The Big Bang Theory — The 43 Peculiarity (S6E08)

(My review of the last episode of The Big Bang Theory, The Habituation Configuration)

Every day between the hours of 2:45 and 3:05, Sheldon seems to disappear. He has nothing scheduled on his calendar and he just vanishes. The Hardy Boys, Howard and Raj, are on the case! When Sheldon tries to keep it a secret, Howard and Raj follow him to a sketchy storage room. After hours, the boys return to the lab to investigate the room. After an argument about whether they are ninjas or cat burglars, Howard picks the lock to the room. When they enter, they find a very basic room with the number 43 scrawled on the chalkboard. The two spend a great deal of time trying to understand the mysterious number, and their best guess (and what my guess was, as well) was that it had to do with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s number 42: the answer to life the universe and everything.

When they can’t come up with a reasonable explanation, Howard hooks up a camera (the spare for the Mars rover) to spy on him. They are aghast when they see Sheldon’s experiment. He was creating wormholes (which look exactly like the portals from Valve’s Portal games) and trying to find intelligent life in other universes. The number 43 indicated which test number he was on. Just as a monster leaps at Sheldon’s face and tries to eat him alive, Sheldon appears behind Howard and Raj and scares them nearly to death. He saw the camera and wanted to get revenge for their attempts to breach his privacy. He says that he spends some time there trying to unwind, he doesn’t understand what most people do (like sarcasm) and he needs some time to himself. But he won’t tell them exactly what he does because they don’t need or deserve to know. It turns out that Sheldon spends twenty minutes every day practicing with a hacky sack, and his record is 43 kicks.

Leonard is worried about his relationship with Penny once again when he finds out that she is working with a British guy from her class on an oral report. He is sure that he will hit on her and try to steal her, but what he doesn’t realize is that Penny doesn’t want to be stolen from him. When Leonard tries to go to Sheldon about his problem, he obviously makes it worse, tells him how statistically probably it is that Penny will find a better guy than him and dump him. And if that isn’t bad enough, he suggests that Cole might be a hypnotist and is making her sleep with him, and she would have no recollection. Next, Leonard gets some comfort from Sheldon’s assistant Alex. She promises him that no girl would leave a guy like him, and that he’s actually much more loveable than he thinks he is. She believes that more women flirt with him than he could possibly know. Alex, quite infatuated with him, is rejected by his laughter. Poor, clueless Leonard.

When Leonard hears Cole leaving Penny’s apartment, he follows him down to have a little chat. He suggests that he keep away from the cute blonde on the fourth floor because her boyfriend is a real scary guy. When Cole knows that Penny’s boyfriend is a scientist, Leonard insists that The Scientists is the name of his gang. He will try just about anything to try to protect his place with Penny. But Penny followed them down and overheard everything. Penny told Cole all about Leonard, she didn’t even hesitate. Leonard defends his actions by showing his vulnerability, guys will always flirt with Penny, even when he’s around, and it makes him feel terribly uncomfortable. But she doesn’t want to be with any of those other guys. She has Leonard and she’s really happy with him. And for the first time ever, she tells him that she loves him. She didn’t even realize that she said it, it just slipped out. Both of them are near tears, so Penny runs off to work. Penny didn’t realize her true feelings for Leonard until she thought that she might lose him. His insecurities were what made her weary of actually being in love with him, but they’re what brought out her love, as well.


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