The Walking Dead — Say the Word (S3E05)

(My review of the last episode of The Walking Dead, Killer Within)

Unsurprisingly, Rick can’t pull himself together after Lori’s death. He grabs an axe and heads back into the prison on a zombie killing spree. He takes out all of his aggression, rage, and depression out on the zombies. When Glenn trails in to help Rick, he finds him covered in blood with crazy eyes. When he tries to calm Rick down by putting his hand on his shoulder, Rick loses it (even more) and throws Glenn against the wall. Rick has never threatened the group with real harm, but he didn’t hesitate to attack Glenn. He finds a shell casing followed by a bloated zombie. This bloating was from devouring his wife. After a close-up of the zombie’s decaying flesh, Rick shoves his gun into its mouth and pulls the trigger. This isn’t enough for him, he repeatedly stabs it in the stomach. His losing Lori and the guilt he feels for the way he treated her is manifesting itself in the worst possible way. Rather than trying to make amends by caring for the child that may or may not be his, he tries to shut himself off from his friends. And to close off the episode he hears a phone inside the prison ring. As he answers the phone, he speaks his first word in the entire episode, “Hello.” His first word as a new, hardened, unloving man.

Daryl steps up to take Rick’s place, both as a leader and as a father. He immediately offers to search for formula for the baby with Maggie, but first asks Beth to watch Carl. Maggie and Daryl find a nursery and quickly search the place for anything they could use, they find bottles and formula. They are on their guard when they hear scratching, but it’s just a possum (or, ya know, dinner). When they return to the prison, Daryl is the first to feed the baby, and he looks so nurturing. But to even out this loving and caring interaction, he suggests calling the baby “Little Ass-Kicker.” Carl suggests honestly naming the baby Sophia, which would be really sweet. If not Sophia, then they could name her after one of the other women they lost. Or after her mother, Lori. When he has some time to himself, Daryl leaves a flower at Carol’s grave. Daryl has grown so much from the first season. He’s not just the tough redneck, but he’s really a sweet, caring guy. And he’s clearly the greatest guy ever. Who wouldn’t want him in their crew during the zombie apocalypse.

The Governor gently brushed the hair of his zombie daughter, Penny. But when he accidentally ripped off a piece of her decaying scalp, she rebelled and he had to bag her head and put her in a straightjacket. Because Michonne saw the entire thing from the window, she decided to explore Woodbury further. The Governor keeps a journal with a long list of women’s names, the last one being Penny’s. She then finds a pen full of zombies, and just like Rick, takes out all of her aggression on them with her katana. When the Governor detains her, she questions him about the names of the girls in the book, practically accusing him of keeping whores. The Gov understands Michonne, he knows that she’s pushing him so that he kicks her out of Woodbury. If she is forced out, she won’t feel the guilt for leaving Andrea behind; either Andrea will go with her willingly, or she will see where her allegiances really lie.

Andrea tries to talk some “sense” into Michonne: they are safe in Woodbury and there are other people around. But sadly Michonne isn’t quite as good at explaining herself. Andrea believes that Woodbury is a great place because she needs it to be, she can’t handle the outside world anymore and protects herself from anything bad about the place. When Merle opens the gate to let them out, Andrea refuses to leave with Michonne. Michonne tries to protect herself by telling her that “You just slowed me down anyway.” She has no idea how hard it will be when she’s fending for herself without any friends and without her walkers.

The Governor comforts Andrea and invites her to enjoy the celebration that is conveniently going on. She takes him by the arm, and it’s obvious that their affair is imminent. Everybody is enjoying the party except for Milton, who can’t conduct his research, because the generator is in use. And when the zombie fight club begins, the crowd goes wild. Merle and Caesar are fighting hand-to-hand and surrounded by zombies trying to claw at them. Andrea is appalled at the barbaric display, but the Governor convinces her that it’s not terrible. It’s completely staged and the biter’s teeth have been pulled (Merle and his crew had a lot of fun with that). Because Andrea needs the safe haven of Woodbury, she lets it slide. But how much can she let go before she regrets not leaving with Michonne?

(My review of the next episode of The Walking Dead, Hounded)


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