Revolution — Soul Train (S1E05)

(My review of the last episode of Revolution, The Plague Dogs)

We are given a glimpse into Neville’s private life from before the blackout. Maybe seeing his tough life from before will make us feel for him and understand why he decided to work for Monroe’s Militia. Just before the blackout, Neville got fired from his job, he was fired for being too nice. Nice is not a respected trait in the insurance business. He displaces his anger onto a punching bag in his basement, which means that he has always known to fight, very useful for someone who is about to be stuck in the corrupt world after the power outage. He tells his young son Jason that he can only punch the bag, never other people. Six weeks after the blackout, Neville’s neighbor breaks into his house to steal food and nearly kills Neville. But he decides that he has to fight back, he has to survive for his family, so he knocks him down and pummels him to his death. Sweet, innocent Tom Neville died with this man. Neville then teaches little Jason how to use a knife, he has to know how to protect himself. He has to overcome his fear, because if he is scared, he will end up dying. It’s a dark lesson to learn at such a young age, but it’s the best advice he could get.

When Neville tells Danny to fight him, he refuses at first. Unlike Jason, his father taught him not to fight, he should be an upstanding citizen even in the worst of times. After being punched in the face twice, Danny finally fights back, but is pummeled anyway. When Neville tries to explain himself to Danny, how tough his life was before, Danny finally mans up and demands that he shut up. He’s doen with his weird stories and mind games and he won’t participate anymore. He realizes that Neville can’t kill him, and by this point, he’s used to the abuse.

Rather than dawdle at Maggie’s funeral, Miles pushes his crew onward to save Danny. The city of Noblesville is surprisingly well populated and equipped with the militia’s steam-powered train. Rather than keep a low profile after she is approached by Neville (who doesn’t recognize her), she tries to follow him. He obviously notices her tail and realizes who she is when Miles comes to her aid. Charlie was given such simple orders from her uncle, logical and easy-to-follow rules, but she breaks them within minutes of arriving in Noblesville. She is completely driven by her emotions, and if Miles were not there, these emotions would have gotten her killed or captured. She isn’t showing any signs of improved intellect or a drop in naivete. After what she’s been through, you’d think she would have. Because they lost the element of surprise, Neville had time to move Danny before Miles realizes where he must be kept.

Nora meets up with another Rebel named Hutch, who agrees to help her blow up the train. If the militia has no method of transportation, they will be heavily restricted. Though she decided to blow up the train whether Danny was safe or not, she couldn’t go through with it. She can’t let Danny die by her hand, so she decides to remove the explosive log from the train, but Hutch can’t let her do that. He stabs her in the stomach and insists that it must be done.

Charlie tries to reason with Nate, her brother will die if he doesn’t give them any information he has. He apologizes, does some mad parkour and escapes their grasp. Nate meets up with Neville and tries to convince him to stop the train from departing, Miles will attempt to save him and they can grab him then. Neville doesn’t want to risk losing Danny, so they depart anyway.

Miles and Charlie steal a pair of horses and, using their knowledge of Westerns, leap onto the train. Charlie runs off to save Danny (which is terrible plan, because she will have to deal with Neville) while Miles will prevent the train’s explosion. Danny takes down Neville when he sees Charlie, but she is locked out of the train car. When she finally makes it in, Nate grabs her and Neville grabs Danny. He ignores a direct order to bring Charlie to Neville for execution, instead he throws her out of the train car to save her life. While Charlie is grappling with saving Danny, Miles manages to stop the train from exploding (even though the log was already tossed into the fire). Now they are back to square one, Neville has Danny and they are trapped with no transportation. And they are stuck with the useless Aaron and the injured Nora.

When the train reaches its destination, Neville hugs his wife in an unloving embrace. She then hugs Nate, and welcomes home her son, Jason. This episode really pushes Nate/Jason’s allegiance. He might be the son of a Captain in Monroe’s Militia, but he doesn’t follow orders. He has his own moral code that he will follow, and it doesn’t look like that involves murder. And his little crush for Charlie (even though he doesn’t know her) isn’t making life easier for him or his family.

Rachel is devastated by the news that Danny is headed her way. And when she sees that he is hurt, she can’t take it. After many years in Bass’s custody, all he needed was her son to get her to talk. She draws the symbol of the necklaces. If he can get all twelve of them, he has achieved the first step towards returning the power. And Jason knows the location of one of these pendants.

There were a few awkward gaps in the storyline. Nora’s wound appeared to be fatal, but she managed to get up and walk. And then make it all the way to where Miles and Charlie were waiting after they rode horses and took a shortcut on a train. And the idea of the steam-powered train working doesn’t seem to register for me. If everything shut off, why could they still use steam power? Even solar panels stopped functioning, and that harnesses the power of the sun, which would be more logical to work than steam. Maybe they can offer up an explanation for the steam-power, but it seems a little off to me.

(My review of the next episode of Revolution, Sex and Drugs)


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