Parks and Recreation — Ben’s Parents (S5E06)

(My review of the last episode of Parks and Recreation, Halloween Surprise)

Nothing could ruin Leslie’s happiness about her engagement, but Ben would beg to differ. An engagement party signals the gathering of their families, meaning his divorced parents will have to be in a room together. Leslie’s secret strategy of removing people from feuds is to create a quilt, so she creates a Wyatt-Knope Family Quilt. The second Ben’s dad walks in with his young girlfriend Ulani, Ben is ready to call it quits. It would be bad enough with his parents in the room, but adding in Ulani will shatter them. And when Leslie unveils her magical quilt, it tears the Wyatt family even farther apart. Leslie didn’t make an Ulani square because she isn’t technically a member of the family, which causes her and Steve to throw a fit.

Leslie, still thinking that she can save the Wyatt family and her party, creates an Ulani square by adding a face to a waffle square and etching her name in. But Julia (Ben’s mom) quickly cut out the new square. Her refusal to accept Ulani as a part of her family is going to be a bit difficult now, though. As Leslie tries to propose a toast, Ulani blurts out that she’s pregnant. And if Ben’s going to have a baby brother/sister, Julia will have to deal with Ulani for the rest of her life. Leslie finally decides that it’s completely hopeless and tries to bail on the party. But Ben picks up the slack and gets his family in a row. He demands that everyone attend the wedding and pretend to have fun. Looks like Ben picked something up from Leslie!

Due to his therapy, Chris has been incredibly on edge. He jumps between either end of the emotion spectrum within seconds. When April and Andy work together, they actually turn into a fully functioning human being, and figure out how to manage his feelings. Andy lists off happy things while April reminds him of everything terrible and it begins to balance him.

Tom finally grows into himself when he puts some serious effort into his new company Rent A Swag. He wants to have a real proposal for Ron so he will invest in the company. When Jean-Ralphio refuses to get any work done and tries to get him out clubbing, Tom realizes that JR isn’t as serious about the business as he is. When Ron hears how hard Tom worked for this and how he kicked his best friend out of the company for his lack of responsibility, he invests on the spot. All he wanted was to work with someone serious, and he now has that in Tom. I was so thrilled to watch Jean-Ralphio getting the boot. He was an amusing character at first, but at this point I just can’t stand him. I hope that this is the end of the character, but I have a feeling we will see more of him.

Parks and Recreation has been taking a dramatic turn. The past seasons have been mainly about the humor with some drama and character development sprinkled in, but it seems to have flipped recently. The show is now powered by the relationships between the characters and only has jokes scattered through the episodes. And I think that this is a shame, they have such a hilarious cast and they are being underutilized.



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