Modern Family — Open House of Horrors (S4E05)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, The Butler’s Escape)

Even after a traumatic incident that ended with a man having a heart attack, Phil still can’t see Claire as frightening. Everybody else in the neighborhood is scared to death (almost literally) of Claire, causing them to avoid the Dunphy house like it’s the plague. As someone who loved Halloween, Claire is devastated, she doesn’t even get to hand out candy and admire the children’s costumes. Since she can’t partake in her usual Halloween activities, she decides to prove once and for all to Phil that she is, in fact, scary. He has set up an open house on Halloween, he tricks the children into the house and explains all of the positive features of the house to have them recite it back to their parents. Though he doesn’t notice her appearance at first, when a couple who are actually interested in the house arrive, he freaks out, hoping that Claire won’t jump out and kill his deal. After the couple leaves the lights shut off, the TV turns on, static crackles, and the phone rings. Phil is quite scared, but won’t admit it. When Claire says that she’s already home, and has the kids on the line verify it, he gets even more nervous. Maybe the house is actually haunted! Rather than escaping before the house eats him alive, he goes to explore. When he arrives in the bedroom, Claire reaches her hand out from under the bed and grabs him, Alex and Luke jump out right after. Though it pains him to admit that he’s scared, he does.

One night Mitch told Lily that her mother was a princess, and that’s why she had to give her off to him and Cam. Lily didn’t forget this and became obsessed with princesses, she dressed up this and last year as one. Cam has no idea, and it was starting to get hard for Mitch to hide it from him. When she sees another woman dressed as a princess, Lily runs up to her and asks her if she is her mother. It was tough to watch, but Cam and Mitch had to break it to her that her mother isn’t really a princess, they didn’t know who she was. The only reason Cam wasn’t furious about Mitch’s lie was because of the lies he told Lily to try to train her.

While Mitch was trying to hide his little secret, Cam was trying his very best to show his. He had lost a lot of weight, but no one was noticing in his bulky costume. When flashing them made them feel uncomfortable, he decided to change into a sleek, white suit that showed off the lost weight. Right as he does this, though, another man walks in a similar suit with a stapled stomach, stealing Jay’s thunder completely.

Manny accidentally flipped the fire alarm, and the principal thought he was trying to get out of taking a test. Gloria, being a total hothead (and the hormones aren’t helping), flipped out and threatened to pay this principal a visit. She proves Manny and Jay’s point even further when she refuses to give a couple of teenagers some candy, they retaliate by egging the house and running off. That teenager was Durkas, the bully that Manny is deathly afraid of. But Durkas is under the impression that Manny called the fire to get out of the test, which gives him quite a bit of cred, and invites him out with his friends. Reuben (dressed as one of the LA Angels) tries to convince him that he isn’t one of those boys, he is respectable and needs to behave so. Luke (as the devil) convinces him that this is his only chance to be cool, and he has to take it! This was a terribly cheesy superego/id, angel/devil battle, but Modern Family tried to make it work due to Halloween. It didn’t really work. When the teenagers show up at Cam’s house, Gloria chases after them and manages to peg the slow one with an egg. Little did she know that the slow one was her son trying to be cool. Reuben, still dressed as an Angel, reminds him that he should have acted like himself. He just proved the devil wrong.

(My review of the next episode of Modern Family, Yard Sale)


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