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Dexter — Argentina (S7E08)

(My review of the last episode of Dexter, Chemistry)

Dexter and Hannah trade some killing jokes while they prepare breakfast together (with the largest knives they can find). Hannah recalls her dream of going to Argentina with Wayne, it was a fantasy that she will always cling to. When Dexter mentions that his sister is the lieutenant, Hannah gets a little nervous about their relationship; is it possible for them to keep their romance a secret? Dexter doesn’t hesitate to elaborate on the hit that the Koshka Brotherhood’s boss has on him, signifying the first honest relationship he’s ever had. When she drops by the beach to visit Dexter, she sees Harrison, Astor, and Cody (who came to see Dexter for the week), but this doesn’t scare her away. She’s always wanted her own family, but being that serial killer’s girlfriend made it hard, and her relationship with Jake fell apart in the worst possible way. If Hannah can accept Dexter’s murderous side and his children, it really seems like it was meant to be. Dexter clearly doesn’t understand relationships, because he says that “[he’s] not gonna stop seeing Hannah just because she’s a murderer and my sister wants to kill her.” If those aren’t good reasons to back out, I’m not sure what would be.

Dexter refuses to kill Hannah, but insists that it’s for Debra’s own good. She can barely accept who he is and to some extent regrets helping him cover up Travis’ murder, she couldn’t live with herself knowing that she sentenced a woman to her death. Deb won’t drop it, though, she decides to harass Hannah at her place of work, but Hannah won’t crack. Deb will, though. When she sees Hannah’s keys on Dexter’s keyring, she realizes why he wouldn’t kill her. It wasn’t for her own good, it was for his own selfish, disgusting desires. This is the absolute worst thing he could do to her, killing people is something he can’t control, but he can control who he is dating, and this woman killed her sort-of boyfriend Sal Price. She blurts out that she was going to the church the night of Travis’ death to confess that she was in love with Dexter. Dexter is dumbfounded and has no way to respond, he had thought about Deb finding out, but he never planned for this conversation. Before Deb kicks him out she mutters that “You’re a serial killer and I’m more fucked up than you are.” And it’s kind of true.

Harrison, Astor, and Cody return to Miami to stay with Dexter for the week while their grandpa is having surgery. Because Isaak is out to kill Dexter, Deb agrees to take them in for the week. Though she was hesitant at first, she loved having her family over. Dexter, Deb, and Jamie take the kids to Angel’s brand new family restaurant, but lunch is ruined by Astor and Cody’s constant bickering. Cody announces that she smokes pot weekly and clearly wins their battle. Though Astor insists that she only uses it when she’s stressed, Dexter explains to her that these vices can cause more harm than good. Of course this isn’t going to mean anything to a teenage girl. Astor’s grandparents are afraid that she’s going to turn into her dad, but Dexter reminds her that she can grow into whoever she wants to be. He follows his dad’s path for him, and wishes that he had explored life for himself. He promises to keep her little marijuana problem to himself, but she needs to try to wean off the herb. Deb makes it worse by snaking Astor’s joint for herself after discovering Dexter and Hannah’s secret romance.

Isaak lost his police tail for long enough to shoot at Dexter while he was in the local donut shop. When this fails, George contacts the leaders of the Koshka Brotherhood in Kiev about a “realignment” of their management. Dexter’s plan to kill Isaak was foiled when he found a Koshka-hired assassin who was also sent to take out Isaak. When Dexter follows him to a gay bar, he discovers that Isaak took Viktor’s death so hard because the two were lovers. Isaak was afraid that the Koshka’s would remove him if they discovered that he was gay, and in a way they sort of did. When Isaak secures revenge for Viktor’s death, he wants to disappear off the radar to somewhere like Micronesia (his Argentina). If he and Dexter met under different circumstances, they could have been great friends and an even better team.

Now that George is in power, he wants to ensure that it stays that way by having an ally in the police department. He shows Quinn a video of him admitting to stealing the DNA evidence that incriminated Isaak. Quinn is stuck under the Koshka’s thumb for good, but if they toss him to the cops, he can nail them to the wall; mutually assured destruction.

Dexter’s problems get bigger as LaGuerta figures out that he might be the Bay Harbor Butcher. She connects him to the marina near the location that BHB’s victims were found. And when she discovers that he moved his boat immediately after the bodies were found, she gets even more suspicious. As she examines Dexter’s boat, A Slice of Life, she might be nearing the correct conclusion.

(My review of the next episode of Dexter, Helter Skelter)

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