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Dexter — Helter Skelter (S7E09)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Argentina)

Hannah is ready to take her relationship with Dexter to the next level, but Dexter is unsure how he feels, or if he even does feel. He’s forced to confront his feelings when Isaak kidnaps her. The Koshka Brotherhood sends two hit men for Isaak, and he knows that Dexter can take them out. When he refuses, Isaak was forced to add some incentive. Dexter takes out Oleg Mickic easily and offers himself up as bait for Benjamin Caffrey. Caffrey follows Dexter onto Isaak’s boat, The Fearless, where Isaak lies in wait and shoots a couple rounds into the hit man. Isaak leaves Dexter unharmed, he is “a man of [his] word” after all. As soon as the two dump their weapons, George arrives to take care of business himself. He leaves Isaak with a bullet in his stomach, a somewhat-slow, painful death. Rather than being taken to the hospital, Isaak requests to be laid to rest where his lover was. Before his death, Isaak tries to understand why Dexter is so brave in reality but so scared of emotion. Dexter’s response is that “Death has always calmed me. It’s soothing, predictable, inevitable.” And now that he’s not the one in control anymore, and it’s not so easy anymore. Viktor gives Dexter a small smile and tells him that there might still be hope for him before he shuts his eyes.

When on a video call with Hannah, Dexter manages to uncover the location that Jurg is holding Hannah, in one of the dead Columbian’s house. Deb finds the house, but when she gets there she finds Hannah and Jurg lying on the ground in pools of blood, Hannah still had a pulse. When Hannah’s poison didn’t take effect fast enough, she and Jurg fought and he managed to stick her with his knife. Rather than letting Hannah die–which she clearly wants–Deb calls in an ambulance. She didn’t save Hannah because she wanted to or because Dexter wanted her to, but because she couldn’t have her death weighing on her conscience. Debra Morgan has finally begun to do things for herself.

While Deb tries to avoid the issue, Dexter brings up her admission of love at the first chance he gets. He thinks it’s understandable: they’ve been through so much together and they’ve endured through all of it. That just makes her think that she’s in love with him. She remembers all of the good times she had with Dex, when they were kids and as adults, but now that she knows his secret all it is now is pulling strings, committing murder, and eating burritos. She will still help him, because of their relationship and her love, but she isn’t pleased, especially since she has to help him save Hannah, her nemesis, and someone she thinks Dexter can have no future with. She thinks that no one can ever be safe with a killer, but Dexter reminds her that “you’re safe with me.” That shuts her up, but she knows that he isn’t safe and it can’t end well. He’s always seen the world as “facts without emotion,” but not anymore, not when it comes to Hannah.

When Hannah tells Dexter that she misses him over the phone, he can only muster the word “likewise,” which infuriates Isaak. He has a woman waiting for him on the brink of death and he can’t even tell her that he misses her. Dexter knows that his love (or at least pretend love) never ends well and he doesn’t want to commit and risk harm to Hannah. He blames himself for Rita’s death, he could have taken Trinity out when he first met him, but instead he lost his wife and family. Even if he gets Hannah out of this alive, he’s worried that he will just push her away. When he arrives at the hospital to check on her, he is shaking, and admits that the two times he was scared beyond belief were when he watched his mother die and when he thought he would never see her again. Hannah is thrilled that Dexter finally opened up to her, but when he says that maybe their relationship should be out of hos control for a change, her smile vanishes. Dexter says something that is very troubling for the viewers, “All I know is that when I’m with you, I feel… safe.” Looks like Dex is starting to go soft.

LaGuerta realizes that the Bay Harbor Butcher case is out of her hands, so she approaches Captain Tom Matthews, her old boss. When she clears him of the crime, she enlists his help. He calls her nuts, but realizes that if LaGuerta is desperate enough to do actual police work, she might be on to something. She agrees to help restore his reputation, his job, and his pension for his assistance. She might hate him, but to get BHB, she’ll do anything.

The detectives’ are focused on two separate murders which involve the burning of the victims. There’s a note on the wall of the second murder that reads ‘Bobby,’ who just might be the murderer. The Phantom, as they call him, wore a protective suit and watched his victims burn.

When Quinn refused to assist George with his drug dealing, George forces himself onto Nadia. When Quinn learns of the rape, he throws George through a window and beats on him. But I don’t think that’s the last we’ll be seeing of him.

(My review of the next episode of Dexter, The Dark… Whatever)

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