Dexter — Swim Deep (S7E05)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Run)

LaGuerta hasn’t given up on clearing Doakes’ name. She has been combing through Lundy’s notebook and she realized that she wasn’t the only one who thought him incapable of being a serial killer. When she confides in Debra, she sides with LaGuerta, hoping that she can lead LaGuerta off Dexter’s trail. After failing from keeping Deb away from the case, Dexter identifies three men that he killed from a list of possible Bay Harbor Butcher victims. Barnes is the only possible way Dexter can be implicated. He is a wedding photographer who would kill out-of-town wedding guests, and he captured a couple of shots of Dexter at one of the weddings. Deb got a hold of these photos before LaGuerta saw them and took care of the pictures of Dexter. LaGuerta might have noticed Deb’s uneasiness around the pictures, though.

While on the Slice of Life, Dexter noticed a small pool of blood that he knows he didn’t leave. Dexter is surprised and pleased by the discovery that this is Louis blood. His problem took care of itself. Dexter also wasn’t expecting Isaak to be waiting for him at home, so he sets up a fake meeting at a restaurant. While he watched Isaak from across the way, he plead innocent over the phone. But as soon as Isaak mentions his sister, Dexter admits to killing Viktor, but insists that he did so alone. Backed into a corner, Dexter is forced to tell Debra that the Koshka Brotherhood is after him, and therefore her. To protect her, he sets them up in a motel room and has her use alternate methods of arriving to work.

Deb is furious when Dexter tells her the whole truth: he lifted a fingerprint at Mike and Kaja’s murder scene that matched Viktor’s. She forces him to agree never to steal another case from the department, but neither of them are sure if his promise is honest. Dexter refuses to let Deb into his plan on getting rid of Isaak, but he promises that he won’t kill anyone. Dexter leads Isaak into a Colombian bar in the hopes that they will take out their rival for him. But Isaak managed to kill all three of the Colombians and only took one shot to the arm. They match the blood at the scene to Isaak and toss him in prison, no way he can get out of this triple homicide. Dexter visits Isaak in prison to try to understand why he was so set on killing him, revenge doesn’t seem to cut it as a motive, because Dexter doesn’t realize the connection between him and Viktor. Isaak promises Dexter that this isn’t over; he will get revenge for his son.

Angel is dead set on discovering Mike’s actual murderer. He doesn’t believe that Alex did it, there is no evidence but a hasty suicide note that isn’t very believable. Dexter corroborates the original story and Quinn doesn’t really care, so he turns to Deb. Protecting Dexter is her first priority, so she has to deny Angel. She tells him that she appreciates what he is trying to do and she would have agreed with him a few months ago. But now that she’s lieutenant she has learned that they need to back down, they can’t reopen the case. Mike’s killer is dead and that is justice enough. Though Angel tells her that he understands, he is fuming. He lost all respect that he had for Deb and probably for the department. I wouldn’t be surprised if he quit after this.

While Angel is trying to be the best guy he can be, Quinn is stooping back to his old lows. After visiting Nadia at the strip club, he returns to a car with a hefty bag of cash. The Koshka’s know that they used to be able to buy his silence, and hope that this will still do the trick. And sadly, Quinn is the same selfish d-bag that he was in the past, so he takes the money.

After dealing with Angel, Debra feels incredibly guilty. She can’t be a part of Dexter’s life as a murderer. She knows it’s there and she has accepted that, but she can’t know what goes on. Maybe her knowledge of him has changed, but she doesn’t have to change with him. They reminisce about the last time they stayed in a motel together, they were visiting Myrtle Beach. He always watched her play near the water with a careful eye to make sure she was okay, and he was her hero for that. Was her hero, now that she knows the real him, she can’t picture him the same way. She always chased Dexter along the beach, she always wanted to catch him, but never did. And maybe it’s better that way. She needs to avoid his dark side and maybe she will be able to stay the same person.

While Hannah McKay is identifying all of the souvenirs that Randall kept, she plays with a toy giraffe out of nostalgia, not fear. Hannah previously insisted that she didn’t want to relive the past, but when she has a chance to chat with Dexter, she is very open about the first time she witnessed Randall killing. And when Dexter is examining the bodies that Hannah helped them uncover, he realizes that the woman was straddled by someone much smaller than Randall. He takes a good long look at Hannah before he is brought back to reality. He stays silent about this revelation, and lets the cops believe that Randall killed the couple himself.

After he investigates, Hannah can’t stop herself from talking to Dexter. He explains to her how he knows that she was the killer, which just causes her to smile. She won’t directly admit to being involved in the killings, but her smile and evasion make it clear that she doesn’t mind Dexter knowing what she did. She has immunity for all of the murders committed with Wayne, and she’s damn proud of getting this deal. Dexter can find out whatever he wants, and she’ll still be in the clear. With the law, that is.

(My review of the next episode of Dexter, Do the Wrong Thing)


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