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Revenge — Illusion (S2E06)

(My review of the last episode of Revenge, Forgiveness)

To prevent Mason Treadwell from discovering that Amanda isn’t who she says she is, she meets with him personally. She explains that she came back to the Hamptons after so many years, because she wanted to face the Graysons head-on, and then she rekindled her feelings for Jack, and now she has baby Carl. She doesn’t have to deal with revenge, because the Graysons will surely get whats coming to them. And she lets slip that Conrad and Victoria might have framed Gordon Murphy, hoping that he will bite. And he did. When he goes to investigate Murphy’s RV, he finds his corpse, left there as a gift to him from Emily. He alerts the police and gets a very inside scoop for his book.

As Treadwell is uncovering the Graysons’ (supposed) involvement in Gordon’s death, they are preparing for their second wedding. The bride isn’t wearing the usual white, though. Her dress is a light shade of gray to show off her impurity heading into this marriage. As a wedding gift, Conrad bestows upon Victoria a gun, so she can protect herself when he isn’t around. Or a final chance to get out of this marriage. Emily and Aiden attend the wedding together, to the displeasure of Daniel, but he gets a dance out of it. Even though he is in a happy relationship with Ashley, he always thinks about what could have been between them. But Emily shrugged off the relationship and tries not to dwell on the past (That’s totally what the show is known for, right?).

During the reception Conrad is dragged away for the murder of Gordon Murphy, and is quick to accuse Victoria of setting it all up. Though Emily set up the crime and planted the evidence, Victoria knew full well of her wedding gift from Mason Treadwell: not having to spend a single night with her husband. The Initiative were not pleased with Conrad’s method of handling the situation, they wanted to take care of Gordon in-house. But they will release him on bail if he gives them something in return. Though Conrad doesn’t know what that something will be, he knows that it won’t end well.

Daniel’s plan to take over Grayson Global with Aiden’s help couldn’t have come at a better time. Nolan isn’t done poking holes in Daniel’s business, though. When he confronts Padma about digging into his relationship with David Clarke and Grayson Global, she is quick to back down. But backing down is quite the opposite of Nolan’s goal, he wants to step further into Grayson Global’s business and will need her help to do so. Aiden is quick to remind Emily that Daniel is no longer an innocent anymore, regardless of any feelings she had (or still has) for him, he is a full-blooded Grayson and he will be collateral damage.

Jack steps further into business with the incredibly shady Mr. Kenny Ryan, which leads them to reopen the bar to a huge party. And afterwards, Jack pulls Amanda onto his boat and begins to reminisce. When they were little kids they thought they had found a treasure chest and Amanda’s eyes lit up with such wonder. And he would give anything to see that look once again, and to do that, he drops to one knee and pulls out a ring. Though he will never see that look from Faux-manda, he will be a happily married man. If they can both stay alive and keep themselves together for that long.

Kara has been nosing her way into everybody’s lives. She speaks to Emily about her relationship with Daniel, and she gets her to admit that she’s happy that she and Daniel broke it off. When you marry the man, you marry the family, and she wasn’t ready (and never would be ready) to marry into the Grayson clan. Kara promises that they will get what’s coming to them. She warns Jack not to let Amanda’s heart break, when there is hope that is usually the next step. And after so many setbacks in her life, she needs a good thing. And until Jack realizes that she isn’t the girl from his childhood, he will be a good thing; a great thing. She pushed Victoria for information about Gordon, but was horrified by the lies she spoke. But after Conrad is taken away, she tries to hurt Victoria by insinuating a reminder to her losing Gordon.

Mason doesn’t receive the credit that he deserves. He might be a self-serving jerk, but he is definitely an intelligent self-serving jerk. He has a huge web of the conspiracy mapped out with red yarn. And the hint from Victoria that Emily was in juvie with Amanda might be all he needs to understand their switch. And since we don’t get to see Emily crossing any faces off with red sharpie, maybe red yarn will have to do the trick.

(My review of the next episode of Revenge, Penance)

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