest. But before they try to uncover another portal, Emma becomes incredibly emotional. She finally understands why her parents sent her to Earth, it was the very best thing they could do for her. And she just did the same to protect Henry. Those 28 years that she’s spent hating her parents are long over, now she just wants to spend the time she has left with them.

And in the “real world,” David is trying to keep Henry at bay, the farther away he is from magic, the safer he is. The stubborn ten year old isn’t going to be pushed away so easily. He cuts class to find Jefferson, begging him to talk to his daughter. Even if she’s mad at him for leaving, it’s better than her never seeing him again. And Jefferson is definitely pleased with this advice, because Grace is thrilled to see him. David realizes that maybe keeping Henry away from his true world with magic isn’t going to work when he catches him in Regina’s vault. He saves him from the two-headed snake and then offers to teach him how to sword fight. Now he can finally learn how to be the prince that he always thought he was supposed to be!

(My review of the next episode of Once Upon A Time, The Crocodile)


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