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Once Upon A Time — The Doctor (S2E05)

(My review of the last episode of Once Upon A Time, The Crocodile)

In the fairy tale world in the past, Rumpelstiltskin tried unsuccessfully at first to push Regina into dark magic. She refuses to remove a unicorn’s heart due to its innocence, which causes Rumple to do the deed himself. While he holds the heart he controls the unicorn, but when he crushes it, he kills it. When Regina announces her real motivation for learning magic: to bring back her fiance Daniel from the dead. Rumple snickers at this, unless she can forget about her past, there is no way for her to harness the true power of magic. Not to mention that there is no way to bring people back from the dead. Jefferson tells her otherwise, The Doctor, who uses something much more powerful than magic might be able to accomplish this (And sadly it’s not the Doctor from Doctor Who). Regina brings the preserved body to the Doctor, who is none other than Dr. Whale. All he needs to make this experimental procedure a success is a powerful heart. She won’t remove someone’s heart for an evil purpose, but luckily her mother left her a vault full of magically-powered hearts. Though the Doctor didn’t actually operate, he announced that the procedure was a failure. Rumplestiltskin, Dr. Whale, and Jefferson set up the fake operaton to each further their own needs. Dr. Whale received a magical heart, Jefferson received a royal passport, and Rumple got his ward back. And with her shorter, evil haircut, Regina returns to work with Rumple after swiftly killing his newest apprentice.

When Emma, Snow, Mulan, and Aurora return to their camp, every single one of their people were slain besides Killian Jones, the newly added blacksmith. Emma learned her lesson from trusting Cora the first time, and is quick to realize that this is probably a trap. After strapping him to a tree and calling upon the ogres, Killian realizes that they might be just as cunning as Cora, so he spills the truth: he was working with Cora, but will gladly switch allegiances (what a pirate!). He will help them get the enchanted compass that Cora is looking for if they allow him to return with them to Storybrooke, he still seeks revenge upon The Crocodile. Emma and Snow are still wary of him, but they think that they can stay one step ahead of Cora if they keep him with them. Hook leads them to a beanstalk that leads all the way to the clouds, if they make it up and defeat the giant at the top, they will gain control of the compass. Why hello there, Jack and the Beanstalk!

Regina genuinely wants Henry to love her for her, so she pays Archie the psychiatrist a visit to try to control herself. But Dr. Whale makes it hard for her to keep her promise to Henry when he barges in and demands to be sent back home to his dead brother. When she is driving through the rain, she notices her lover Daniel walking around town. After discovering that his body is no longer in her mausoleum, she realizes that it wasn’t a hallucination and the Doctor must have brought him back. If he did Regina a favor, he hoped that Regina would send him back home, but she doesn’t have the poer to do so. Dr. Whale admits to bringing Daniel back from the dead, but he isn’t himself anymore, he is a monster. Regina seems to be going soft, because she let David in on her entire history with Daniel and of his reincarnation. Since he was a stableboy in his past life, Daniel heads straight there to meet Regina. But Henry, taking care of the horse that David bought him, gets caught in the crossfire. When he tries to help the stranger out, he gets injured, but is quickly saved by his grandfather. Daniel instantly chokes Regina when he sees her, but when she whispers that she loves him, he remembers who he is and who she is. He needs her to let him go so the pain will be gone. She cries as she says her goodbyes and uses magic to vanquish him.

Dr. Whale steps into Mr. Gold’s shop, holding a cooler with one of his arms. Daniel ripped it off in his monstrous rage and he needs Gold to return it to its place. All he has to do to get his limb reattached is to whisper the magic words: he needs magic. This is no easy feat for Dr. Frankenstein. He was the only one who used science in the fairy tale universe, and continuously insisted that it was more powerful than magic. And equipped with the heart that he received from Regina, he managed to raise his brother from the dead (or create him). Though he used science to do so, he required the magical-infused heart. So what really won, magic or science?

(My review of the next episode of Once Upon A Time, Child of the Moon)


Revenge — Forgiveness (S2E05)

(My review of the last episode of Revenge, Intuition)

Kara wants everybody to know that she is alive, so she returns with a flourish. There seems to be a lot of that going around. When she arrives at Grayson Manor, Victoria looks terrified. As they hug, Victoria grips her flower pruners, seriously debating stabbing her. Kara tells her that she appreciates that they took Amanda in and treated her as one of their own, but you can feel the hatred bubbling just below the surface. The Graysons decide that her sudden reappearance is closely related to the appearance of David’s journals and Amanda’s sudden strength. And when they discover a phone with numerous outside calls to Gordon but none in return, they believe that she is feeding him (and possibly the Initiative) information. Victoria and Conrad plan on keeping their enemies close, so they invite Kara to stay with them, where she’ll be safe. Kara seems surprisingly unaffected by the discovery that Victoria was the “girl next door” that David fell in love with. She never really loved him, either.

Emily wakes up beside Aiden and he immediately reassures her that he is there to protect her, that was what he always wanted. He didn’t tell her about Kara’s return to save her from the pain of meeting her if she wasn’t who she expected. And this brings about the realization that her father lied to her about her mother’s death to protect her, as well. A little girl wouldn’t understand that her mother tried to kill her, and this was the best way to get the message across that she couldn’t see her anymore.

Aiden infiltrates Grayson Global by using his role as Takeda’s proxy to get the information Emily needs. He wants to ensure the safety of Takeda’s investment after the rift in the Grayson family has formed, and he is immediately given transparency into the company. This time Aiden is keeping no secrets from Emily. He lets her know that someone is looking into David Clarke’s involvement in Grayson Global. The request for information was sent by Padma, she wants to make sure that David wasn’t on the payroll when NolCorp invested in the business. But Daniel realizes that NolCorp hadn’t invested anywhere near that time, and is starting to get suspicious. And when Nolan brings up the check from David, she swear she didn’t do anything with it. How much does Padma know and how much will it screw Emily (and Nolan) over?

Amanda is welcomed by the sight of Jack and baby Carl when she awakens; they didn’t give up on her. But while she was in her coma, Kara identified herself to Jack, desperately wanting to be a part of her daughter and grandson’s lives. When Emily tries to cut Kara off from meeting her daughter, you can sense the hesitation that she feels being around the woman who tried to kill her. She does everything she can to drive the knife into the wound by telling her that Amanda never talks about her. And she makes sure that Amanda doesn’t recognize “her” mother.

In a private conversation with her daughter, Kara praises the woman that she has become, despite all of the odds against her. She apologizes for who she was when she Amanda was a little girl, she was sick and had no control of her actions. She was the one who asked David to fake her death. Amanda can’t help but forgive her, because it seems so genuine. Emily, who was crying as she listened, doesn’t mind the apology and tells Kara directly that she thinks that Amanda really does want to forgive her. Emily realizes that the truth is the only way to go now, so she tells Amanda the whole truth. The baby really is Jack’s and she only lied to try to keep her on her side, she has so few allies as it is. The real reason is that she still loves Jack, but she won’t even admit that to herself, let alone to Amanda. But telling Jack would break his heart all over again, and he really doesn’t deserve that.

After some threats from Amanda, Aiden reminds her that he is a much better friend than enemy. And now his allegiance is being questioned when he tells Daniel that Grayson Global might have a stake in Nolcorp. If he pulled it off, Daniel would become the new head of the much richer company. Is this aiding Emily in that it will screw over Conrad and bring Grayson Global to a new standard, or is he getting his own revenge against Emily?

Mason Treadwell, the biographer, is back to cause more trouble for Emily and the Graysons. He wanted to meet the deceased mother of Amanda and wife of David Clarke. While she was in the hospital gown he noticed that she was missing a scar that the real Amanda Clarke should have from a foster care fire. In private he hands her a file and tells her he knows her secret.

After his terrible judgement in the past, Declan asks Jack if they can trust any advice that Mr. Ryan gives them. Jack, whose head is somewhere else completely tells him that he’s a good guy. They use a cleaner that Mr. Ryan gives them, half the price and half the time! When he returns, he offers to buy the bar and forget about Declan’s debt. Even if it’s a significant amount of money, is that really what Jack wants? He’s poured his heart and soul into the Stowaway.

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