Parks and Recreation — Halloween Surprise (S5E05)

(My review of the last episode of Parks and Recreation, Sex Education)

Ron Swanson doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would get along with children. Not in the slightest. But he has to cope with them for his new girlfriend Diane. He, Andy, and Diane are taking them trick-or-treating when Diane gets a call from the school (She’s the vice-principal) that there are kids pooping on the lawn. Ron is left to take the girls the rest of the way, and is completely lost. When one girl’s tiara breaks, he breaks the other girl’s tiara to even it out. If one can’t have it, then neither can. Ron refuses to apologize for his terrible baby-sitting experience, which causes Diane to break off their relationship. He tries to pretend that he’s fine with it, the relationship wasn’t worth it if there were children involved. But he quickly realizes his mistake and shows up at Diane’s house with flowers, chocolates, and grout cleaner (Who doesn’t need grout cleaner?). And to sweeten the deal, he takes the girls trick-or-treating again, on November 8th.

Donna is finally given a storyline, an incredibly annoying one. When the Parks department shows the 1986 classic Death Canoe 4: Murder at Blood Lake, she rewatches and live-tweets the previous three to prepare. And during the showing of the fourth movie, she yells comments at the screen. She’s that guy.

Due to Ben’s upcoming return home, Leslie searches for a house for them to get together. When she finds the perfect house, she and Ann blast dubstep and dance like morons; it’s quite fantastic. Because Ben’s candidate won, Jen offers him another job in Florida to run the campaign for a businessman, Kurtzwilder. Leslie freaks out, she can’t let Ben leave her again. So she goes to look at the house one last time and is surprised by Ben being there. He drops to one knee, but Leslie won’t let him ask the question. She needs to remember every detail of his proposal, because it is absolutely perfect. And once she lets him ask, she cuts him off to accept. Yet he still finishes the question, which is really cute.

Leslie and Ann tried to scare Tom as he exited the restroom, but were surprised by Jerry’s appearance instead. Jerry was much more surprised, and suffered a fart attack. He had a heart attack that induced a large excess of gas to be expelled. Since it was just a mild heart attack, Jerry is actually okay with the attack: it was a wake-up call. Since health insurance in Pawnee is completely useless (Leslie couldn’t get her medical bills covered for a sprained wrist because “having a wrist was a preexisting condition”), Leslie hosts an auction to earn the money. When they don’t earn enough money, on a whim, Leslie tries to sell Ann for a night. An incredibly creepy guy covered in tattoos wins her for $900.

And Tom has a chance to actually come up with a good idea. He loans his ridiculously fancy clothes for a short period of time: that way it doesn’t cost nearly as much for the consumers, but they can still get the nice clothes. The name could use a bit of work, though: Rent A Swag. Good luck, Tom!

(My review of the next episode of Parks and Recreation, Ben’s Parents)


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