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Modern Family — Arrested (S4E07)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Yard Sale)

We all knew that it was bound to happen sooner or later: Haley was arrested for drinking. Mitch is called upon as her lawyer and Cam offers his services as a babysitter for Luke and Alex while Phil and Claire drive up to bail her out. Claire is upset that Phil is completely, in her opinion his under-reaction is actually an overreaction to the situation, he should be freaking out like her. But it turns out that Haley wasn’t just arrested for drinking while underage, she was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. There is video evidence that completely incriminates her, and there is no way of getting her out of it. She was climbing down the fire escape when the cop yelled to put her hands up, so she did. And she fell off and onto him.

Haley needs to plead her case in front of a disciplinary board, but she seems completely unfazed. She is wearing skimpy clothes and has nothing prepared. And this is when Phil cracks, she messed up numerous times and she didn’t care. She is going to have to suffer the consequences of whatever she got herself into. And the worst part is that she didn’t even bother to apologize. Phil storms out and finally got Claire’s respect in the way he handled the situation. She realizes that if her dad took this seriously, then maybe she should, too. So during the disciplinary hearing she came clean about everything: she was drinking, she has cut numerous classes, and she hasn’t been putting in much effort. Though she finally took responsibility for her actions, she got carried overboard and was expelled. She promises that she will work harder this year to get back into college next year and will be a more responsible woman. And Alex is genuinely sorry Haley and (surprisingly) believes that she can succeed.

Cam, worried that Claire thinks that he is a terrible father, plans on proving her wrong. He needed to prove his worth, so when the kids woke up he had an elaborate breakfast prepared. He wasn’t going to tell the kids about Haley so they wouldn’t be worried, but Lily spoils that little secret. When Luke loves his bacon, Cam announces that it is actually Facon (Fake bacon) that is much healthier and made of soy. But Luke is allergic to soy. Cam hides this little bit of information from Claire until he knows that Luke will be completely okay. But while Luke is healing, Alex decides to accompany the doctors on rounds. But it turns out that she’s much more squeamish than she thought and passed out while watching a c-section being performed. Poor Alex realizes that she can’t follow her dream to be a doctor and she can’t have a baby, either. This entire event occurred just to prove that Claire was wrong about him being a terrible parent, but it turns out that she never really thought so in the first place.

Jay’s ex-wife DeDe wants to stop by to pick up a photo album, but she has a bit of a complicated past with Gloria (read: she tried to choke her a couple of times). Jay tries to get DeDe out of the house before Gloria arrives home, showing off a pregnant belly. But when Gloria arrives, DeDe is thrilled at the pregnancy; now Gloria is less of a trophy wife and more of a real wife and human being. The women bond over sharing pregnancy stories and DeDe begins to turn Gloria against Jay by explaining how little he helped out with their kids. Jay promises that there is nothing he wants more than to be a part of the baby’s life. He couldn’t help much the first time around because he was working all day, but now that he’s retired he is there for her 100 percent.


Modern Family — Yard Sale (S4E06)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Open House of Horrors)

Manny and Luke’s class are trying to raise money for UNICEF (The real motivation isn’t to help those in need, rather to earn pizza and a pool part), so they are holding a yard sale. The entire family donates their goods and attends to try to support the boys and their cause. Since he lost a lot of weight, Cam brings all of his old jeans that he doesn’t fit into anymore. Mitch knows that Cam won’t be able to keep the weight off, he never can, so he hides the pants to prevent having to buy new ones. When Cam finds the pants, Mitchell admits to stealing them, but consents to selling them to remove Cam’s safety net. It gives him an extra reason to keep the weight off, and he needs that extra push.

Claire is absolutely sure that Alex’s boyfriend Michael is gay and is worried that the relationship will end with heartbreak. Alex thought he was gay at first, like when they went to prom last year, but after they made out, she realized he was actually straight. Claire enlists Cam and Mitch’s help in ensuring that he really is gay before talking to Alex about it. She tells them that Alex is only tough on the outside, she uses sarcasm to protect herself, but inside she is a fragile girl. [As an incredibly sarcastic teenage girl, I want to let y’all know that that’s not why we use sarcasm. Seriously, it’s not.] Cam and Mitch insist that boys actually care about their appearance, so it’s impossible to tell when someone is gay. But within three seconds of meeting him, they agree with Claire’s assumption. Cam tries to break the news to Alex that her boyfriend is gay, but she shrugs it off, she can just ask him since it’s not the “olden days” anymore. Michael is pissed when she asks him for the truth, he insists that he’s straight. And, to Claire’s disappointment, they make up later that day.

Luke and Manny discover a mysterious case of Gloria’s that’s from Columbia. Luke, as always, insists that there is a head inside the box. And he was actually fairly close, it was an incredibly creepy puppet. When Gloria was in a beauty pageant her talent was ventriloquism, so she created Uncle Grumpy. Gloria refuses to show off her talent, because it’s embarrassing and during the pageant she froze and couldn’t perform the act. Luke, intent on watching this ridiculous show, tells Gloria that Manny will be so upset, he always thought she wasn’t afraid of anything and this will prove him wrong. She wants to prove that she is awesome and gain Manny’s respect back, so she performs for the entire family. And when Jay walks out of the house grumbling about nonsense, Claire realizes that Gloria married her puppet. They are both old, grumpy characters.

On his way to the yard sale, Phil is riding a StreetStider, a dolly/bike. It is one of the most ridiculous inventions, so, of course Phil has it. Claire and Luke mock it, but Alex takes the cake when she tells him, “Even I think it’s nerdy and I’m fluent in Elvish.” My love for Alex just grew exponentially, both because she speaks Elvish and her amazing wit. To make up for this, he takes Jay’s motorcycle out for a spin. But he’s deathly afraid of motorcycles, and proves himself right by getting trapped under it. After being stranded for 27 minutes he records a video for his family, his goodbyes. But he manages to return to the yard sale riding the motorcycle and missing a pant leg. His brilliant idea was to cut off his leg, but only managed to make it through his jeans.

This episode was only mediocre. The only genuinely funny scenes were the ones with Alex and the family’s reactions to Michael. And this episode proved that Luke isn’t given the credit he deserves for his intellect. He might not be book smart, but he’s kind of an evil genius, and I really hope they keep playing out this aspect of him.

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Modern Family — Open House of Horrors (S4E05)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, The Butler’s Escape)

Even after a traumatic incident that ended with a man having a heart attack, Phil still can’t see Claire as frightening. Everybody else in the neighborhood is scared to death (almost literally) of Claire, causing them to avoid the Dunphy house like it’s the plague. As someone who loved Halloween, Claire is devastated, she doesn’t even get to hand out candy and admire the children’s costumes. Since she can’t partake in her usual Halloween activities, she decides to prove once and for all to Phil that she is, in fact, scary. He has set up an open house on Halloween, he tricks the children into the house and explains all of the positive features of the house to have them recite it back to their parents. Though he doesn’t notice her appearance at first, when a couple who are actually interested in the house arrive, he freaks out, hoping that Claire won’t jump out and kill his deal. After the couple leaves the lights shut off, the TV turns on, static crackles, and the phone rings. Phil is quite scared, but won’t admit it. When Claire says that she’s already home, and has the kids on the line verify it, he gets even more nervous. Maybe the house is actually haunted! Rather than escaping before the house eats him alive, he goes to explore. When he arrives in the bedroom, Claire reaches her hand out from under the bed and grabs him, Alex and Luke jump out right after. Though it pains him to admit that he’s scared, he does.

One night Mitch told Lily that her mother was a princess, and that’s why she had to give her off to him and Cam. Lily didn’t forget this and became obsessed with princesses, she dressed up this and last year as one. Cam has no idea, and it was starting to get hard for Mitch to hide it from him. When she sees another woman dressed as a princess, Lily runs up to her and asks her if she is her mother. It was tough to watch, but Cam and Mitch had to break it to her that her mother isn’t really a princess, they didn’t know who she was. The only reason Cam wasn’t furious about Mitch’s lie was because of the lies he told Lily to try to train her.

While Mitch was trying to hide his little secret, Cam was trying his very best to show his. He had lost a lot of weight, but no one was noticing in his bulky costume. When flashing them made them feel uncomfortable, he decided to change into a sleek, white suit that showed off the lost weight. Right as he does this, though, another man walks in a similar suit with a stapled stomach, stealing Jay’s thunder completely.

Manny accidentally flipped the fire alarm, and the principal thought he was trying to get out of taking a test. Gloria, being a total hothead (and the hormones aren’t helping), flipped out and threatened to pay this principal a visit. She proves Manny and Jay’s point even further when she refuses to give a couple of teenagers some candy, they retaliate by egging the house and running off. That teenager was Durkas, the bully that Manny is deathly afraid of. But Durkas is under the impression that Manny called the fire to get out of the test, which gives him quite a bit of cred, and invites him out with his friends. Reuben (dressed as one of the LA Angels) tries to convince him that he isn’t one of those boys, he is respectable and needs to behave so. Luke (as the devil) convinces him that this is his only chance to be cool, and he has to take it! This was a terribly cheesy superego/id, angel/devil battle, but Modern Family tried to make it work due to Halloween. It didn’t really work. When the teenagers show up at Cam’s house, Gloria chases after them and manages to peg the slow one with an egg. Little did she know that the slow one was her son trying to be cool. Reuben, still dressed as an Angel, reminds him that he should have acted like himself. He just proved the devil wrong.

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Modern Family — The Butler’s Escape (S4E04)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Snip)

Rather than take his magic to the next level, as Phil would prefer, Luke decides to give it up. Phil decides for him that this is not an option and he will not stand for it. Phil can’t bear the thought that his son is growing up and starting to have different opinions and hobbies than him. His excuse to prevent Luke from quitting is that he thinks that the magic is starting to get too difficult for him and he wants to give up. To prove this point, Phil sets up the Butler’s Escape, one of the most difficult magic tricks of all time. It involves a straightjacket, ropes, ties, and being dangled upside down. Within a minute of the trick being set up, Luke escapes and announces that he’s quitting. Phil tries to escape the contraption himself to see how Luke could have done it so easily, but fails miserably. After receiving the advice that he can’t give up on himself, even if other kids are teasing him, Luke tries to help Phil out of the device. Enough to give him a hug, at least.

Alex is going on a mean streak, she makes fun of her mom for messing up a crossword puzzle, hits Luke, and continuously insults the intelligence of everyone around her.  And when Claire tries to point this out, it just gets worse. After an accidental hint from Phil, she realizes that the house is out of balance. Without Haley to demean Alex, she is going on a rampage. Within 30 seconds of video chatting with her sister, Haley fires off a dozen insults. This drops Alex down a peg. Or ten.

Cam is both excited and nervous for his first day as the middle school’s music teacher. When he tries to practice with song, Lily unplugs his keyboard—just what I was thinking, little one. When he teaches the class, they are incredibly underwhelmed by him, he is singing and dancing, and they just think he looks like an idiot. They don’t give him any sort of respect and just want to know when the old music teacher will return. Manny and Luke, somewhat embarrassed, bet on how long it will take before he drops it. Even the other teachers ignore him. This is nowhere near the response that Cam was expecting, and it turns into one of his worst days.

Mitch’s day as the stereotypical housewife wasn’t so great either. He dropped Lily off late for school and he was collecting the wrong groceries. He enlists Claire’s help in secret just to impress Cam. But when Cam spills that he had a terrible day, Mitch refuses to do the same. When Mitch won’t comfort Cam, Claire comes out from hiding and takes credit for everything. Rather than be upset with his lies, Cam is just thrilled that he had a terrible day, too (He had to deal with Claire feeling superior for an entire day).

When Manny brings up Gloria’s terrible snoring habits, she gets incredibly defensive. Rather than tell her that her snoring truly is terrible, Jay decides to protect her, so she doesn’t scream at him, as well. Claire’s advice to Jay is to just ignore it; there is no way to bring it up without sounding like a terrible person. When Jay comes home from a business trip early, he decides to hide out in a nearby hotel, so that he can get a decent night’s rest. Manny, however, noticed him and told Gloria of his scheme. She gives him a call telling him that she flew to San Francisco to visit him. He freaks out and tries to get back there in time, but she catches up to him at the hotel lobby. For some ridiculous reason, Gloria assumed that Jay was having an affair, but was thrilled to find out he was just hiding from her. To keep the hotel from going to waste, Gloria decides to take it over while Jay takes care of Manny. Touché, Gloria!

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Modern Family — Snip (S4E03)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Schooled)

Mitch knows that Cam needs to get back to work because he’s starting to get restless at home without Lily. But he’s too scared to broach the subject of Cam returning to work, because last time he tried Cam threatened to move out. But Mitch can’t stand Cam’s constant interruptions of his work–playing Paper Toss on his iPad–so he enlists Longinus’s help. Longinus offers to hire Cam at his boutique of brightly colored clothes, but Jeoux (Pronounced Joe) spoils that. When Cam finds out, he is furious, he doesn’t need Mitch to find him a job. Especially because he was working on a super secret master project that he loves. He was sewing a mermaid costume for the cat… Then he realizes that his life really is unfulfilling at the moment and he thinks about working for Longinus again. But instead decides to become a music teacher at Manny’s school, which is what he really wanted to do.

Gloria is really struggling with being pregnant, because she isn’t as gorgeous. She is wearing all of the same clothes, insisting that they are just belly shirts and she still looks great. Manny has to break the news to her that she is in fact pregnant and she looks the part. When she becomes furious, she turns into the Hulk and her clothes rip apart. She realizes that if her shirt pops open and her pants rip at once, it’s a sign that she really is getting bigger and she needs to switch into maternity clothes.

Phil is getting a vasectomy, he and Claire are worried that they will have an accident like Jay and Gloria did and want to eliminate any possibility of that happening. They only have five years left of child rearing before Luke goes off to college (err, they already had one miracle. Maybe the army?). And this leads to actual storylines for the children, my wishes have been granted!

Luke has a surprisingly well thought out revenge plane for Durkas, who has been breaking into his locker. He sets up a yogurt bomb that will cover the next person to open the locker with yogurt. Claire doesn’t know this, so when she opens his locker to bring him his science project which he forgot at home (I agree, working on the revenge plan is more important!), she get covered in the goo. To make it worse, Luke yells at her that she’s always embarrassing and storms off. Alex has “gone goth” to impress her new friend Skylar. She cuts her last period to sneak back into the house so the two of them can shave the backs of their necks. In a moment of Phil-like child raising, Claire offers to do it herself when she catches them. Instead she ruins Skylar’s face, and she runs off. And if two of her children upsetting her isn’t enough, Haley screams at Claire for messing up her delivery.

When Jay comes to pick Phil up for his vasectomy, he uses the words “chop chop” to urge him to speed up, which causes Phil to cringe and already start to feel uncomfortable with the procedure. But when they arrive at the hospital, he is freaking out, thinking that it be excruciating pain. And when another patient walks out of the operating room barely able to walk and squealing, he bolts.  When Jay manages to catch up with him, they have a serious talk, which is a very rare occasion for them. Jay promises him that he won’t be any less of a man if he gets the surgery, since this hadn’t even occurred to Phil, this just makes him more uncomfortable. If that’s not the issue, Jay decides to open up about his own problems. He really wanted to know the gender of the baby because he has no idea how to raise a girl and he’s scared. He only knew how to raise boys, he even raised Claire like a boy for a long time. When Phil puts his life into perspective, he agrees to return to the hospital.

But before the surgery, Claire meets him at the hospital and tells him to reconsider. The kids made up for all of the terrible things that they did that day. Luke gave her a rose to apologize for his yells and the yogurt bomb. And Alex and Haley were video chatting and actually being friendly with one another, Alex said that it wasn’t a big deal that she messed up Skylar’s hair because she never really liked her. And Haley admits that she really does miss Claire, and they have a nice chat about their loving mother. This is why they had kids in the first place. Do they really need to ensure that they don’t have any more?

And then the cruelty begins. There are three pictures circulating among the family, all incredibly embarrassing. Cam is holding the cat with the mermaid costume on. Gloria is trying to cover herself up after her shirt popped open. And Phil is sitting on his realtor’s bench covering all of the words besides “not a real man” right before the surgery.

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Modern Family — Schooled (S4E02)

(My review of the last episode of Modern Family, Bringing Up Baby)

Somehow a miracle has occurred, and Haley got into college! If Haley is the future of America, America must be pretty doomed, so Alex suggests already switching to Chinese currency. When Haley leaves she wants to ensure that Alex doesn’t “dork up [their] room,” to which Alex responds with “Don’t slut up your college.” Though they deflect their sadness with their sarcasm and means jokes, they are truly sad to see each other go and hug for awhile. When it’s Luke’s turn to say goodbye, he comes in wearing a ridiculous mask so Haley doesn’t see him cry. He is literally masking his emotions so he looks tougher. When Phil and Claire help Haley in the moving process, they embarrass nearly beyond imagination. Phil is wearing a “Haley’s Moving Co.” shirt that has her as a little kid on it. This is a nice throwback to his t-shirt-making obsession from previous episodes. Phil, reminiscent of his own college days, grabs Haley’s roommate’s butt, thinking its Claire’s. If her telling her dad isn’t bad enough, as he is trying to explain himself, he knocks over a box full of condoms (that Claire bought Haley) and Haley notices her My Little Pony bedsheets. Haley begs her roommate not to judge her based on her parents, she isn’t a freak like them. When the other family leaves the room, Haley sends her parents home, completely mortified of their behavior and her own first impression at her new college.

Haley quickly regrets her rash decision when she sees that she is the only student without her parents. She goes back to her room and reads Phil’s-osophy, a present from her dad with all of the life lessons he’s learned. She calls them up to thank them and tells them that she loves and misses them. Both Phil and Claire are choking back tears so she won’t realize that they’ll miss her so much more than she’ll miss them. Not to mention that she’s never showed them this kind of affection before. And to top it off, Haley is wearing her dad’s “Haley’s Moving Co.” shirt.

Haley isn’t the only one who is going off to school for the first time, it’s also Lily’s first day of kindergarden. Cam and Mitch try to comfort her about leaving home for the first time, but she waves goodbye and runs off to play, which nearly breaks Cam’s heart. But almost immediately, Lily is picked on by another child, Connor. Cam grabs the kid and threatens him to back off. Mitch and Cam are then sent to the principal’s office to discuss this; just like high school all over again. Cam, furious about how Connor treated Lily (but deeming himself not at all at fault), calls the kindergarden The Hunger Games, because hair pulling compares perfectly with kids being forced to kill other kids.

Though Cam and Mitch insist that lesbians and gays are incredibly different, they practically prove the opposite. One of Connor’s moms is incredibly stereotypical of a lesbian, she is butch and rash. This compares nicely to Cam being an incredibly stereotypical gay man, he is emotional and dainty; and her name rhyming with Cam (it’s Pam) is there to emphasize this point. However, they both hate perpetuating the common stereotypes so they give each other a hard time about it. Connor’s other mom is rational, gentle, and sensible, much like Mitch, they try to keep the mandated play date civilized and under control. This becomes very difficult when the kids lock themselves into the bedroom and refuse to come out. After a long time of coaxing, the kids agree to come out, which sparks the realization that, though gays and lesbians are very different, they (and straight parents) all love their kids.

Manny forces Jay and Gloria to attend a parenting school, because he is worried that he will have  to do all of the work. Jay is old and out-of-touch and Gloria never really took care of him. What if the baby came out stupid and no one was there to take care of him? Jay and Gloria go into the class thinking that they know everything, Gloria is trying to show off and Jay is trying to be funny. Neither of them are successful. When they are insulted, they decide to leave, which causes Manny to be incredibly disappointed in them. Jay promises Manny that he is the man of the house and that he will take care of the baby, which soothes Manny significantly.

I really hope that now that Haley is off in college, Luke and Alex will receive more screen time. They are absolutely hilarious, but underused. One or two one-liners are not enough for them, they need larger story arcs.

It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed as hard as I did when I heard some of the quotes from Phil’s-osophy, so I compiled a list of all of the ones they said. Here ya go!

  • “Always look people in the eye, even if they’re blind, just say ‘I’m looking you in the eye.'”
  • “If you get pulled over for speeding, tell the policeman your wife has diarrhea.”
  • “You only get one chance at a first impression. I suggest Julia Child, because it’s easy to do.”
  • “The most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you if you just lower your expectations.”
  • “Dance until your feet hurt, sing until your lungs hurt, act until you’re William Hurt.”
  • “Take a lesson from parakeets: if you’re ever feeling lonely, just eat in front of a mirror.”
  • “Never be afraid to reach for the stars, because even if you fall, you’re always wearing a parent-chute.”
  • “Marry someone who looks sexy while disappointed.”
  • “Older black ladies make the best iced tea.”
  • “Success is 1% inspiration, 98% perspiration, and 2% attention to detail.”
  • “You can tell a lot about a person from his biography.”
  • “Watch a sunrise at least once a day.”
  • “If you love something, set it free. Unless it’s a tiger.”
  • “If you’re ever in a jam, a crayon scrunched up under your nose makes a good pretend mustache.”
  • “When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like ‘What!?'”


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Modern Family — Bringing Up Baby (S4E01 Premiere)

To celebrate his 65th birthday, Jay just wants a quiet, relaxing day. Luckily for us, Phil doesn’t feel the same. Phil and his buddies tie him up and throw a hood over his face for their surprise. The surprise is a fishing trip, something that Jay would actually really appreciate. But before they get on the boat, Jay decides he is done with the kidnapping idea and walks off–the dock. While he’s struggling to keep afloat with his hands tied, Phil dives in to save his life. Due to Phil’s genius, he thinks that punching him in the face will help calm him down. It doesn’t. Once they are in the boat and Jay finally dries off, he actually admits to having fun with the guys. They decide that it’s time to actually throw out their rods, so Phil the boat in gear and drives off. Jay was sitting on the back of the boat and went flying back into the drink. Throughout the other three seasons, Phil has been played as such a goofy guy that this actually works. I know many other shows that would try this joke, but wouldn’t be able to pull it off as masterfully as Modern Family did.

Cam and Mitch are left in the wake of losing the son that they were supposed to have. They do everything they can to avoid the topic, which gets incredibly awkward for them and kind of awkward for the viewers to watch. As soon as the topic is brought up, they quickly swat it away by saying that they’re better off not getting the kid. Neither feel this way, but it is just so painful to think about. As they discuss this, Lily walks into the room asking about her baby brother. They may have forgotten to mention it to her… She decides that because she can’t have a baby brother, she should have a kitten named Larry. And very quickly Cam decides that, he too, wants to get a kitten. But apparently it’s a very complicated process to get a cat. To lighten the mood, we see the giant gorilla and elephant that the pair received as baby gifts (the gay community was a bit confused about the proper gift) humping on the top of Mitch’s car. As they mourn over the fact that they can’t even get a cat, they discuss what could have been, what they were planning for the baby. It actually makes them feel a bit better talking about it, but it is terrible to watch them hurting.

The morning after prom, Hayley walks into the kitchen completely hungover. Dylan stayed the night (he was on the couch in the morning, though), because he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. When Hayley asks if he can stay for a few weeks, Claire answers beyond sarcastically that they can even take the master bedroom. When Hayley got excited, Alex explained that Claire was just being “facetious”. In response to the blank stare she receives, she changes her word choice to “sarcastic.” And when Hayley is still clueless, Alex rolls her eyes and responds, “Dylan no stay.” And this is why I absolutely cherish any screen time that Alex receives. Claire hands Hayley a smoothie of some of the grossest ingredients, telling her that it’s a hangover cure. When Hayley runs off to the bathroom, she admits to Alex that it wasn’t. I’m not sure if this is revenge for having Dylan stay over or for what her parents did to her when she came home from prom hungover.

Gloria is terrified of telling Jay about her pregnancy, because at the start of the episode he was explaining that Cam and Mitch weren’t getting any younger and it was probably better that they didn’t have the kid. He was probably trying to make himself feel better about the loss that he wouldn’t grandfather another child. So Gloria tells Manny first about her pregnancy, he isn’t thrilled. He knows that he will be the one who ends up taking care of the kid, and this isn’t the ideal time for him. The first words out of Claire’s mouth after Gloria tells her the news are, “You’re gonna get fat!” She’s pleased that Phil might stop looking at her. She expects that Jay will not be pleased, so she tries to warn him and ask him to be nice.

Luke convinces Manny that Jay will stop taking care of him when his new child is born. Manny is at first unfazed, but after some convincing gets genuinely worried. Luke grins at the camera and says, “Sometimes I like to toss a grenade and then run away.” This line was perfect! This has been his main motivation throughout the entire three seasons, and I’m glad to see that this isn’t going to change.

When Gloria actually tells Jay that she’s pregnant, he’s thrilled! He thinks it’s perfect. It’s a way for him to stay young and he would love to raise another kid. Nobody was expecting this response. The more expected response was that of Mitch and Cam’s, they can’t even get a cat, but Jay gets another kid?

And then, in a very unusual turn of events for a sitcom, they flash forward 8-9 months to the baby shower. Gloria is very pregnant (yet still incredibly gorgeous), Phil has hilarious facial hair, Dylan has been living with the Dunphys the entire time, Cam and Mitch got their cat, and Manny is back from poetry camp. I was really happy to see how great Cam and Mitch were being about this whole situation. They got slapped in the face twice in a row, but they bounced back and got a cat!

This was a fantastic season premiere. The majority of the characters had arcs surrounding them, and if they didn’t, they had great one-liners instead. They set up a plot for the rest of the season, raising the baby. They managed to get a lot of serious and emotional scenes, but it didn’t lose it’s comedic spirit. If the rest of the season of Modern Family looks like this, it’s going to be perfect!

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