Modern Family — Arrested (S4E07)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Yard Sale)

We all knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later: Haley was arrested for drinking. Mitch is called upon as her lawyer and Cam offers his services as a babysitter for Luke and Alex while Phil and Claire drive up to bail her out. Claire is upset that Phil is completely, in her opinion his under-reaction is actually an overreaction to the situation, he should be freaking out like her. But it turns out that Haley wasn’t just arrested for drinking while underage, she was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. There is video evidence that completely incriminates her, and there is no way of getting her out of it. She was climbing down the fire escape when the cop yelled to put her hands up, so she did. And she fell off and onto him.

Haley needs to plead her case in front of a disciplinary board, but she seems completely unfazed. She is wearing skimpy clothes and has nothing prepared. And this is when Phil cracks, she messed up numerous times and she didn’t care. She is going to have to suffer the consequences of whatever she got herself into. And the worst part is that she didn’t even bother to apologize. Phil storms out and finally got Claire’s respect in the way he handled the situation. She realizes that if her dad took this seriously, then maybe she should, too. So during the disciplinary hearing she came clean about everything: she was drinking, she has cut numerous classes, and she hasn’t been putting in much effort. Though she finally took responsibility for her actions, she got carried overboard and was expelled. She promises that she will work harder this year to get back into college next year and will be a more responsible woman. And Alex is genuinely sorry Haley and (surprisingly) believes that she can succeed.

Cam, worried that Claire thinks that he is a terrible father, plans on proving her wrong. He needed to prove his worth, so when the kids woke up he had an elaborate breakfast prepared. He wasn’t going to tell the kids about Haley so they wouldn’t be worried, but Lily spoils that little secret. When Luke loves his bacon, Cam announces that it is actually Facon (Fake bacon) that is much healthier and made of soy. But Luke is allergic to soy. Cam hides this little bit of information from Claire until he knows that Luke will be completely okay. But while Luke is healing, Alex decides to accompany the doctors on rounds. But it turns out that she’s much more squeamish than she thought and passed out while watching a c-section being performed. Poor Alex realizes that she can’t follow her dream to be a doctor and she can’t have a baby, either. This entire event occurred just to prove that Claire was wrong about him being a terrible parent, but it turns out that she never really thought so in the first place.

Jay’s ex-wife DeDe wants to stop by to pick up a photo album, but she has a bit of a complicated past with Gloria (read: she tried to choke her a couple of times). Jay tries to get DeDe out of the house before Gloria arrives home, showing off a pregnant belly. But when Gloria arrives, DeDe is thrilled at the pregnancy; now Gloria is less of a trophy wife and more of a real wife and human being. The women bond over sharing pregnancy stories and DeDe begins to turn Gloria against Jay by explaining how little he helped out with their kids. Jay promises that there is nothing he wants more than to be a part of the baby’s life. He couldn’t help much the first time around because he was working all day, but now that he’s retired he is there for her 100 percent.


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