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This sitcom revolves around the life of OB/GYN Dr. Mindy Lahiri who can’t seem to find love in the romantic comedy way that she expects to find.

The Mindy Project — Hiring and Firing (S1E02)

(My review of the last episode of The Mindy Project, Pilot)

It looks like The Mindy Project is going to be a very cliched romantic comedy turned into a weekly half-hour sitcom. There were some funny moments, but it wasn’t a particularly funny episode, and I don’t know if it will actually be a very funny show, either. I’ll give the show a few more weeks, if it doesn’t genuinely amuse me, I’ll can it.

In another romcom reference, Mindy tells her friends to call her Reese Witherspoon, because she’s dating an architect. It appears that every episode is going to be based on another type of romantic comedy and she will never run out of references. Danny is jealous (though he doesn’t realize it) and demoralizes Matt by saying that architecture isn’t a real profession, just something that they made up in movies. She met a cute guy (Seth Myers!) at the bookstore, where they agreed to combine their book purchases in order to receive a free tote bag which they have “joint custody” over. Not only does he take her out to get frozen yogurt, but he goes back three times when she doesn’t like it. And when that doesn’t work, he gets her a pretzel. What a standup guy!

Beverly is a truly terrible nurse, she loses blood samples and smokes weed at the hospital. Mindy calls a partner meeting (which she probably can’t do) to discuss firing her. Jeremy, Danny, and Shulman (Stephen Tobolowsky, Bob from Heroes, Sandy from Glee) agree that they need to fire Beverly but argue over who has to do it. Jeremy gets sent to fire her and Mindy convinces Shulman to allow her to hire her replacement. Mindy totally hits it off with one of the possible employees, they love the same movies and discuss Mindy’s love life, Danny freaks out, he can’t have a second Mindy! So he convinces Shulman to let him step in and assist in the hiring process, to which Mindy goes back to Shulman to tattle (but since she’s a hot woman, it’s called whistle blowing). They have to work together, so they have to agree on an employee. Once they finally find a good nurse, they scare her off by their constant bickering. Their last candidate is an ex-con named Morgan Tookers, since he is a such a freak, Danny and Mindy finally agree on something–they can’t hire him.

When Jeremy was trying to fire Beverly, he was trying to be very gentle and courteous, which she took as him coming on to her. When she offered herself to him, he backed off and sent her an e-mail to explain that she was fired, knowing full well that she won’t check her e-mail until Christmas. Mindy decides to take matters into her own hands and fires Beverly. The response she gets is a punch in the face, which seemed quite justified because Mindy flat out told her that she is a terrible person and a worse nurse. I probably would have punched her, too. Morgan shows up and readjusts her nose, he did it creepily, but successfully and not painfully. Mindy decides to hire him on the spot. When Danny objects, he just gets shot down. To defend her decision she says  that “Nelson Mandela was in prison!”

When Mindy and Danny were in Shulman’s office they told him that they were best friends, they just didn’t show it at the hospital because it would be unprofessional. Danny brings up that they went on the subway together. Such BFFs! After the long day at the hospital, they actually do ride the subway together. Mindy decides to make a scene to get payback for Danny being a jerk. Equipped with her nose bandage, she explains that he didn’t mean to do it, it’s not his fault he hit her! Danny gets the dirtiest looks, to which Mindy says finally made her happy. This was the best scene of the episode, we got to see the characters in what appears to be their natural attitudes and it was great to watch Danny squirm. There was a scattering of good jokes throughout the episode, but the only thing that really stood out was the subway scene.


The Mindy Project — Pilot (S1E01 Series Premiere)

Hulu and Fox were kind enough to put an advanced screening of The Mindy Project’s premiere online! So if you want to watch it, just search for it on Hulu. The television premiere will be on September 25th at 9:30pm on Fox.

Since this is a pilot, I will go ahead and recap the episode and introduce the characters for those of you who haven’t watched. The story revolves around Mindy, a 31-year-old OB/GYN doctor whose life (mainly her love life) seems to be falling apart around her. As a kid she would always watch romantic comedies, and it doesn’t seem to have let up as she has aged. So when she meets an attractive guy, Tom, in an elevator that breaks down, she thinks it’s fate. Turns out that Tom wasn’t the man she thought he was, he dumped her for another girl. Mindy shows up to their wedding, gives a terribly distasteful toast, and bikes away drunk. When she crashed the bike into a pool, she thinks she hears a doll talking to her; even the doll has a boyfriend! If this wasn’t enough to show Mindy that she needed to turn her life around, being arrested definitely should have.

Jeremy, an incredibly attractive British guy practically offers to sleep with Mindy. She is incredibly proud of herself for refusing, so she texts a picture of him to her best friend, Gwen, and brags about her restraint. Mindy goes back to her office to see a potential patient, she doesn’t have insurance, doesn’t speak English, and is nine months pregnant. Mindy admits that she usually takes on patients that don’t have insurance secretly, but she doesn’t do that anymore. However, after the patient’s son talks to her for a few minutes, she gives in and agrees.

Mindy is preparing for her first date with a guy she has never met, so she is showing off her outfit to the other women. Danny tells her that what she is wearing is absolutely terrible. Obviously, Mindy tells him off and ignores his recommendations. To which he responds, “You know what would really look great? If you lost 15 pounds.” It’s a low blow, but she deserves it, she was being a harpy.

When she gets to the date, Mindy talks nonstop. I’m surprised he didn’t just get up and walk off. Instead he calls her “down-to-earth” and insists that she is normal. Honestly, this guy can’t be normal if he thinks she is. I mean, honestly, she has a “red flags list” on her phone and asking him strange questions. Luckily for Dennis, she gets pulled back to work when her newest patient is giving birth. It takes the waitress a good minute or two before she and Dennis can convince her to answer the phone. Instead of just telling Dennis that it was nice to meet him, she made the whole situation incredibly awkward by inviting and then uninviting him back to her place after she gets off work.

While Mindy is on the phone with Gwen she tells her that she has really changed and she is going to be a better version of herself, the doorbell rings. Jeremy is on the other side of the door, he walks in, and of course, they sleep together. Hmm, real changes there, Mindy!

I think that the show was decent, but it isn’t fair to judge it just by the first episode. A lot of sitcoms take a few episodes to find their footing, and I’m pretty sure that this is one of them. As the show progresses, I’m sure that the characters will get more developed and the story will become much more involved and enticing. Because of this, I will give the show a couple more episodes and I’ll try not to be too hard on it in this review.

Within the first thirty seconds of the introduction of Danny, it was incredibly obvious to me that he and Mindy will be a will-they-won’t-they relationship. I’m not sure if this was intended to be obvious, but their banter definitely points towards it. I bet by halfway through the season there will already be some sexual tension that they are going to have to deal with, one way or the other.

There weren’t too many good one-liners in this episode. But the best dialogue by far was when the police officer was questioning Mindy. After hearing that her charges were public intoxication and disorderly conduct, Mindy asks why the police aren’t going after rapists and murderers. The cop responds very cleverly with, “You are a rapist of peace and quiet.” That was a nearly perfect line. And as Mindy was being escorted out, she asked her, “Will it be possible for me to get a tour of the special victims unit?” Looks like someone watches too much TV (and I’m not talking about myself this time)!

I don’t think that Mindy Kaling want me to say this, but I think my favorite part about this episode–and probably the rest of the show–was the guest actors. If we see more of her The Office co-stars and Saturday Night Live guests, that will be a huge bonus! And because this is a sitcom written by Mindy Kaling, I think that it’s a good bet that the guests will keep flowing.

I do want to restate: don’t be too hard on a sitcom on its first episode. It’s really difficult to introduce multiple characters, have tons of jokes, and drive a storyline in less than thirty minutes. So I’m going to stick with this show for a few more episodes and we’ll see how it goes!

(My review of the next episode of The Mindy Project, Hiring and Firing)

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