How I Met Your Mother — Who Wants To Be A Godparent? (S8E04)

(My review of the last episode of How I Met Your Mother, Nannies)

Marshall and Lily’s first day away from Marvin was meant to be spent with their friends, but the group has nothing to discuss. Since none of them have “8 or higher” problems to talk about, all they are left with is the weather. Marshall and Lily scoot out of the bar to spend the day by themselves, but it is cut short when they almost get hit by a car. They realize that death is all around them and they can’t live so wildly, they have to be prepared for the worst: their deaths. And the most important part of their lives is Marvin, so they need to provide a new home for him. After some arguing and some bad decision-making, they realize that their families are off limits. And who is left? Only their three best friends, who all try to win them over by proving that they would be the best godparent. Ted and Robin bring ridiculously huge stuffed bears while Barney is trying to win them over by taking nursery rhymes and lullabies and turning them into bro-songs.

Rather than having to face their death head-on, Lily and Marshall turn it into a game, whoever wins gets to be the godparent. They have to cover topics such as telling Marvin that his parents died, disciplinary measures, and explaining the birds and the bees. With the responses that these three give, I wouldn’t trust any of them with a child for more than fifteen minutes. Barney’s ideas revolve around picking up women and spoiling him. Robin covers tough love and (incredibly) brutal honesty. And Ted wants to explain everything by using a ridiculous puppet named Infosaurus, which his kids in 2030 hate. The three realize how unfair and ridiculous this game is and quit. Ted thinks that he deserves the honor because he has been best friends with both of his parents for sixteen years. Barney wants him to be cool and lose his virginity by thirteen. And Robin thinks that she deserves to raise him because she’s a woman, and that automatically instills mothering instincts in her.

Marshall and Lily finally realize that they would all be terrible parents, but for a different reason. They need to understand that when you have a kid, that kid is your entire life. But after their three best friends storm out, Marshall and Lily realize that they have been terrible friends, too. They don’t know a single important thing going on in any of their lives. Yeah, they have to raise Marvin, but they can’t completely neglect their friends, either. They apologize to them and revoke the 8 or higher rule. Ted has to pay off Victoria’s $70,000 wedding, Robin is dealing with Nick’s terribly un-sexy eco-friendly motorcycle, and Barney slept with an 6.5 (Seriously man? You can do better!). And to finish off the episode on a touching note, the three take care of Marvin the next morning so Lily and Marshall don’t need to worry. All three of them are signed off as the godparents. Maybe if they are all combined, they can make a decent parent… Hopefully it won’t come down to that.


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