The Walking Dead — Killer Within (S3E04)

(My review of the last episode of The Walking Dead, Walk With Me)

If you haven’t watched this episode, DO NOT READ ON! There are immense spoilers, and trust me, you don’t want this to be spoiled.

This was definitely the most traumatic episode of The Walking Dead, and possibly the most traumatic episode of television I have ever seen. They tugged on the heartstrings (nearly ripped them out) and forced us to realize just how cruel the zombie apocalypse can be. The loss of T-Dog’s life is not much of a loss to the group, but Lori’s death will reverberate throughout the camp with terrible repercussions. Carl will lose all sense of the boyhood he had left, Rick will be wracked with guilt to the point where he might fail as a leader, and the rest of them will have to help raise her and Shane’s love-child. And Carol’s disappearance (and supposed death) will just pile onto the misery that they will have to deal with. I would now like to apologize for all of the terrible things I have said about Lori. She managed to redeem herself in the last few minutes before her death, and I now feel that this was a real loss for the show, the group, and the fans. RIP Lori.

The episode starts on a fairly happy note, which is never a good sign with this show. Glenn and Maggie are fooling around in the guard tower while Hershel takes his first steps with his new crutches. Their only catch is deciding on what to do with Oscar and Axel. T is the only one who wants to let them join the group, but after the incident with Tomas and Andrew, the group doesn’t want to take any chances. Majority rules (or, since this is a Ricktatorship, Rick rules) that their deal with them is nonnegotiable and sends them on their way outside of the prison with a week’s rations. Hershel has a sense of humor about his injury, he jokes with Carl about being able to win in a race. And Lori smiles broadly across the way at Rick and she gets a small smile in response. This can either be taken as her saying goodbye, knowing that she won’t survive the pregnancy, or a chance for them to rekindle their romance. This chance at returning to happiness is going to ruin Rick, if she had made it through the pregnancy, maybe they would have reconnected and had a chance.

Rick, Glenn, and Daryl are stuck on the far-side of the prison when the herd of walkers attack the women and children, and they can’t make it to them in time. Hershel and Beth make it to safety while the others are trying to take out the zombies that overran the prison yard. Carol and T-Dog think they make it info a safe area, but before he knows it, a walker is on him and takes a chunk out of his soldier. Maggie, Carl, and Lori make their way back to Cell Block C, but the block is also infested. Just as Rick, Glenn, and Daryl realize that someone hacked through the fence to allow entrance for the zombies, the klaxon sounds. It’s more like a dinner bell being rung for all the zombies within a mile’s radius.

T-Dog decides that he wants to make his death mean something. When Carol offers to kill him before he turns (it’s the group’s promise to one another), he turns her down. It was God’s plan for him to lead Carol to safety, even at his own peril. When a hoard of zombies have them pinned down, he tells her to run and leaps in front of them. Carol doesn’t watch as T is eaten alive by the zombies, but she will never forget that he died a hero.

Oscar finally proves his worth by leading the way to the backup generator to disable to alarm. As they reach the generator, Andrew jumps out with an axe to get his vengeance. Oscar grabs the gun that Rick dropped, but rather than take back the prison with Andrew, he shoots his “friend” in the head. And immediately returns the gun to Rick. Rick doesn’t even bother to thank the man that saved his life, but I’m sure he will get thanks enough by being instated as an official group member. Andrew had probably started setting up this takeover since the day Rick left him to die. He broke the gate and set the alarm to sound to attract all of the walkers. He might not have taken over the prison, but he managed to take out a couple of Rick’s party. As they continue through the prison they find T’s mangled corpse and Carol’s scarf. The only thing they can assume is that they both lost their lives. And that was the last we saw of Carol, so maybe she really didn’t make it (Though I doubt they would kill three main characters in one episode). And there is no sign of Lori, Carl, or Maggie.

The worst case situation is upon them, Lori is having the baby, they are pinned down by walkers, and she doesn’t have anyone to deliver the baby. After some freaking out about how Lori can’t have the baby now, Carl leads them to safety in a boiler room. Since Lori has given birth before, she knows what she’s doing, and she knows that she can’t give birth to the baby. She begs Maggie to cut her open, saving the baby is more important than her own life. She must be pretty sure that the baby is Rick’s, because she shouldn’t thrust the baby of her affair upon her husband. It’s hard enough for him to keep himself and his thirteen year old son alive, but a baby will make survival near impossible.

In the most emotional scene of the series, Lori tries to comfort Carl. She praises the good man that he has become, he’s smart, strong, and caring, and he can’t lose that. “Don’t let the world spoil you,” she begs him. He can’t do what’s easy in this world or he will be corrupted, he has to do what he knows is right. The two cry as they say their goodbyes, ending with “I love you” from both. Maggie cuts Lori open to retrieve the baby and we are treated with a terrible scream out of Lori before her demise. Carl is forced to help Maggie remove the baby. When the baby comes out silent, Maggie freaks out, but manages to get it to cry with a few taps to awaken it. But that isn’t the end of Lori, Carl can’t let her turn into one of them, so he gives her one last hug and flashes back to Rick telling him that there’s no more kid stuff. We hear a gunshot and Carl steps out, completely stoic. No more tears, no more emotions, he is forced into being a man. He has to take care of Rick and his baby brother or sister, he has to grow up.

Carl and Maggie, holding the baby, step out of the prison. The rest of the group look so relieved, but when they realize that Lori is gone, it’s over for them. Rick yells that he has to go back and find her, but Maggie, through choked cries, tells him that he can’t. After yelling and crying, Rick collapses into a heap and just cries. I think that, because Rick and Carl feel guilty for the way they treated Lori near the end, they will raise the baby themselves, and Rick will insist that it’s his. If she had made it through the pregnancy, Rick wouldn’t have been able to raise the baby as his own, but this changes everything.

I had been dreaming about Lori’s death since season one. She had been incredibly annoying and she couldn’t contain herself in any way, but her death was devastating. She finally redeemed herself to her son and became a genuine character, and then she gets killed in such a brutal way. And I’m sad to see Sarah Wayne Callies go, she is a truly amazing actress and she really pulled the show together.

I think that Michonne, Andrea, and the Governor’s story really detracted from the intensity and excruciating pain of Lori and T’s deaths. It could have been held off until the next episode and would have made the main group’s plight seem that much more futile. While the main group are being picked apart, Andrea is having the best time since the apocalypse began with two men trying to get into her pants. She has Merle hitting on her in the creepiest way and trying to get her to join his mission to find Daryl and the rest of the crew. And the Governor is trying to convince Andrea to stay with him in Woodbury, though the landscape of the world has changed, their instincts and way of thinking is the same (Read: their highest priority is love and/or sex). And to really send the message that she needs to stay to be with him, he tells her what he never tells anyone, his real name: Phillip.

Merle has finally decided to stand up for himself by requesting to set out and look for Daryl. The Governor puts it very gently that there is no way that he’s leaving. And I’m pretty sure that Merle got the hint, and this will probably drive him away from Woodbury sooner or later. His thoughts of the Governor being such a good man are beginning to dwindle. And since Michonne is still dead-set on leaving Woodbury, maybe she and Merle can venture off together. Michonne is going to have to offer Andrea something more than the idea of heading to the coast where there might be safety. A shred of honesty might do the trick, but Michonne will never give up information about who she was.

(My review of the next episode of The Walking Dead, Say the Word)


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