The Big Bang Theory — The Habituation Configuration (S6E07)

(My review of the last episode of  The Big Bang Theory, The Extract Obliteration)

I might be a bit biased due to my love of Wil Wheaton, but I truly loved this episode of The Big Bang Theory. It had a nice mix of Sheldon and Howard’s growth, humor, and flags.

Though Howard promised to move in with Bernadette when he returned from his mission in space, he still spends half of his time at his mom’s place and most of his stuff is still there. When he tries to delay the move again, Penny insists that it will never happen, he’s too attached. Howard appears to toughen up when he stands up for himself to Penny, telling her that he is a grown man, has a successful job, and is married. He will move out when he thinks that he needs to and no sooner. But as soon as she’s out of earshot, Howard begs for Bernadette’s forgiveness, it was just a show for Penny. The next day, Howard reminisces about the nice (and not-so-nice) time he had in his old room as he, Leonard, and Raj pack up his things and move him into Bernadette’s apartment. When he is finally moved into Bernadette’s place, he explains why he had such a tough time moving out. He was always there for his mom, she was really lonely and sad and he was the only one who could cheer her up. After his story of taking up magic to brighten his mom’s life, Bernadette breaks. She tells Howard that he has to go back, he can’t leave her when she’s so vulnerable. But is she really that vulnerable anymore? We know she has/had a boyfriend in Howard’s dentist a few weeks ago!

Sheldon decides to have a special guest star on his newest episode of Fun with Flags. And since he is trying to understand Star Trek’s many flags, he invites Wil Wheaton, the actor who played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation. And since this is the first time Amy is directing a show, she wants it to be perfect. Though Sheldon is the one being completely wooden, she takes it out on Wil. Wil would love to help his friend Sheldon out, but not if Amy was going to be such “a pain in the ass.” Sheldon completely misreads Amy’s cues, and takes her threat to leave as an invitation for him to hang out with Wil. Leonard is (surprisingly) baffled that Sheldon didn’t take Amy’s side in the argument and forces her to apologize. But when he gives her a call, he insists that he shouldn’t be in trouble because he didn’t do anything. To try to make up for his mistake, Sheldon brings Amy the entire boxed set of ST:TNG: if she understands how amazing Wil Wheaton is, maybe she will understand her fault. When she refuses to take the oh-so-generous gift, Sheldon begins to recite the entire series, starting with episode one. She grabs the boxed set and slams the door in his face.

Sheldon reaches a new low in his relationship, he has to resort to asking Penny for relationship advice. She tricks him into drinking a Long Island Ice Tea, and then a few more, while he has no idea that it’s alcoholic. Sheldon finally realizes that Amy is a great girl and tells Penny that, though he knows she would never leave him, because he’s just so great. Sheldon goes to see Wil to defend Amy’s honor, he expects to duel over her. Wil apologizes, something that Sheldon definitely wasn’t expecting. And before he throws up in one of Wil’s shrubs in his front yard, he realizes that he only knocked twice on Wil’s door and makes up for it a few minutes late. He wasso drunk that he messed up knocking, something that happens incredibly rarely.

To replace Wil (But let’s face it, he’s irreplaceable), he nabs LeVar Burton as his new guest celebrity for Fun with Flags. Amy is quick to judge him, too, and considers him even worse than Wil. But LeVar understands and accepts her rudeness when Sheldon explains that she is his girlfriend and he just has to agree with her. That’s good enough for him, and he continues to participate in the show.

(My review of the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, 43 Peculiarities)


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