Revenge — Intuition (S2E04)

(My review of the last episode of Revenge, Confidence)

Emily is no longer following her plan, she is starting to get emotional and it won’t end well for her. Aiden is trying to help her maintain her usual level-headedness, but there isn’t much he can do. Now that she knows that her mother is alive, she isn’t just seeking revenge anymore. Aiden tries to approach Kara by himself again before he lets Emily get her hopes up. Gordon trained her well, so she quickly recognized that he isn’t truly an FBI agent under deep cover. No one would have that information besides one of the Graysons or someone involved in the Initiative, so unless she gets assurance from Gordon that Aiden is a good guy, she will leave him tied up.

Just as Amanda was going to quit helping Emily, Emily spouts out the truth, her mother is alive and she needed to use Amanda to get close to Victoria. This development is enough to pique Amanda’s interest and she agrees to help. Amanda agrees to give Victoria the journals that David kept if she told her the whole truth about her mother. At Amanda’s impromptu baby shower, Victoria gives the absolute perfect present. A baby journal with a $100,000 check inside as a little reminder of their agreement. Amanda and Victoria step off to the side for a private chat, Emily is dictating for Amanda exactly what to say. She confronts Victoria about her mother not dying at the institution. And as soon as the conversation becomes heated, Emily’s feed cut out. Victoria breaks the news to Amanda that her mother tried to kill her (Emily) when she was a baby. She tries to snatch the check back, but Amanda flips over the balcony with a brutal fall.

Amanda’s last request from Emily was to save the baby, so when the doctor tells the family that they can probably only save one of them, Emily jumps at the chance to pick the baby. Though she might have become attached to Amanda, her life would be so much simpler if she died. Upon Emily’s request, the baby is removed via c-section and is alive and fairly well, but they had to put Amanda under in a medically induced coma. Jack is guilt stricken that his last words to Amanda were so harsh, but somewhat thrilled to be a dad.

To make matters worse, Kara hears about Amanda’s fall on the radio and stops by the hospital in secret to see her poor daughter. Emily sees her mother in the room with Amanda and finally flashes back to what really happened when they were together: her mother really did try to kill her. One of the “games” they played was Kara trying to drown her daughter. So rather than having a tearful reunion with her mother, she runs home and cries into Aiden’s waiting arms.

By robbing houses with Trey, Declan didn’t just ruin his life, but Jack’s as well. As I suspected, Trey left Declan’s ID at Mr. Ryan’s house on purpose so he would have a chance to buy out The Stowaway. Now Jack is left with his sort-of-girlfriend in a coma, no job, and soon-to-be no home.

Daniel finally makes some headway with his father, or so he thinks. After realizing that Ashley was spying on him for his father he tells her the whole truth about who his dad really is. He overhears a conversation between the two that she won’t spy for him anymore. I wouldn’t trust her, though, it’s probably an even longer con to get herself wedged further into Grayson Global. Everything she does is for her, and this shouldn’t be any different. And now Ashley and Daniel are stronger than ever, and it just might be for the long haul this time.

When Nolan finds out that his dad died, he was distraught, but not incredibly upset. Padma makes sure that he gets the full force of this by taking him to the storage room that his father kept of all of his things. Even though he kicked Nolan out of his house when he created Nolcorp in high school, he kept every single piece of work of his. He has a binder filled with every news clipping that Nolan was mentioned in, kept all of his work from his days when he was younger, and all sorts of memories. Thanking Padma for showing him how loving his father really was isn’t enough, so he finally kisses her (after falling the first time, poor Nolan!) and whisks her off to France. When he comes back, he’s going to have a lot of catching up to do. Now that he understands the true affection of his father, he might be more inclined to help Emily with the revenge of the loss of hers. But will she need him now that she and Aiden have reconnected?

(My review of the next episode of Revenge, Forgiveness)


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