Modern Family — Yard Sale (S4E06)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Open House of Horrors)

Manny and Luke’s class are trying to raise money for UNICEF (The real motivation isn’t to help those in need, rather to earn pizza and a pool part), so they are holding a yard sale. The entire family donates their goods and attends to try to support the boys and their cause. Since he lost a lot of weight, Cam brings all of his old jeans that he doesn’t fit into anymore. Mitch knows that Cam won’t be able to keep the weight off, he never can, so he hides the pants to prevent having to buy new ones. When Cam finds the pants, Mitchell admits to stealing them, but consents to selling them to remove Cam’s safety net. It gives him an extra reason to keep the weight off, and he needs that extra push.

Claire is absolutely sure that Alex’s boyfriend Michael is gay and is worried that the relationship will end with heartbreak. Alex thought he was gay at first, like when they went to prom last year, but after they made out, she realized he was actually straight. Claire enlists Cam and Mitch’s help in ensuring that he really is gay before talking to Alex about it. She tells them that Alex is only tough on the outside, she uses sarcasm to protect herself, but inside she is a fragile girl. [As an incredibly sarcastic teenage girl, I want to let y’all know that that’s not why we use sarcasm. Seriously, it’s not.] Cam and Mitch insist that boys actually care about their appearance, so it’s impossible to tell when someone is gay. But within three seconds of meeting him, they agree with Claire’s assumption. Cam tries to break the news to Alex that her boyfriend is gay, but she shrugs it off, she can just ask him since it’s not the “olden days” anymore. Michael is pissed when she asks him for the truth, he insists that he’s straight. And, to Claire’s disappointment, they make up later that day.

Luke and Manny discover a mysterious case of Gloria’s that’s from Columbia. Luke, as always, insists that there is a head inside the box. And he was actually fairly close, it was an incredibly creepy puppet. When Gloria was in a beauty pageant her talent was ventriloquism, so she created Uncle Grumpy. Gloria refuses to show off her talent, because it’s embarrassing and during the pageant she froze and couldn’t perform the act. Luke, intent on watching this ridiculous show, tells Gloria that Manny will be so upset, he always thought she wasn’t afraid of anything and this will prove him wrong. She wants to prove that she is awesome and gain Manny’s respect back, so she performs for the entire family. And when Jay walks out of the house grumbling about nonsense, Claire realizes that Gloria married her puppet. They are both old, grumpy characters.

On his way to the yard sale, Phil is riding a StreetStider, a dolly/bike. It is one of the most ridiculous inventions, so, of course Phil has it. Claire and Luke mock it, but Alex takes the cake when she tells him, “Even I think it’s nerdy and I’m fluent in Elvish.” My love for Alex just grew exponentially, both because she speaks Elvish and her amazing wit. To make up for this, he takes Jay’s motorcycle out for a spin. But he’s deathly afraid of motorcycles, and proves himself right by getting trapped under it. After being stranded for 27 minutes he records a video for his family, his goodbyes. But he manages to return to the yard sale riding the motorcycle and missing a pant leg. His brilliant idea was to cut off his leg, but only managed to make it through his jeans.

This episode was only mediocre. The only genuinely funny scenes were the ones with Alex and the family’s reactions to Michael. And this episode proved that Luke isn’t given the credit he deserves for his intellect. He might not be book smart, but he’s kind of an evil genius, and I really hope they keep playing out this aspect of him.

(My review of the next episode of Modern Family, Arrested)


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