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Haven — Stay (S4E02)

I was not planning on reviewing Haven, but after watching tonight’s episode, I felt the need to discuss it. Okay, more like rant about it. So, if you don’t want to hear an obnoxious rant, my advice is skip this post.

The first thing that put me on edge was something really small. Most people would call this nitpicking (and I’ll admit that it is). At the start of the episode Duke calls Nathan “Nate.” I don’t recall him every referring to him as Nate before, so it sounded incredibly strange. I’m going to assume that this was supposed to be insulting in some way, but it just came out as awkward.

The storyline was absolutely ridiculous. And, no, I’m not stupid, I understand that this is often the case for science fiction stories/shows/movies. But this one was so farfetched that it didn’t catch my interest, had any sort of basis on fact at all, and there were a lot of unanswered questions. Audrey, Nathan, and Dr. Callahan agree that the reason that Jessie the dog turned into a human/savage-creature because Tor tried to put him down. But why did all of the other dogs transform? Tor had absolutely no relation to any of them and definitely didn’t try to kill them. And what kind of parents wouldn’t tell their kids about a trouble like this? That seems absurd, but I guess it’s plausible (again with the nitpicky-ness, I know). But seriously, what kind of trouble is this? In my opinion, this is by far the stupidest one that I’ve seen yet. It has absolutely no upside, can’t be controlled (if you want to have any animals), and is just absurd.

Now for the more serialized part of the show. I don’t understand why Audrey is all of a sudden keeping secrets from Nathan. Hasn’t she learned already that he is the only person that she can fully trust? Instead of telling him everything she knows, she decides to break his heart (which in and of itself was a bit weirdly done). So what, is he just going to wake up one day and she’ll be gone? Yeah, that’s going to end well. And when she shows up as someone new in 27 years, he’s just going to be cool with it? Or is that future-Audrey (or not Audrey)’s problem?

I have to say, this was my least favorite episode of the series. If you loved it, that’s fine. I’m just incredibly opinionated. But feel free to let me know what you liked about it. Maybe you’ll change my mind!

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