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A USA Network drama. Mike Ross is hired to a law firm, Pearson Hardman, but doesn’t actually have a law degree. With his eidetic memory it is easy for him to understand the law. He is forced to trick everyone, including his boss Harvey Specter into believing that he graduated from Harvard, all the while fantasizing over Rachel, a hot paralegal.

Suits — High Noon (S2E10 Mid-Season Finale)

Wow, I have to say that this was one of my favorite episodes of Suits. There was constant suspense, unexpected twists and turns, and some truly amazing acting.

The episode opens with a firm-changing decision, who will be the head of Pearson/Hardman, Pearson or Hardman? While the partners are voting, Rachel tries to comfort Mike, but he takes out all of his aggression on her. Cut back to the partners, Hardman wins the vote, with Louis’ help. Harvey tries to convince Jessica that they need to create their own firm to compete with Hardman’s, but Jessica acts rationally; she tells him that they need to wait until the time is right, Hardman will screw up again. As Jessica says that they shouldn’t make any major decisions directly after a loss, Mike is on screen approaching a drug dealer. That was beautifully executed, creating the parallels between her losing control of the firm and Mike losing his grandma and his entire family.

Louis agrees to help Hardman with anything that he needs, he says (with a wonderful pop culture reference) “You made me senior partner. I always pay my debts. I’m a Lannister!” He agrees to get rid of Harvey for him, with only one small objection. Louis approaches Mike and tells him that he can’t prioritize Harvey over him anymore. Mike put up a fight when he was face-to-face with Louis, but when Harvey tries to tell him what to do, he blows up and tells Harvey that he lost and there is nothing that he can do. When he is sent home, he immediately lights up his first pipe (we assume, since Harvey asked him to stop in season one).

Mike wakes up to Rachel knocking on his door, he was going to be late to his grandmother’s funeral. She helps him get ready and comforts him, once they get to the funeral she pushes him to give a eulogy. She clearly still has feeling for him and she makes you really root for her and Mike. Right when it looks like something might happen between them, a new woman is introduced, Tess. You find out that they have been friends since they were seven, and of course, they dated for awhile in high school.

Though Mike’s eulogy is short, it is incredibly sweet. He tells a story about when he was really scared and wet his bed. His grandma (who he lived with since he was little) took him to her bed and rather than just comfort him also joked, “don’t you wet this bed, because I have to sleep here too.” She was always there for him through the very worst and knew how to make him feel better. This was a truly moving performance by Patrick J. Adams. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a tear for Mike.

To Louis’ surprise, Harvey actually did the task he was given. The only help he had was Donna, who had much more work thrust upon her than should have been her duty. Back with Mike: he and Tess are catching up and Mike leans over to kiss her, and she kisses him back. After what seemed like too long, she pulled away and told Mike that she was married.

Harvey finally goes to visit Mike and ask him to come back. He was very astute and tried to do the best thing he could for Mike by keeping him at work and his mind off of the fact that his grandma was gone. Rather than pull Mike back to work, Harvey does what he knows Mike would appreciate, they get high together. Harvey finally spills some information about his parents to try to bond with Mike. They head back to the office to pee in Hardman’s office (mature, right?), but they stop and decide to get the can-opener instead (nice throwback, but I still want to know what it is!). They catch Louis trying to break into Harvey’s computer. Mike has to stop Harvey from punching Louis, which would have made the situation so much worse.

Mike suggests planting weed in Hardman’s office to get him removed from power. Then Harvey comes up with this crazy idea that Hardman had actually planted the file from the case involving the cars and had hired Tanner to screw over Harvey. Harvey meets Tanner at the gym and they get into a boxing match, if Harvey wins then Tanner will answer one question. I’ll skip the play-by-play, but Tanner reveals that the document was a fraud.

Mike finds the proof that the document was a fraud, so he kisses Rachel (who just happened to be in the room). She is thrilled, but stops him because they shouldn’t get involved immediately after his loss. She tells him it wouldn’t be smart, so he responds “But being smart hasn’t made either one of us very happy,” and walks off.

During a forum to try to fire Harvey for refusing to do a drug test, Harvey turns the tables. He admits to being high the night before, but also announces that Hardman falsified the evidence and Jessica calls for a vote to remove Hardman. Mike came in with the proof that Hardman was a fraud, so he was told “This is a partners only meeting.” He quickly and cleverly responds “So have Tanner sue me.” Though the evidence wouldn’t hold up in court, all they needed was to convince the partners. Hardman is removed from power (Yay!). Mike confides in Harvey, telling him that the “proof” that he had was bullshit, he actually wrote the affidavit and signed his own name on it.

They couldn’t end on such a high note, though. Mike invites Tess back to his house and, even though she’s married, she decides to sleep with him. Rachel knocks on the door, and when Mike opens it she says “I don’t care about being smart.” But as soon as she says that, Tess walks by wearing only the bedsheet. Not only did I hate this last scene because I want Mike and Rachel to be together, but it was also incredibly cliched. I expect more from Suits than the extremely obvious ending.

Almost all finales have key moment as one of the very last scenes, but in this one the vote was one of the very first scenes. I thought this it was a nice twist to make the partner vote one of the first ones, it puts less pressure on the ending. Not to mention, the rest of the episode was planned out amazingly around it. However, it was quite a stretch to make Harvey realize the entire scheme while he was high.

This was quite an interesting episode for Louis. He starts off by voting against Jessica but votes for her by the end. I think what had the biggest impact on him was Donna telling him that he betrayed his team. The fact that Donna considered him part of “the team” meant so much to him. And the realization that Daniel really had just used him turned Louis further against him. I was also quite surprised (and proud) of him when he didn’t crash Jessica’s celebration party. He thought about it, but knew that it was their victory and he would have to get back into their good graces.

And I have to mention the beauty of Donna’s lines (as I probably will during every single one of these reviews). Harvey and Jessica reassure each other by repeating that “If you go, I go.” To which Donna responds “I already went and came back.”

Overall, I have to say that this was quite an amazing episode. I’m so happy that USA Network did a split season, I don’t think I could wait until next summer. January, hurry up and come sooner!

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