Dexter — Do You See What I See? (S7E11)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, The Dark… Whatever)

The future always seemed distant, blurry, and unpleasant for Dexter, but that all changed when he got close to Hannah. He saw him and Hannah growing old together, raising Harrison into an attractive and athletic teenager. But when Debra gets into a car accident, that all changes. She passes out behind the wheel due to taking too many anti-anxiety pills. Dexter tries to convince himself that Hannah didn’t help her get to that state, he needs to believe that Hannah cares too much about him to hurt his sister. He could help clear her name for the murder of her halfway house counselor if he needed to, murdering Deb wasn’t the only solution. After a secret investigation, Dexter discovers that Deb’s water bottle was laced with a high percentage of the anti-anxiety medication. Since poison is Hannah’s weapon, Dexter is sure that this was attempted murder. Dexter gives up the pen that Hannah poisoned Sal Price with, which leads directly to Hannah’s arrest. Her last words to Dexter were, “You should have killed me.” Just like Dexter, she thought that she would never love again, and he proved that she really shouldn’t have.

I honestly don’t think that Hannah tried to kill Deb. If she wanted Deb dead, she would be dead, there’s no doubt about that. She wouldn’t have done something so stupid and risky as killing the lieutenant in charge of homicide who is also her boyfriend’s sister. She knows that he would figure it out. I think that Deb orchestrated the entire operation to form a rift between her brother and Hannah. And she was given the extra present of locking Hannah away. When she conversed with Hannah, Deb growled “It’s because I love Dexter that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect him from you.” And this would definitely protect Dexter from her–if he needed protection is still up for debate.

Tom Matthews invites Dexter onto his boat as a friendly heads up that LaGuerta is looking into him in relation to the Bay Harbor Butcher murders. Dexter realizes that he needs to settle the matter once and for all, so he alerts Matthews of Doakes’ secret boat, the one that he used to dump bodies. Since he was terrified of Doakes, he never spoke up about it before. LaGuerta and Matthews are led to an empty boat shed with plenty of plastic wrap along with Doakes’ fingerprint. As any cop should believe after confronted with such evidence, Matthews wants to drop the case, but LaGuerta immediately jumps to the conclusion that Dexter could have set this all up, he is a lab tech after all. Matthews is blinded by his love for the Morgans, while LaGuerta is biased by her love for Doakes.

Since LaGuerta isn’t convinced, she pushed for Hector Estrada’s early release on parole. Estrada is the last remaining man that was involved in Dexter’s mother’s murder. Dexter believes that once he kills Estrada, he will finally be able to move on with his life, so he sets up a meeting with Estrada under the alias Steve Gaskill, a drug dealer. When Dexter ties Estrada up in a cargo container and mentions his mother, Estrada realizes immediately that he is dealing with Dicky (Well, close enough) Moser. Estrada foolishly mentions that some b**** from Miami Metro Homicide helped him get out on parole, which gives Dexter enough time to escape from the container, leaving behind a calling card, a revving chainsaw. Estrada escapes into the water and Dexter makes a run for it.

Without so much as a goodbye, Nadia skipped town and moved to Las Vegas. She needed a fresh start and couldn’t risk staying near the Koshkas. Quinn didn’t just lose his girlfriend, but also his partner, Angel is planning on on tendering his resignation on New Year’s Day.

It looks like LaGuerta is honing in on Dexter once and for all. Dexter will surely make it through the finale, but will she?


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