Dexter — The Dark… Whatever (S7E10)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Helter Skelter)

Clint McKay, Hannah’s absentee father pays her a visit. Though she’s wary of him at first due to his terrible treatment of her as a child, she quickly warms up to him. Clint announces his desire to start a crawfish farm, but leaves out that he is a little shy on funds until the next day. When Hannah refuses to give him the $20,000, he storms off. Hannah quickly regrets her decision, but Dexter insists that she made the right decision; no man who would leave his daughter to drown would change that much after a stint in prison. Clint “accidentally” drives into Hannah’s greenhouse, calls her a monster, and blames her for her mother’s death (She died of a broken heart). Dexter is quick to protect his girlfriend, he chokes and threatens Clint.

Clint isn’t so easily scared, though. He arrives at Dexter’s house, makes an indirect threat towards Harrison and a pass at Jaime before trying to blackmail Dexter. He has an eyewitness account of Hannah murdering a counselor at her halfway house, her roommate Arlene Shram. The only reason this wasn’t announced to the police is because Clint was holding out for big bucks from Sal Price, who he had been feeding information all these years. Hannah wants to pay him off, but Dexter knows better: if they pay him once, he will never leave them alone. Without Hannah’s consent, Dexter kills Clint and dumps his body. He should have left him to drown, it would have been poetic justice for Hannah. Dexter says he had “a talk” with Clint to ease Hannah’s pain, but she understands why he won’t bother them again. But before Dexter took him out, Clint made a call to Deb about Arlene.

The Phantom Arsonist takes out his fifth and sixth victims–a woman and her child. The eyewitnesses say he looked like an alien or a monster in his silver suit, because they don’t want to think that a human is capable of such cruelty. He torches someone on a bus and leaves behind a fingerprint that led to no matches. Deb and Dexter both find the arson specialist Bosso to be suspicious, but Dexter vetted and cleared him. He is then led to believe that the newest clue, a sign that reads ‘It’s Bobby’ implies that the perpetrator was signaling someone or something from his youth. After sneaking into the juvenile records department, Dexter uncovers that the fingerprint matches Joseph Jensen, who burned down the school gym when he was 12. He got out of the psych ward right before the murders began.

When Dexter straps Jensen to his table, he blames his ex-best friend Bobby of burning down the gym. Dexter informs him that he’s no longer a kid, he has to start taking responsibility for his own actions. He realizes that he isn’t just talking about Jensen, but he’s talking about himself as well. He sends in an anonymous tip and allows the cops to imprison him rather than taking him out himself. Harry had told him that the Dark Passenger wasn’t real, he just let him believe in him when he was a child to make it easier for Dexter to cope with being a killer, “It’s much scarier to think that the Dark Passenger is no more real than I am.” Hannah had been right about him, killing isn’t a need, it’s just a feeling. He didn’t need to kill Jensen or Clint, but he really wanted to. To belittle the idea of the Dark Passenger, Dexter calls it the “Dark Rider” when he admits that Hannah understands him and he has the choice of whether or not to kill. Hannah tells Dexter that she loves him, to which he responds, “I think I love you too,” which is the only time he could honestly say this to a woman.

LaGuerta’s only lead to a Bay Harbor Butcher that wasn’t Doakes is Dexter, but Tom quickly throws this idea out. When they discover that the cabin was owned by Jimenez, one of the men responsible for the murder of Dexter’s mom, Tom becomes a little uneasy. Dexter’s mom was cut up just as BHB’s victims were. LaGuerta knew nothing about Dexter’s history or his association with Brian Moser, which is surprising as she was a cop in the same precinct during the Ice Truck Killer’s reign. She remembers that Doakes never liked Dexter, and is eager to investigate further. Tom wants to tread lightly because he is sure that Dexter is innocent, he will broach the subject with him because he has known him since Dexter was a little kid.

When George threatens to send Nadia to a sex club in Dubai, Quinn marches down to the club. When he sees George smacking Nadia around, Quinn kills him. He makes it appear to be self-defense by having Nadia shoot him in the arm. Angel knows that this story is nowhere near the truth, but agrees to telling Quinn’s tale of self-defense, and even agrees to letting Nadia disappear.

(My review of the next episode of Dexter, Do You See What I See?)


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