The Walking Dead — Hounded (S3E06)

(My review of the last episode of The Walking Dead, Say The Word)

When a zombie killing spree didn’t solve Rick’s problems, he invented a phone conversation with his wife. The woman on the phone insisted that she and her group were in a safe place that she couldn’t name. When Rick begs for refuge, she disconnects and allows him to talk to another member of her group later. He gets bounced around to different members of the group until he speaks with a very familiar voice, that of Lori’s. When he realizes that this is his last chance to talk to his wife, he begs for her forgiveness for letting her die, he thought that this would be a safe haven for them, Carl, and the baby. She reminds him that she may be gone, but the children aren’t, and someone needs to look out for them. All Rick needed to return him to his sanity and his leadership was a reminder that he is the only one who can look out for his kids. Rick approaches his (or Shane’s) daughter for the first time since she was born and finally accepts her as his own.

Daryl, Carl, and Axel run through the prison cell a couple times to ensure that they cleared out all of the walkers, not willing to take any chances again. Daryl tries to comfort Carl by sharing the story of his mother’s death, she burnt the house down while smoking in bed. Because he didn’t have to see it or her, it didn’t feel so real to him. But Carl shot his mother in the head, it was very real for him. Carl didn’t even hesitate to mention it, he seems to be building up a wall around himself. If he acts like nothing can hurt him, maybe nothing will. They happen across a zombie with a knife sticking from its neck, and Daryl is quick to realize that the knife belonged to Carol. After some pacing, he throws open a closet that had been shaking, and inside is a badly injured Carol. We don’t know what wounds she has, she might have been bitten. Daryl doesn’t care though, he picks her up and brings her to safety.

While Merle and three of the Governor’s men are searching for Michonne they find a “bitergram” that she left for them, zombie parts positioned to say “go back.” When Merle decides to press on, Michonne leaps out of hiding and slays two of his men, but gets winged by a bullet in the process. She didn’t hesitate to kill these live people, though she has no idea who they are or if they are as corrupt as the Gov. Merle doesn’t want to go toe-to-toe with Michonne, he knows that she can take him out, so he decides to head back to Woodbury with the news that he already killed her. When he gets resistance from the last man standing from his group, Merle takes out this threat. Michonne manages to slip out of a horde of zombies by pouring the guts of one onto her. She had no idea that this would mask her human scent (as Rick and Glenn figured out when they were trapped in the department store in the Guts, episode 2 of season 1), but it was a welcome surprise.

Maggie and Glenn discover a storage facility where they find their fill of baby formula and extra food. Merle, also happens upon the location and pulls his gun on the two. But when Merle realizes that this is his old pal Glenn, he drops his gun and asks about his brother. When Glenn refuses to bring Merle back to their camp to see Daryl, Merle grabs his gun and Maggie. If they won’t take him to their camp, he’ll take them back to Woodbury where they can get the information out of them. Michonne watched this entire scene play out from her hiding place, either she was too injured to take out Merle or too weary of these strangers to intervene. But because she didn’t, Merle got away with Glenn and Maggie and she made it off safely. As Rick watches a hoard of zombies near the prison walls, he notices that one of them is alive and is holding a basket of goods. Michonne made it to safety among the walkers and with a gift for (what will probably be) her new group.

While the rest of the group struggle with their humanity or staying alive, Andrea and the Governor (Or should I say Phillip?) get some time to themselves. After quite a bit of flirting and losing Michonne, their major distraction, Andrea and the Governor hit the sheets. His interaction with her changes naught after discovering that his three men and Michonne were killed. But Merle will pay the price when Michonne returns to seek revenge and retrieve her friend, clearly alive and well.

(My review of the next episode of The Walking Dead, When the Dead Come Knocking)


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