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Dexter — Chemistry (S7E07)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Do the Wrong Thing)

Dexter tells himself that he wanted to think Hannah was a killer just so he wouldn’t feel the chemistry between them. This can never happen between them again, neither the sex nor attempted murder. But Dexter is intrigued by her, he can’t let her slip away. She didn’t judge him because he kills, because she understands the need to do it. All of the women he’s been with before only loved part of him, Lila loved him because he was a killer, Rita was ignorant of it, and Lumen needed him to save her. But Hannah knows him entirely and she accepts him. Though their relationship might blow up, is it really worth the risk of losing happiness by walking away? Dexter has never felt love and finally has the opportunity to.

On their date Sal Price gives Deb all the information that she needs to put Hannah away. She may be immune to any charges in relation to Wayne Randall’s murders, but she has killed since then, and she believes that Sal can help her prove it. She approaches Hannah’s sister-in-law about exhuming her brother’s corpse, hoping that they can prove that he was poisoned with aconite. But the body wasn’t embalmed, there is no tissue left to test for the poison. They are back to square one with Hannah, but at least Deb got a date out of it. She approaches Dexter about his incorrect blood report, and he doesn’t manage to weasel his way out of it. She figures that he kept it a secret so he could save Hannah for his table. Well… Something like that.

When Dexter dropped Hannah off at her place after their “date,” Price caught them. He has a whole new angle to play for his book, “lab geek seduced by femme fatale.” If he keeps his relationship with Hannah out of the book, Dexter will give him Randall’s last words, Randall’s real opinions of Hannah. Sal agrees to this deal, but also pushes out something extra from Hannah, she needs to tell him everything about her involvement in the murders. Dexter unsuccessfully looks for a dark side to Price so he can lock him up and get his nose out of his business. But before he falsifies anything on Price, he lets Hannah know that Price is gunning for them. She doesn’t need him to protect her, she knows how to take care of herself and has no qualms with killing. She doesn’t do it for the fun of it, she does it because she’s giving into her natural needs. He doesn’t need to follow any stupid code to kill people, he can just do it.

While Hannah is confessing to her involvement in Randall’s murders, Dexter is framing Price for an unsolved murder that he covered in one of his books. He grabs a toothbrush to plant his DNA at the scene and while he’s there deletes all of his research on Hannah to protect her. Hannah is a great actress, she is bawling and looks genuinely sorry for killing the poor woman. She just did it to protect her lover.

After his visit with Hannah, Price wants the scoop that Dexter promised. Dexter tells Price his own little story, of Christy Larson’s killer being the author of her true crime novel; who better to write the story than her killer? Just as the conversation gets heated, Price keels over and suffers from a heart attack. Deb is distraught when she sees her new beau lying dead in Dexter’s apartment, so she immediately accuses Hannah and brings her in for questioning. Hannah placed a bit of completely undetectable poison on the tip of the pen that he always chews on, leaving no trace on the toxicology report. But she doesn’t look the least bit concerned and acts surprised when she discovers Price’s unfortunate death. But as soon as her husband and miscarried child are brought up, she shows genuine emotions and demands that she be let go.

Hannah and Dexter both looked out for each other. She killed Sal just as much to protect him as to protect her and he deleted Price’s book on her. It is incredibly uncommon for people like them to look out for each other, but it was mutual. Maybe it was meant to be. And just as Dexter realizes that he just may be in love with this woman, he gets a call from Debra. She knows that she will never manage to convict Hannah, but she can’t continue killing like this. There needs to be some sort of justice, and Dexter can administer that justice. If Deb needs to ask Dexter to kill someone for her, it’s clear that she has reached a breaking point. Maybe she’s not cut out for being a cop anymore.

When the cops realize that Sirko’s blood evidence has disappeared, they go on a frantic search to find it or the mole who made it disappear. Angel pulls Quinn aside to ask him if he was involved, he’s dating one of the Koshka girls, so he had to ask. When Quinn denies the allegations, Angel drops it. He didn’t think he would stoop so low, but he needed to hear it from Quinn himself. Nadia is just as upset when she finds out what he did to save her. The Koshkas own him now, though, they can always send in an anonymous tip that he stole the evidence. They won’t give Nadia the freedom they promised. To feel better about this blood money, Quinn gives it to Angel as a loan to start up his restaurant.

Though Deb thinks she convinced LaGuerta to stop the search for the Bay Harbor Butcher when they hit another dead end, she doesn’t quit. They might not be as objective because they were friends with Doakes, LaGuerta isn’t buying it. Instead she pulls out a list of cops, to look over by herself. Some of them, including Dexter, have check marks next to them. Are these check marks good or bad, though?

Isaak pays Dexter a visit to promise him that this isn’t over between them. He’s not leaving town until he gets revenge for Viktor’s death. When Isaak asks why he killed Viktor, Dexter is brutally honest, explaining how he killed him as well. The roadrunner is just agitating the coyote further. This can’t end well.

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Dexter — Do The Wrong Thing (S7E06)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Swim Deep)

Isaak has no plans to stay in prison, and surely not to die within the walls. So when the Colombians approach him, he badly injured one and threatens their entire gang outside of the walls: The Koshkas are a much bigger organization. And the last thing the department (Or Dexter) needs is Isaak getting out, but it looks like he might walk. Though Quinn returned the money with the pronouncement that he wasn’t for sale, his mind was changed with a simple threat towards Nadia. All he has to do is “lose” the blood evidence implicating Isaak and he and Nadia will be home-free. Quinn does this and only feels a little guilty, surely he’s rationalizing that one innocent’s life is more important than the dozens of Isaak’s past and future victims.

LaGuerta hasn’t given up on the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher, and it doesn’t look like she will. When she poked her nose into open homicide cases, she came across Jordan Chase. It might be a stretch, but BHB might have killed Chase and maybe he left enough evidence for her to track him down. When Deb approaches Dexter about the case, he admits to killing him, but refuses to give up his accomplice’s name. Debra reasons that it was Lumen, and is disgusted by what he might have done with her in their family home after Rita passed.

Sal Price, the author who depicts Wayne Randall’s murders, stops by the precinct to uncover information for his sequel on Hannah McKay. But he stops by Deb’s office to ask her out on a date, first. She is defensive and closed off, she rejects Price because she isn’t in dating mode. But when she has a chance to talk to Angel, that quickly changes. Angel plans on retiring from the police force to buy a restaurant, he’s burnt out from being a cop and he misses having a life. Though what pushed him over the edge is surely Deb’s refusal to follow up on Mike’s case, Deb buys the story. And realizes that she needs to get a life, as well. She calls Sal up and invites him out on the date he had wanted. But on the date, she brings up his writing and coerces his new information out of him. She isn’t pleased to find out that dear, sweet Hannah McKay probably assisted Randall in the killing and is still murdering to this day.

When Dexter breaks into Price’s house to investigate Sal’s information on his next victim, he isn’t surprised that Price’s blood guy figured out that Randall didn’t murder all of his victims. The new information he finds is that Beverly Gray, Hannah’s mentor, was killed by aconite poisoning. Harry insists that it might have been an accident, he shouldn’t jump to conclusions about Hannah, she could have stopped killing when Randall was locked up. His subconscious really wants to believe that Hannah could have changed, but Dexter knows that people can’t change and doesn’t need to find proof otherwise.

Dexter heads to the flower shop to try to get Hannah to slip up about information about either killing her husband or Beverly. He brings a peace offering: a copy of the new police report where he left out everything about a woman killing the newly uncovered body. When he apologizes for the mistake that he clearly made, she is amazed that he is such a gentleman. After gently brushing some dirt off her face, Dexter remembers that this isn’t a social call. To show that he isn’t the stalker that she jokes he is, he picks out a plant for his apartment. He tries to broach the subject of her dead husband, but due to the “doom and gloom” of the subject matter, she edges away from the topic. Once he picks a ridiculous pink flower, she gives it to him as a gift. But arrives at his house that evening with a more suitable plant. After he jokes, “Now who’s the stalker?” she steps into his bedroom to place the flower. Before Dexter can realize that she’s coming on to him, he has to meet with Deb.

Dexter searches Hannah’s property for aconite, which is “beautiful and dangerous, just like Hannah,” and finds that it has been recently harvested. Maybe she has a new target, and maybe it’s him. When she arrives earlier than expected, he has to think quick of his feet when she asks what he wants. “I want to take you out.” “On a date?” “That’ll work.” Though she says that she doesn’t date because Randall messed her up a little too much, she can’t say no to Dexter. He convinces her that for a change she needs to “do the wrong thing,” she can’t keep protecting herself from men, he isn’t Randall.

And on what would be the perfect date, Dexter takes Hannah to see the winter wonderland that she’d been hoping to see since she was a girl. When the snow begins to pour down and wonder fills her eyes, Dexter kills the moment by stabbing her with a syringe. As she’s strapped down on his table, he clarifies, “When I said I wanted to take you out, this is what I meant.” When Hannah accepts her impending death, it throws Dexter off a little. Or a lot. Rather than stabbing her, he tears the tape that held her down and sleeps with her instead. Maybe having some very morbid, deranged sex will work just as well as killing. But is Hannah really trustworthy enough to keep from stabbing him. And if she is, how will Debra react to the news of his new girlfriend?

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Dexter — Run (S7E04)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Buck the System)

Deb’s disgust for Dexter rises with each new thought. Her unconscious mind got the best of her, she dreamed of being in Rita’s position. She lied a bathtub full of her own blood with Dexter dressed up fancily and uttered the question, “Will you be mine?” When she sees him the next day, she freaks out, thinking that maybe her serial killer of a brother murdered his own wife. His excuse for not telling Deb about Trinity’s true identity was because he knew his family. This may have been a tiny factor, but the real reason was to sate his own curiosity. This man had been killing for thirty years and had not been caught, Dexter had to uncover his secrets.

Deb, still shaky about Dexter’s new identity, partially believes him on this front, but refuses to believe that he ever truly loved Rita. If he did, he never would have put her and her children in this awful situation. She doesn’t understand how a monster like him could love anyone, not his wife, his sister, or his own son. He has to choose between his family or his murderous desires. An infant cannot be raised by a killer, there is no way that Harrison could come out of this situation as a normal boy. But Dexter has everything under control. He can take care of his son and continue his murder spree. The only mistake he made involving Trinity was not killing him instantly. And that will never happen again.

The detectives have no shred of evidence that Ray Spetlzer murdered the women and attacked Deb, so they have to coerce a confession. Angel steps in first, trying to butter him up by insulting Deb and trying to become his friend. When that didn’t work, Deb goes in as the “bad cop” and figures out all of the right buttons to push. By being excessively pushy and bringing his mother’s sex life into the equation, she got him to scream that he should have killed her when he had the chance. Though they got the confession they needed, it wasn’t admissible due to a bad arrest. Dexter is thrilled at the news, he would prefer to take Spetlzer out by himself than let him rot in prison where he would be a top dog.

While Dexter is investigating Speltzer’s RV, he gets caught and knocked unconscious. When he awakes, he finds himself in one of Speltzer’s intricate mazes with a note “Run.” After a mad chase, Dexter manages to get free of the building. But now his cover is blown with Speltzer, so his normal method of murder would no longer fly. When Speltzer shows up at Melanie’s funeral (the girl he murdered), Deb completely loses her cool and tries to attack him. Dexter realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to show Deb that what he does isn’t terrible. Dexter decides to imitate his victim and leaves him a note that just reads “Stay,” which gives him the opportunity to crack a shovel over his head. Dex shoves him and his slides (after one last, long look) into the cremation kiln. When Dexter shows her the smoke from Speltzer’s dead body rising, Deb admits that she’s relieved. Though she thinks that makes her a monster, Dexter assures her that this just makes her human.

Isaak doesn’t quit investigating the murder of Viktor for a very personal reason that none of his crew know: they are father and son. And Isaak will not quit until he avenges the death of his son. He investigates Dexter and determines that he and Louis must have worked together to get payback for the loss of Mike Anderson’s life. While he uncovers the truth about his son’s death, Isaak wants his name to be cleared. He forces one of his employees, Alex the bartender, to kill himself and leave a suicide note taking the blame for Mike’s death. Quinn loves this, it’s such an easy case! But Angel is smarter and more experienced, he doesn’t buy this confession and is going to explore it further. Quinn might just be trying to clear up the case so he doesn’t have to visit the strip club again. When he was there, he was reminded of “old times” where he accepted bribes.

Though Hannah wasn’t a large player in this episode, it looks like she will start playing a big part soon. When she arrives at the police station to help uncover Wayne Randall’s victims, she doesn’t go speak with her lawyer or the detective in charge, instead she approaches Dexter. She reminisces on the days she had with Randall, how amazing it was to be on the road with him. This doesn’t sound like someone who doesn’t want to relive the past, which is what she said in the last episode. I’m sure we will soon see what Ms. McKay is up to.

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