The Walking Dead — Walk With Me (S3E03)

(My review of the last episode of The Walking Dead, Sick)

To make up for the lack of Andrea and Michonne in the last episode, we are gifted with an entire episode of their presence! We are also presented with the introduction of an entirely new plot line, centering around The Governor and his gated community, Woodbury. I haven’t read all of the comic book series yet, so I’m not sure how closely AMC’s adaptation will follow the original story, but I do know that we will still be delighted by a high level of creepiness surrounding this strange town.

Michonne and Andrea investigate the site of a recently crashed helicopter and find two dead passengers and a third, the pilot, possibly alive. But before they have the chance to get a good look at the wreckage, two cars roll up with men who seem to be well trained in the art of zombie killing. To avoid capture, Michonne slices the heads off of her pets before they give away their location. For two creatures that she has kept with her since (we assume) the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, she does this surprisingly easily. She doesn’t give it a second thought and shows no remorse for her actions. As one of the Governor’s researchers points out, she probably knew them from before. Maybe she felt like she was finally releasing them from the curse they have suffered with for nearly a year. Or maybe she’s heartless.

But the loss of her pets was unnecessary, they are captured anyway. But not by just another one of the Governor’s men. Daryl’s bigoted, foul-mouthed, hand-less brother Merle has reappeared to capture these two. He is thrilled to see Andrea and to show off the replacement for his hand–a retractable knife. After being transported to a clinic and being stripped of their weapons, Andrea and Michonne are nowhere near as grateful as they should be. They are given fresh clothes, food, and medical attention, but all they can do is insistent on the return of their weapons and freedom to leave the camp.

When Merle comes in to talk to Andrea, he sounds like a changed man. He sounds genuinely sorry to hear about the loss of Amy’s life and reassures them that they will be safe here. The Governor found him when he was near death and took him in. Now that life has ended, it really is a small world! The Governor has to break the tough news to the girls, everybody is infected. If they die from natural causes (such as a gunshot wound), they can still turn. This shows that Michonne and Andrea haven’t seen another living soul in eight months.

Woodbury actually seems like the perfect set-up for the zombie apocalypse. There is food, water, education, work, and most importantly, safety. And there’s even hot water! There are 73 citizens in Woodbury, and another on the way. This introduction of another pregnancy is no accident. We will see next week with whoever has their baby first (Lori or this woman) whether or not children born now are real children or walkers. Andrea realizes that this might be the safest place for them, they should at least stay there until they get their act together. But Michonne insists that her act has always been together. Even after seven months, she won’t open up to her only friend.

The Gov invites Michonne, Andrea, and his prime researcher Milton to breakfast. Milton had been studying Michonne’s pets to try to understand her motivation to keeping them. Since they don’t have arms, they can’t grab at the living, and without jaws, they can’t eat. With no way to eat, they stop trying. They were perfect camouflage, if they were with zombies, then they probably were Zs as well, or so the other biters would think. Or, the more likely reason is that she knew them. And he believes that there is an echo of the human left inside. Michonne probably thought (and thinks) the same.

The pilot from the helicopter crash is alive and seems to be healing fairly well. He sends the Governor in the direction of his ten men to go retrieve and save them. But when the Governor rolls up with his white flag, it’s all a trick. The army that he set up is incredibly organized and swift in taking out every single man without any hesitation or delay. This couldn’t have just been for the weapons, because the men of the National Guard most likely would have shared the wealth if they were welcomed into Woodbury. I’m not sure his motivation, but I’m sure the Gov will explain himself soon.

The Governor plans on taking back civilization, “We will rise again. Only this time we won’t be eatin’ each other.” He explains to the citizens of his town that by the time they reached the soldiers, it was too late. They have gained a nice supply of food and medicine, and they need to use it wisely to honor the soldiers’ lives. Afterwards, Andrea tries to get The Gov to open up (when her efforts with Michonne were futile, she had to talk to someone else). She asks him what his real name is to which he responds “I never tell.” Andrea responds with, “Never say never,” hoping that she will get to know him well enough one day. “Never,” he responds shortly and walks off. He probably needs to keep his old identity separate in order to maintain his level of leadership and bravado.

And, in the usual The Walking Dead fashion, they end on the most disgusting note in the episode. The Governor sits down in a private room with some liquor, looks at a picture of his wife and daughter, and wallows. And he looks at a wall of fish tanks. Fish tanks that contain human heads. And his newest additions are Michonne’s pets and the pilot (whom he must have killed). A truly gruesome sight.

My absolute favorite part of this episode was how bearable Lori was! Right, right!?

(My review of the next episode of The Walking Dead, Killer Within)


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