Dexter — Do The Wrong Thing (S7E06)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Swim Deep)

Isaak has no plans to stay in prison, and surely not to die within the walls. So when the Colombians approach him, he badly injured one and threatens their entire gang outside of the walls: The Koshkas are a much bigger organization. And the last thing the department (Or Dexter) needs is Isaak getting out, but it looks like he might walk. Though Quinn returned the money with the pronouncement that he wasn’t for sale, his mind was changed with a simple threat towards Nadia. All he has to do is “lose” the blood evidence implicating Isaak and he and Nadia will be home-free. Quinn does this and only feels a little guilty, surely he’s rationalizing that one innocent’s life is more important than the dozens of Isaak’s past and future victims.

LaGuerta hasn’t given up on the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher, and it doesn’t look like she will. When she poked her nose into open homicide cases, she came across Jordan Chase. It might be a stretch, but BHB might have killed Chase and maybe he left enough evidence for her to track him down. When Deb approaches Dexter about the case, he admits to killing him, but refuses to give up his accomplice’s name. Debra reasons that it was Lumen, and is disgusted by what he might have done with her in their family home after Rita passed.

Sal Price, the author who depicts Wayne Randall’s murders, stops by the precinct to uncover information for his sequel on Hannah McKay. But he stops by Deb’s office to ask her out on a date, first. She is defensive and closed off, she rejects Price because she isn’t in dating mode. But when she has a chance to talk to Angel, that quickly changes. Angel plans on retiring from the police force to buy a restaurant, he’s burnt out from being a cop and he misses having a life. Though what pushed him over the edge is surely Deb’s refusal to follow up on Mike’s case, Deb buys the story. And realizes that she needs to get a life, as well. She calls Sal up and invites him out on the date he had wanted. But on the date, she brings up his writing and coerces his new information out of him. She isn’t pleased to find out that dear, sweet Hannah McKay probably assisted Randall in the killing and is still murdering to this day.

When Dexter breaks into Price’s house to investigate Sal’s information on his next victim, he isn’t surprised that Price’s blood guy figured out that Randall didn’t murder all of his victims. The new information he finds is that Beverly Gray, Hannah’s mentor, was killed by aconite poisoning. Harry insists that it might have been an accident, he shouldn’t jump to conclusions about Hannah, she could have stopped killing when Randall was locked up. His subconscious really wants to believe that Hannah could have changed, but Dexter knows that people can’t change and doesn’t need to find proof otherwise.

Dexter heads to the flower shop to try to get Hannah to slip up about information about either killing her husband or Beverly. He brings a peace offering: a copy of the new police report where he left out everything about a woman killing the newly uncovered body. When he apologizes for the mistake that he clearly made, she is amazed that he is such a gentleman. After gently brushing some dirt off her face, Dexter remembers that this isn’t a social call. To show that he isn’t the stalker that she jokes he is, he picks out a plant for his apartment. He tries to broach the subject of her dead husband, but due to the “doom and gloom” of the subject matter, she edges away from the topic. Once he picks a ridiculous pink flower, she gives it to him as a gift. But arrives at his house that evening with a more suitable plant. After he jokes, “Now who’s the stalker?” she steps into his bedroom to place the flower. Before Dexter can realize that she’s coming on to him, he has to meet with Deb.

Dexter searches Hannah’s property for aconite, which is “beautiful and dangerous, just like Hannah,” and finds that it has been recently harvested. Maybe she has a new target, and maybe it’s him. When she arrives earlier than expected, he has to think quick of his feet when she asks what he wants. “I want to take you out.” “On a date?” “That’ll work.” Though she says that she doesn’t date because Randall messed her up a little too much, she can’t say no to Dexter. He convinces her that for a change she needs to “do the wrong thing,” she can’t keep protecting herself from men, he isn’t Randall.

And on what would be the perfect date, Dexter takes Hannah to see the winter wonderland that she’d been hoping to see since she was a girl. When the snow begins to pour down and wonder fills her eyes, Dexter kills the moment by stabbing her with a syringe. As she’s strapped down on his table, he clarifies, “When I said I wanted to take you out, this is what I meant.” When Hannah accepts her impending death, it throws Dexter off a little. Or a lot. Rather than stabbing her, he tears the tape that held her down and sleeps with her instead. Maybe having some very morbid, deranged sex will work just as well as killing. But is Hannah really trustworthy enough to keep from stabbing him. And if she is, how will Debra react to the news of his new girlfriend?

(My review of the next episode of Dexter, Chemistry)


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